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Photography 1

Assignment 2 Evaluation: Light & Shadow

4 -Excellent

3 -Good

2 -Fair

1 -Poor

0 -Did not do



Image Evaluation - Shooting the Picture

  1. Impact or story value: Aesthetic or visual presence.
    Originality, applied creative concepts to interpret subject.
  • Composition: Use & design of the film area.
    Applying the rules of composition. Advantageous camera angle.
  • Camera techniques: Image is in FOCUS.
    Application of shutter speed, depth of field (f-stops), panning. Etc.


  • Light control: Used proper speed of film, correct exposure.
  • self-


    Negative Evaluation - Developing the Image


    5. Good contrast: Highlights dense, shadows clear. Negatives not flat.
    Used proper development time.

    1. Development technique: No light leaks, water spots, stains, air bubbles, insufficient fixing. Negatives not too dark or light due to improper exposure or development.



    Print Evaluation - Darkroom Work


    7. Image quality: In focus, good contract.
    No dirt, water spots, scratched or fix stains.


    8. Cropping: Optimizing the composition al possibilities of the subject.
    Image filled entire easel opening.


    9. Borders: Even margins. Used easel correctly.
    No black edges from negative borders.



    10. Manipulation: Dodged/burned as needed. Filtered for best contrast

    11. Write a paragraph about your choice for 8"X10" print. What qualities make it your best image:


    Teachers Comments:


    Print #1 (before)


    Total Points

    Print #2 (after)



    Print #3 (5"x7")


    Print #4 (8"x10")




    Extra Credit