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Our Future...


We’ve got big plans for next year! Here is an outline of some of the ideas we will be proposing…

SKI TEAM 99-00

A. Fundraisers
  1. Brat Fry on June 11.
  2. Beanie Baby Sale
  3. Christmas sale (Ideas: hot choc. & cookies, wrapping paper, ect.)
A. Letters to:
  1. Track & Cross Country Coaches
  2. Phy Ed Coaches
B. Advertizing
  1. Daily Tribune Article in the fall
  2. Posters at hockey rink, football games???
C. Personal
  1. Each member that recruits another member gets 10 extra "points"
  2. Each member should try to bring friends to practice

D. Learn to Ski Day (For future club devolopment)

  1. Open to kids up to 18
  2. Early in the season
  3. Ski team members will help

A. How it works
  1. I am proposing a new points system to help motivate more people to get out on the trails. Many of the donations we get from major sponsors will be in the form of items such as hats, gloves, skis. We intend to use these items as prizes for those skiers who reach points totals that are still undetermined. As a team we will also set a goal. If the team reaches it’s goal, any member reaching a certain # of points will earn a free ski weekend in Cable.
B. How to get points
  1. Every Kilometer you ski is 1 point.
  2. For Every Kilometer you ski in a race will be worth 2 points.
  3. For every new recruit you bring in (who stays) you receive 10 points
  4. ) Bonus points will be awarded as necessary
C. Putting it into action
  1. There will be a chart at every practice that you can add your points to for that practice and any additional skiing you may have done at night or over the weekend.
  2. It will be on an honor system.
A. Purpose
  1. We would like to see the entire racing team in new uniforms and warm-ups. Possibly new hats. To off set the costs, we may be recieving a city grant that will buy us uniforms for the top 5 guys and top 5 girls. We can do much more fundraising to help all team members get a uniform if the interest is generated.
A. Practices
  1. Practices will be every day
  2. We will have a weekly schedule of what workout we will be doing every day.
  3. We will place more emphasis on skiing as a team.
  4. We will occasionally do some weight training together
  5. There will be at least one "fun day" at practice per week.
  6. Practices will officially start at 3:45, but it will be recommended that you be there earlier
  7. Much more emphasis will be placed on the importance of a good balance of classical & skating techniques
B. Coaching
  1. We are not sure of any coaching positions right now, but the proposed plan would have different coaches on different days of the week, so no one coach would have to be at practice every day.
  2. The coaches and any interested team members will decide the practice schedule for the week.
A. Positions
  1. The way I envision the set up is this:

  • President(s):Everything that needs to be done.
  • Vice President:Does pretty much whatever the president can’t handle.
  • Secretary:Responsible person in charge of points.
  • Treasurer:Responsible, knowledgeable person with good rep. & good $ skills
  • Individual School Representatives:1 from each school, would handle announcements, ect.

    This is totally open to revisions & your input.

    A. Dale Niggeman has agreed to try to set up a summer program, probably meeting one night a week during the summer. Roller skis could be rented. We will meet on Wednesdays during the summer. E-mail Kristin for more info.

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