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High School


The girls team had lots of people who are just starting out skiing. They did place second as a team in the River Cities Invitational. We look forward to the next few years, as we are bringing up some very capable skiers.

Girls Team
Beret EggeSeniorLincoln
Raina BerceauSeniorLincoln
Kristin KingSeniorLincoln
Alexis SeramandichSeniorLincoln
Amy WeizengerSeniorLincoln
Tara CookSeniorLincoln
Collette HittnerJuniorLincoln
Lisa HeggSophmoreLincoln
Sarah MasonSophmoreLincoln
Kristin RueschFreshmanAHS

Beret Egge(Senior) Beret had some great races this year! She came out strong at the River Cities Challenge, and carried her success into the next week, having a great race at the Badger States. She was unable to compete at the High School Championships, but did a fantastic job, finishing her first Birkebeiner with a great time. Beret was a consistent leader throughout the season, and always did her part in helping out. Great Job, Beret, and thank you!

Alexis Saramandich,Raina Berceau,andKristin King (Seniors) It only seems right to put these girls together, because that’s where they were the entire season! They were always there to help one another, to help each other back up, and to cheer each other (and the rest of the team) on. These ladies were as essential to the team in races as they were cheering and helping out. Thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm! They competed in the Badger State Games and the River Cities Nordic Challenge.

Collette Hitner and Tara Cook (Junior and Senior) Both classic striders, the competed in the Badger State Games. They had a great time doing it, even though Tara broke her ski halfway through! It was great to have them out for the team this year!

Lisa Hegg (Sophomore) Lisa competed in the River Cities Nordic Challenge and had a great time. Thank You, Lisa, for all of your help with on and off the course volunteerism, and all of your ideas! Next Year will be even better!

Sarah Mason (Sophomore) Sarah, one of the LHS representatives, is just learning to ski, but is showing great promise in learning the sport! She was instrumental in helping out with fund-raisers and get-togethers! We hope to see Sarah back next season! Thanks!

Kristin Ruesch (Freshman) Kristin is the Co-President of the club. She competed in many races this year beginning at Standing Rocks and Iola the first weekend. In the River Cities Nordic Challenge, she placed third in her age group. She competed in two Badger States games races, a classical race on Saturday, and skating on Sunday. She was out with an illness for the Pre-Birkie and High School Championships, but came back strong in the Kortelopet…finishing with a personal best. Prolonging her racing season, she competed in the Minaqua Governor’s Cup (25K) the next week. She won her age group (ages 29 & under!) and had a personal best while doing it. Good Job, Kristin!

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