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Have you been looking for that "special" and "unique" gift for that special occasion? Your son or daughter is graduating? getting married? Your parents are celebrating a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary? Why not give them the gift that brings back so many memories and smiles? Hand made quilts in a variety of sizes,that can be personalized with your choices? I will design a "one of a kind" quilt especially for you!!! Those baby clothes you still have can be added to squares to be cherished forever. How about your sons first TUX? Material from your daughters brownie uniform? or daughters Prom? Then I will permantley add your favoirite photos to squares to invoke a lifetime of smiles and rememberances of fun times.. oh those kodak moments LOL.. past and present.. Never worry if they will get the same gift or it will not fit!! Every time they cuddle up with your GIFT they will remember how thoughtful it was and will be sure to become a FAMILY HEIRLOOM. So why not ORDER ONE TODAY!!for more information email me. Prices start at $75.00 + S.&H.and taxes where applicable. comming soon!!!!...kits to sew your own..!! copyright2000kays keepsake quilts Add Me! Scrub The Web