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Brian and Ryan's Tape Trading Page

Well, we're back and better than ever. Here is the NEW updated tape list you all have been waiting for. I hope you enjoy and remember as always. Drop either of us a line at (brian) or (ryan). We're always up for a trade so lets see what we can do.

After a long absence in trading, we're ready to start again. Brian is looking for mainly BT shows, with hard to find songs, important shows (RR shows)or shows that mean alot to him ESPECIALLY THE RUN TO RED ROCKS 2000!!!!!!. Ryan is up for trading almost anything, but would really like Pearl Jam shows, and some SRV shows. Until then, keep on truckin' and we'll miss you Bobby.

Until next time this is Ryan and Brian saying keep your unit on ya.

THE TAPE LIST (last updated on 01/08/01)