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JMM Digital Imagery

In computer art; digital imagery students will learn and use the same industry standard software as professional graphic designers (Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready and InDesign) to create digital images. Instruction in design, image creation, image scanning and digital camera use is included in the curriculum.

Students are to gain a foundation not only of the programs but of basic art knowledge. Exercises offer student artists the opportunity to use the computer as a tool to do similar skills learned in drawing 1, like contour line drawing, perspective, etc.

Photoshop CS

Project 1: Self-portrait Series

Create a printed contact sheet with X3-10: Indicate on sheet which self-portrait (if any) you would like printed as a high resolution picture.

Project 2 : HERO Composition

Project 3: Coat of Arms

Project 4: Family Tree

Project 6: MAP

Project 7: Animated GIF

Project 8: Inspiration Image

Project 9:web page design

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