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Emerald Reflections Online

Table of Contents - May 2004

You are viewing the electronic version of Emerald Reflections,
the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

Milwaukee Yearly Election of Officers -- May 6, 2004

Milwaukee President’s Message

Dane County Shamrock Club

South Central Shamrock Club

Shamrock Club of Rock County

Spring Hallamor Concerts #5: Liz Carroll and John Doyle

Milwaukee Irish Arts Thanks

Shamrock Club Politicians

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin 2004 Parade Awards

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Attention Shamrock Club Members: Suggestions?

Celtic Women First Friday

Milwaukee School of Pipes and Drums Concert

Color Guard News and Notes

St. Patrick's Help Fund

Welcome New Members

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

Wisconsin Calendar of Events

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Chapter
2004–2005 Candidates for Office
Elections May 6, 2004


=Sharon Murphy 

You know who I am!

For the past seven years I have been very active in the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin. In that time, I have been treasurer for seven years, volunteered at the Bradley Center, Folk Fair food booth and post parade party. I have chaired the volunteer party for the last two years, and the budget and audit committee for the past seven years. Most importantly, I have secured the 501(c)(3) IRS determination for the club so we could solicit donations and return to holding our annual scholarship.

In addition to being active in the Shamrock Club, I started the Wisconsin Winterfeis and Badger State Feis as fundraisers for the Cashel-Dennehy and Glencastle Irish dance schools, respectively. I also obtained 501(c)(3) determinations for Cashel-Dennehy and Badger State Feis.

I have volunteered for Irish Fest for the last eight years and the Milwaukee Feis Society for the past 11 years.

I am interested in using my experience to keep the Shamrock Club moving forward.

=Michael Payne

Shamrock Club: on Board of Directors as Vice President 2003-2004 and Trustee 2000-2003; Chairman – Honoree Dinner 2002; Color Guard member for past six years (Trip Coordinator-San Antonio); Bradley Center Volunteer for past six years; Folk Fair Volunteer for past seven years: food booth captain, cultural booth, and sales booth; event volunteer: post parade party, picnic, Christmas party, etc.; member since 1997.

Irish Fest: Grounds Crew – Cultural area past four years; Gaeltacht Tent– six years; Parade.

ICHC: Celtic Groups Advisory Board-Chairman 1999-2001; Chairman – Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser 2000; Event Volunteer.

Gaelic League: past member; St. Patrick’s Day parade; Irish Breakfast; Samhain (Halloween).

It’s been a joy and an honor to be part of the Shamrock Club and the Irish community.

=Julie Smith

We joined the Shamrock Club years ago so our daughter Bridget could join the Shamrock Club dancers. Bridget is now the owner and TCRG of Glencastle Irish Dancers. There are currently four generations of my family in this club. I am a native Wisconsinite, and spent my formative years in Erin, WI in St. Croix County. I am a management retiree of SBC, after 30 years in the Comptrollers Division. I have been a Scout leader, a Junior Achievement leader, Vice President of my Parish Council, Secretary of the Southside Organizing Committee, Vice President of the Milwaukee Feis Society, and Irish Fest board member for several terms. I currently am the committee chair of the BID group, and a member of the Public Relations Committee, also the Area Supervisor for Special Services, Celtic Canines, Information booths, ticket management, and the Paddy and Molly McFest mascots. I am currently a member of the Wisconsin Emerald Society, and co-chair the raffle for the Brendan Heart fundraiser. My son is a SWAT team member and bomb squad tech for the San Francisco PD, his wife is the owner and TCRG of the Deely Smith Irish Dancers, and a musician for a traditional band. Our daughter Sheila is here to remind us what life is all about. We are the grandparents of seven gorgeous grandchildren, and we want them all to continue the pride in their heritage. Therefore I seek the office of President with great hope to keep this club the treasure it is.

=Brian Witt

I am a past President of the Shamrock Club, served as vice president and trustee. I have edited Emerald Reflections since 1999, and set up the Shamrock Club website with Gail Coss. I also edit a weekly email newsletter under the Shamrock Club’s name. I hope to be able to continue the leadership gains made by Joe Hughes in the past years.


=Kris Carrig-Pluskota

My name is Kris Carrig-Pluskota. I have been an active member since November 1991. The positions I have held in the past have included Sergeant at Arms, two years, Holiday Folk Fair, 12 years, chair for two years; Installation Dinner, Christmas Party, Honoree Dinner, Post Parade Party Food Chair for four years, and general chair; Bradley Center Manager for four years. My vision for the Club would be to unify the membership, recruit younger members, and to have more entertaining events. I have enjoyed my experiences with the Club, and hope to contribute for many more years.

=Bob Hamill

Since joining the Shamrock Club in 1991, Bob Hamill’s works have been greatly recognized. In 1994, Bob was the co-volunteer of the year at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center and, along with his family, was Irish Fest Volunteer Family of the year. In 1996, Bob was the Shamrock Club’s choice for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Marshal. In 2001, he was voted the Irishman of the Year. Throughout this time, Bob has also spent six years on the Shamrock Club Board of Trustees.


=Kathy Ferrell

We were piped out with the “Orange and the Green” tonight. How appropriate, it’s truly my song. My father’s family – the Ferrells – are from Northern Ireland, every man for as long as we can tell have been Masons, Scottish Rite and Zhorniecs(?) My mom’s family came from Cork, fine Catholics were they all. So what about me. I was the first woman and the first Prod to be President of the Shamrock Club. I served two terms, 1981-1983 – good years for this club, our average meeting attendance was 165.

In 1984 I returned to Minneapolis, where I worked as a research scientist, Dept. of Pediatric Surgery, for the next seven years. 1991 found me buying my first business in Door County, where I lived until my retirement this past summer. I now live in Thiensville, one block from my son’s restaurant, and six miles from Kathryn and Mary, my wonderful granddaughters.

It is truly good to be back here. I look forward to serving the Shamrock Club in any way I am needed.


=Patrick Fitzgibbons

Patrick Fitzgibbons, a second generation Shamrock Club member, looks forward to becoming more involved in the Club. He is married to Jane, and has four children. A Marquette High and Marquette University graduate, Patrick says of the Treasurer’s position: “I’ll finally be able to use my MBA I received from Keller Graduate School.”


=Tom Smith

This will be the 5th consecutive year I’ve run for membership chair. It’s always a privilege to be involved with the Shamrock Club. We are long-time members and continue to stay active in the community. I am a native Milwaukeean and am currently a trustee in the Teamsters Retirees, the Finance Officer for my Legion Post, and a board member for the Emerald Society. We also are seen around the area running raffles for the Shamrock Club and the ICHC. I would appreciate your support.


=Del Canon

I have been an active member of the Shamrock Club since 1988 and have held several positions on the board. For two years I was the Sergeant at Arms and I served three years as a trustee. I am also an active member with the Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums.

I am married to Pam and have a wonderful daughter, Erin, who dances with the Glencastle Irish Dancers and she also plays the harp.

Over the years my family has promoted our Irish heritage through the Shamrock Club, the Glencastle Irish Dancers and in the community by volunteering to work at various Irish events. We have worked at the Post Parade Party, the International Folk Fair and other Shamrock Club functions. For the last three years I have helped Bob Hamill set up the cultural area and other areas on the Irish Fest grounds.

To help the Shamrock Club run smoothly, we need a good board that will work together. With my past experience I believe I can be an asset to the Shamrock Club and to the board members.

=Richard Stover

Through my membership in the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin I have been very fortunate to meet, work with and develop many friends, as well as experience many memorable moments. The following is a sampling of the Shamrock Club events and activities I have been honored to be allowed to participate in:

A. Member of the Shamrock Club and Color Guard Pipes and Drums, continuously, since 1995

B. Was appointed and accepted the position of Trustee from Jan/May 2003

C. Chairman, Shamrock Club Golf Outing 1999; generated a profit of over $600 towards the Club’s general fund.

D. Principal leader of the Color Guard, Pipes and Drums 2003 dontion drives for Thanksgiving and Christmas to assist the “St. Patrick’s Help.”

E. Originator/Author of the monthly article “Color Guard News & Notes – Pride & Honor”, as seen in Emerald Reflections since 2001.

F. Chairman for Color Guard, Pipes and Drums “20th Anniverary” Dinner Dance in 2000. Obtained a “Plaque of Acknowledgement” from the Milwaukee City Common Council and “Letters of Congratulations” from Mayor of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Board, United States and State of Wisconsin Senators, Congressmen, Representatives, and the Governor of Wisconsin.

G. Provided the Color Guard, Pipes and Drums with new/current “Banners”

H. 2001 St. Patrick’s Day Parade – volunteered, distributed over 250 posters throughout the Milwaukee area.

I. St. Patrick’s Day Raffle – sold over 300 tickets in 1999 and 250 tickets in 2000.

J. Selected for the Honor Guard particiating in the Mass for St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Fest, Easter Rising and at the A.O.H. Yearly Mass, since 1995.

K. Volunteer/Participant at numerous Shamrock Club activities.

It has been an Honor and a Privilege to have been able to serve the members of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin and I would be “Grateful for Your Vote” so I may continue to work and serve You! Thank You for your consideration!

Milwaukee President’s Message

Ladies & Gentlemen, Shamrock Club members all,

Plans for the 2005 Shamrock Club St. Patrick’s Day Parade are already under way. This year’s events were so successful that we just have to try it again. Archbishop Dolan delivered a thoughtfully uplifting message to all those attending the Shamrock Club mass honoring St. Patrick. Gathered all together, the Irish were well represented: The Shamrock Club, Irish Fest, The Emerald Society, The Hibernians, Celtic Women, the dance schools, and the honor guards, brought to the forefront the spiritual roots of our Emerald Isle. The pancake Breakfast was wonderfully successful, providing much needed funds to our local ancestral home, St. Patrick’s.

The largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Wisconsin entertained thousands of our neighbors and friends… 50,000 (if we were counting correctly) Irish and almost-Irish filled the streets and businesses of downtown Milwaukee. Old and young alike viewed our Shamrock Club, the pipe bands, the floats and the marching units crossing over a Milwaukee river dyed green for the occasion. The Biggest Best Parade ever!

The Post Parade Party was even better than the best ever, more people, more food and yes, even more beverages were served. Kristine Carrig-Pluskota did a fabulous job as Chairman of our single largest fundraiser, Barry Stapleton lined up our fine entertainment, The Quinlan Family ran the four bars and kept us from thirst, there were also almost one hundred volunteers all working together to make the day a Great Success.

Easter and the Easter Rising Mass presented many of us with the quiet thoughts of our Faith and our Nationality… a renewal of one and a reflection of the other.

The slate of candidates for The Shamrock Club Board and Offices was completed at our April meeting. Please read the individual biographies in Emerald Reflections before putting out your yard signs.

The Bylaws Committee has met to revise and “clean up” some organizational verbosity.

Please read through these changes. The Bylaws are our operating guidelines and are important to our ongoing Club efforts.

The “Clash of the Ash” and the “Wood on the Water”, the Hurling Club and the Currach Club of Milwaukee feature Ireland’s oldest sports. Both “Live at the Lakefront”! Hurlers hotline: (414) 297-9490. Currach Club; (414) 475-6332. Come on down and watch the fun.

– Joe Hughes

Dane County Shamrock Club, Inc.

UPDATE. Parade Day on March 14, 2004, was very successful. Nearly 100 groups participated. The only uncooperative element was the weather. The Shamrock Shuffle exceeded expectations. Last Fall, the organizers said that if 200 people participated the organizers would consider the race a success; they lied. Last month I indicated that nearly 300 racers would participate; I lied. The actual number was 581.

That deserves a proud tip of the bolo to John Gallagher and Megan Sisson and their volunteers for all the hard work they contributed. This will be an annual event. Also, a special thank you to Brian Witt and Gail Coss for all of the information on the race which was included in Emerald Reflections, and for duplicating the application form on a full page. Keep in mind that this is open to all clubs throughout the state.

Our meeting on April 13, 2004, featured a presentation by Eric Zuelow, a graduate student in Irish History at the UW. His presentation was on the history of Irish tourism with slides. It was quite interesting. Some of our recent meetings have placed an emphasis on historical elements. Hopefully, we can have more stimulating topics; any suggestions would be welcomed.

Our May meeting will be our participation in Fitchburg Days to be held May 21– 23 in Fitchburg Wisconsin, with an emphasis on Saturday, May 22, on our Celtic/Irish heritage. All members statewide are invited. There will be individual booths plus entertainment featuring Irish bands and dancers. The Dane County Shamrock Club has committed 30 volunteer hours to Fitchburg Days via selling tickets et al.

Another date for your calendar is July 24, 2004. This is Madison Feis Day. It will be a competition among 1500 Irish Dancers from the Midwest. It will involve multiple stages and be held at the Alliant Center in Madison. The event has a budget of $70,000 and is looking for sponsors and assistance. For more information contact Feis Chairperson Bill Checovich at (608) 233-4167.

Finally, a note of congratulations to Brian Witt for being chosen as The Irishman of the Year in Milwaukee. Brian, as most of you know, is the editor of Emerald Reflections.

– Bob Kerans, President

South Central Shamrock Club
Honors Jack Gavin and Patricia Frederickson
As Irishman of the Year and Irish Rose 2004

The Shamrock Club of South Central Wisconsin honored Jack Gavin as Irishman of the Year and Patricia Lenihan Frederickson as it’s Irish Rose of the Year at its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration held at the Voyageur Inn in Reedsburg on March 6.

Jack Gave and Patricia Frederickson


The committee felt Jack’s Irish heritage, devotion to his family, community and church involvement makes him worthy of this award. John Michael Gavin was one of seven children of James W. and Elizabeth McCormick Gavin.

Jack is a descendant of Daniel Gavin (1830-1900) and Brigid (Quinlan) Gavin (1828-1898) who immigrated from County Cork, Ireland in 1830 to Whitehall, New York. They later moved to Quebec where a son Michael was born. Michael (Jack’s grandfather) eventually settled in the Hillpoint (Sauk County) area and then in the town of Seven Mile Creek.

On Feb. 28, 1891, Michael married Johanna Anglim. Michael and Johanna had four children, Agnes (Gavin) Bohem, James W. (Jack’s father), John E., and T. Frederick. Jack’s grandfather, John McCormick, came to America from the Galway Bay area in Ireland. He worked on the Erie Canal down to Ohio, moving to Wisconsin in 1848. John married Julia Costigan, the daughter of John Costigan and Margaret Collins, in 1886. To this union 11 children were born. They settled in the Seven Mile Creek area.

On June 12, 1916, James W. Gavin and Elizabeth McCormick were married in Lyndon Station. They farmed in the Town of Seven Mile Creek and later in the Town of Winfield where Jack and his twin sister Jean Kropp were born on Jan. 30, 1928. They attended a one room country school for two years until moving to Reedsburg. After graduation from Reedsburg High School, Jack joined the Navy and from 1946-1948 served on the Destroyer USS John R. Craig. He attended Madison Business College and, later in his business career, was the recipient of their outstanding alumni award. The Gavin’s then moved to Baraboo where Jack’s father served as Sauk County Sheriff.

Jack was married to Mary Flanagan on June 28, 1952, and they began their life together in Belleville, Wisconsin. Jack was employed at the FDIC office in Madison until joining the Belleville State Bank in 1954. The Gavins moved to Reedsburg in 1956, where Jack joined the Gavin Brother’s Real Estate and Auction Business. On July 15, 2002, the real estate division of Gavin Brother’s merged with First Weber Group Realtors.

Jack and Mary have four children, Steven, Stephanie, James and Thomas. Today the clan includes the following children, spouses and grandchildren: Steven and Karen Gavin, Sarah, Emily and Katherine, Dallas Texas; Stephanie (Gavin) Ron Seffrood, Kristopher, Edie, Rhea, Zac and great-granddaughter Cierra, Lodi; James and Kim Gavin, Dylan, Shea, Los Gates, Calif.; and Tom and Nanci Gavin, Gabriel and Steven, Reedsburg. They all have Jack’s love of sports, good sense of humor, kindness of heart and love of family.

Jack has always felt Reedsburg has been good to him, and in return he has given back to Reedsburg. He served as president of Kiwanis Club, Butterfest, Sauk County Realtors, Shamrock Club and the Athletic Club. Along with Jack Clossey, Leo Olson and Nick Holmes, he was one of the co-founders of the Athletic Club.

A member of Sacred Heart Church, he has always been willing to help where needed. Jack and Mary have been featured in “Profiles from the Pew” in the Catholic Herald Citizen for their involvement in many areas of parish life. For 45 years Jack was chairman of the weekly money counters.

He has served as grand knight of the Knights of Columbus, president of Sacred Heart Parish Council, president of the Sacred Heart Athletic Association, member of the Endowment Fund, Fall Festival worker and as an usher.


Patricia Frederickson’s Irish heritage, long membership with the Club, devotion to her family, community and church make her worthy of this award.

Pat has always been proud of her Irish ancestry. County Cork was the home of her grandparents, the Donahues. The death of her grandfather brought her grandmother, Mary Donahue, and her two children to America to get away from English persecution. She later married Patrick Finnegan and to this union three children were born.

Patricia Lenihan Frederickson was born in Baraboo to Dennis Jay and Katherine (Finnegan) Lenihan on Jan. 30, 1917. She was one of nine children. She attended St. Joseph’s Catholic School and was a graduate of Baraboo High School.

A 1928 newspaper article headline read “Amateur Night at Theater is Big Success.” The theater was the Al Ringling, and it was the first of such Talent Discovery Shows. Prizes were voted on by audience applause. Clever acrobatic and tap routines brought first place to Dan and Patricia Lenihan.

That was the beginning of a very happy period in the lives of a brother and sister dance team. They performed on the Ringling stage at least once a month between the two featured movies. This particular era of “show business” lasted for almost 10 years as they danced through grade school and high school.

The Lenihans lived very close to the Florence Knight School of Dance. It was natural that they should take lessons. Even though their instructor thought them too young and lacking in experience, they entered themselves into the amateur contest. Their routine included acrobat, tap, ballet, toe dancing, and singing. They never got over the thrill of performing on the Al Ringling stage and the beautiful theaters of Madison. They always knew, as youngsters, that their own Al Ringling Theater was something very “special.” Their career ended when Pat’s brother, two years her senior, left home to enter the service.

After graduation from Baraboo High School, Pat worked for Dr. Tryon. In 1940, she danced her way into the heart of Jim Frederickson. They were married at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Baraboo. To this union, one daughter, Sue Ann Campion, currently of Janesville, was born. Jim, being a farm boy from Spring Green promised Pat, a city girl, that she would not have to live on the farm. He kept his promise until 1953, when Jim’s father took ill and had to leave the farm. Wanting to keep the farm in the family, Jim was asked to come home and manage the farm, so to the farm they went!

In 1953 they moved to Reedsburg due to Jim’s health problems. For 10 years, he was a fieldman for the Reedsburg Dairies. Their next venture was in 1963 when they purchased Reedsburg Floral. Working together for 20 years, they built a successful floral business. Jim later was a custodian at Sacred Heart Church and School and Pat worked at Lorraine’s Gift Shop for four years.

Sacred Heart Church has been Pat’s spiritual home. She attends daily mass, is a member of the Council of Catholic Women, the Catholic Daughters, and has helped with the Fall Festival. She also provides rides for friends to church. Jim and Pat donated the beautiful stain glass Ascension of Christ window when the church was built.

Her other charitable work included managing the gift shop at the Reedsburg Hospital. For 10 years, she and some of the volunteer help, made trips to Minneapolis to purchase items for the shop.

Although her interests are mainly her own home and family, she is always ready to help anyone in sickness or distress. When Jim’s parents were unable to live alone, she was the care giver for many years. She cared for Jim while battling emphysema until his death in 1999. She has cared for two sisters, ages 88 and 93, until their deaths in years 2000 and 2001. This was a beautiful labor of love.

Pat finds great pleasure spending time with her daughter Sue Campion, Janesville, granddaughters Christine (Eric) Swiggium, Madison, and Kelly Campion, Hudson.

Pat said God has been good to her. She is thankful for good health and being able to drive. She takes aerobic classes twice a week, (at the young age of 87) and enjoys outings for Friday night fish and pizza.

Mary Ann Venable
Irish Rose Shamrock Club of Rock County 2004

Mary Ann Venable

I was born July 26, 1929 in Janesville, Wisconsin to Myrtle and Harold Boos. My grandmother Boos, was Anna Hogan of County Cork, Ireland. She died in 1930.

I went to St. Mary School through 9th grade. After graduation, I attended and graduated from Janesville So. High School. I worked all through High School at the Telephone Company saving my money for nursing training. I graduated from St. Joseph Nursing School, Aurora, Illinois in 1951. After passing my boards, I returned to Janesville to work in surgery at Mercy Hospital until I got married. We moved to Madison and I worked at the UW Hospital, until returning to Janesville. I did private duty nursing in the hospital and private homes until I had my first child.

I took ten years off while I had my seven children – Patrick, Joseph, Michael, Dennis, Catherine, Patricia and Timothy. I also have many grandchildren.

When my husband left, I went back to work at the Janesville Medical Center. I spent the next 30 years there, retiring in 1994. I worked as staff nurse, head nurse and in charge of purchasing.

I was on the Board for the Medical Assistant Program at Blackhawk Tech School for several years.

I was a member of the Altrusa Club of Janesville for 10 years, serving as president one year.

I have been a life time member of St. Mary Parish in Janesville, now called Nativity of Mary. I am in charge of the Prayer Network, chairperson for Meals on Wheels and am on one of the commissions. I help with Mass or prayer service at Rock Haven Nursing Home.

I volunteer at EOHO – Every One Helping Others – a couple of days a week. We give food and clothing, free to the less fortunate in Janesville.

I joined the Shamrock Club about three years ago. This is my second year as President. Never having been to Ireland, I truly enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the slide presentations of Ireland, also the Ireland of the Welcomes Magazine, Tom Kennedy gave me to read.

My father played the piano as all of his siblings played an instrument. Many fond memories I have of him playing Irish songs while our friends sang and danced, on our wool carpet. He enjoyed teenagers.

I want to thank the Shamrock Club of Rock County for nominating me Irish Rose 2004.

I also want to thank the senior members who have been very dedicated to the club for years.

– Mary Ann Venable

Spring Hallamor Concert #5:

Saturday, May 22, 2004 – 8 p.m.

Liz Carroll – Brilliant, Extraordinary, Dazzling, Excitingly Improvisational, Inventive, The Best Fiddler Going.

All these words are used to describe Liz Carroll by people the world over, including the Irish whose music she plays. Liz won the All-Ireland Junior Fiddle Championship in 1974 and Senior Championship in 1975. Since then Liz has amazed world audiences, and she has become one of traditional music’s most sought after performers. It is said that Liz conjures up a dizzying mixture of the sweetest tones, the fastest runs, and the most dazzling display of musicianship imaginable.

As a composer, Liz’s tunes have become part of the repertoire of Irish and Celtic performers throughout the world. Her recordings are predominately her own compositions.

In 1994 she was awarded the National Heritage Fellowship Award from the National Endowment of the Arts. Irish American Magazine named Liz one of the top 100 Irish Americans of 1995. Liz Carroll was chosen the Irish Traditional Musician of 2000 by the Irish Echo. Closer to home, Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago proclaimed “Liz Carroll Day” on September 18, 1999.

Despite her tours and recordings, her full-time job has been as a spouse and a mother of two children… But as the kids get older, Mom is devoting more time to her music. She has released two CDs in the 21st Century, “Lost in the Loop” and “Lake Effect”.

John Doyle – is known as an Irish guitar phenom! He is highly sought after as a studio and touring musician. John comes from an extended family of musicians and singers. He began playing professionally by the age of 16 when he joined Susan McKeown to form Chanting House. Joined by Seamus Eagan and Eileen Ivers, they toured extensively for a year and a half.

John and Eileen were joined by John Williams, Winifred Horan and Karan Casey to form a new group – Solas. (John provided the name which means “light” in Gaelic.) John was often responsible for discovering and arranging many of the songs which Solas recorded. John’s playing provided the signature rhythmic backbone for the band.

Irish Cultural and Heritage Center of Wisconsin
2133 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 345-8800
Tickets: $19 Advance/reserved, $21 Door
Steel Bonnets will open at 7 p.m.

– Gwen Sisk, Publicist)

Milwaukee Irish Arts Thanks

Milwaukee Irish Arts wishes to thank the Shamrock Club for participation in MIA’s recent St Patrick’s Night Gala at the Italian Community Center. Shamrock Club member Pat Sadowski was honored as being “The Heart” of the Irish community for her longtime service.

Shamrock Club Politicians

The Shamrock Club wishes to congratulate its members, who during the recent April elections, won their races – both as incumbents and as the newly elected. Bob Donovan, Dan Konkol, and Dan Devine were among the many who were declared winners.

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin 2004 Parade Awards

Best Unit – Judge’s Choice: Celtic Nations
Best Unit – Director’s Choice: Shamrock Club Color Guard, Pipes & Drums
Brian Boru Award for Best Irish Unit: milwaukee Hurling Club
St. Brendan Award for Best Float: Glencastle Irish Dancers
Ward Irish Music Archives Award for Best Musical Unit: Racine Kilties
Neville-Dunn Award for Best Marching Unit: Wisconsin National GuardYouth Challenge Academy

Proposed Bylaws Changes

The Bylaws Committee is presenting these bylaw changes to the membership for a vote. These changes have been approved by the board of directors and will be voted upon at our next general meeting.

– Tom Blaha, parliamentarian

Article IX Committees

C. Bylaws Committee

1. Duties: Conduct a biennial review of the bylaws and consider any changes. A bylaws committee shall be activated on the even years of the fiscal calendar or as needed upon request of the board of directors.

2. Composition: The committee shall consist of at least five (5) members including the parliamentarian, who shall serve as chair.

Article X Nominations and Elections


4. A trustee or a junior trustee must resign before accepting another nomination to the board.

Article XIII Amendments

Proposed changes to the bylaws shall be submitted to the bylaws committee.

A. After consideration by the committee, the proposed changes shall be presented to the board of directors for consideration and recommendation. These bylaws may then be approved at the next general meeting of the members, provided that the proposed changes have been printed in the Shamrock Club publication, approximately thirty (30) days before the meeting at which they will be considered.

B. The proposed changes require two-thirds (2/3) vote of the dues paying members present at the general meeting for approval. Upon approval, the new articles are in effect immediately.

Submitted March 25, 2004 by:

Tom Blaha, parliamentarian; Bob Voss; Jean Bills; Kelly Shefchik; John Shefchik; Maggie Blaha

Suggestion Box?

The Shamrock Club Board of Directors would like some feedback from you. We’re trying to assess the direction and needs of the club.

We’d like to know what we’re doing right. What we’re doing wrong. What you think we should be doing. What you think we shouldn’t be doing. How are our meetings going, as far as format, location, etc.? And what concerns you’d like the Board to address. Please address your comments and calls to:

Michael Payne; (414) 541-8427
Vice President-Shamrock Club, Milwaukee Chapter
c/o 2133 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Please include a phone number or address so that we may follow up with you for additional feedback or clarification.

Celtic Women First Friday Lectures

May 7, 2004. Topic: “Wisconsin Highland Games”. Speaker: Connie Young of Clan Young. Connie is a board member and officer in Wisconsin Scottish Inc., which will celebrate its third Games in 2004. Connie will relate the triumphs and trials of the relatively new Scottish Games venture. She also edits a newsletter for Clan Young Inc.

June 4, 2004. Topic: “Immigration Patterns of the Celts to North America.” Speaker: Patricia Keeney Geyh, genealogist; co-director of the Irish Emigration Library housed at the ICHC in Milwaukee. Pat is a founding member of the Irish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin. She has been involved in genealogy for 28 years, traveling to libraries and archives throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland, England, France and Denmark. Through all of this research she has become fascinated with the various migration patterns followed by immigrants into this country.

The Irish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin will open an exhibit of genealogy artifacts, forms, photos and items of interest in Parlor B of the ICHC on this evening. A wine and cheese reception to open the exhibit will follow Pat’s lecture. Everyone is welcome.

All lectures are held from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the ICHC in Parlor A. Admission is $5. Everyone is welcome including men and non-members as well as Celtic Women members. Tea and biscuits are served. Please join us for a delightful few hours of Celtic education and entertainment. You may call the ICHC at (414) 345-8800 for more information.

Please pay attention to parking regulations at the ICHC. The areas on either side of the ICHC building are not to be used for our parking at any time.

– Jean Bills

Milwaukee School of Pipes & Drums Concert

On Thursday, June 10, 2004, at 7:30 p.m., the Milwaukee School of Pipes and Drums will present their Sixth Annual Piping Concert at The Irish Cultural and Heritage Center located at 2133 West Wisconsin Avenue. Those who attended last year’s concert will remember what an amazing experience it was. The complete stage area was filled with pipers and drummers – the sound was totally thrilling. This year it will be even better as you enjoy the sound of 60 pipers and 11 drummers playing your favorite Scottish and Irish tunes. The Caledonia Dancers have graciously accepted our invitation to dance for you also. And, the best news of all is that the price remains the same at only $7 at the door.

The following internationally acclaimed pipers will perform solo: Ken Eller, Jake Watson and John Cairns of Canada; and, our newest piping instructors Ron (Ringo) Bowen and Doug MacRae. We are welcoming back our innovative drumming instructor, John Fisher, the lead drummer for the 78th Fraser Highlanders.

The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin is the original sponsor of the Milwaukee School of Piping. Alverno College again is the location for the school, and it will be in session from June 6–11, 2004. This year we are pleased to have students arriving from Germany, Canada, and from New Mexico, in addition to the eight-state area in the midwest. The school has gained a very respected reputation in the piping and drumming community, thanks to our supurb faculty. Enrollment is limited to 60 piping students and 10 drumming students and this allows for individualized study and one-on-one teacher/student interaction.

For additional information on the School you may contact the Director, Tom Cobb at (414) 422-9235 or e-mail him at

For more information about the piping concert you may contact the ICHC at (414) 345-8800 or view information at

For more information on the School, the instructors and curriculum, please visit our website at

Color Guard News and Notes

“Pride and Honor”

Your Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Color Guard, Pipes and Drums marched into their 2004 Parade/Event Schedule with a lightened level of desire, determination and dedication to the values, heritage and traditions of all that is Ireland and the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

As is the tradition of the Unit, the beginning of each new season starts with celebrating our patron saint, St. Patrick, at Mass (St. Patrick’s Church), the Milwaukee parade, the Post Parade Party at the ICHC and, since 1991, participation in the Chicago Southside Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I believe it would be a fair assessment to describe the downtown Milwaukee and Chicago Southside Irish parades as – an honor, fantastically well attended (Chicago estimates ranged from 350,000 to 400,000 plus spectators) and – “cold, colder, windy and even more windy”; just ask those who carried a flag, played the pipes or drums or carried the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Banner! It was unbelievable! But, it was an Honor! Afterwards, the Post Parade Party at the ICHC and the fun, food and music at Gaelic Park (following the Chicago parade) made the March 13-14 weekend truly special; it’s too bad more members of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin don’t volunteer or come along and experience such really wonderful times. You know, you are always welcome!

On Monday, March 15 (the second year in a row) your Wisconsin Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Color Guard, Pipes and Drums were the honored guest performers on Fox 6 News Morning Show; we sure hope you saw the Unit and were proud! Also, the group finished off St. Patricks Day festivities with a return performance on Sat., March 20, marching in the New (London) Dublin, Wisconsin parade; you really should try to attend this event. It’s a lot of fun.

“Reflections”: of St. Patrick’s Day events – It was an Honor for the Unit to represent you, the members of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin. I’m not sure what the right words are to describe what we, the group, felt to be a part of the Mass with Archbishop Dolan – wonderful, privileged, proud and for sure, it was inspirational! the support and cheering we received, as we represented you, in the parades and events was outstanding! The Unit is Proud to represent you, the members of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin – we hope you are proud of us!

“Special Thanks!” go out to those who carried the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Banner. In the Milwaukee parade it was Bob and Michelle Smocke, Caitlan McLaughlin, Dan McCormack, Aubrey Depledge and Joclyn and Nicole Morley; and in the Chicago parade: Sue Pruess, Renee Bach and Bob Smocke.

Parade/Event Schedule

May 16 -- Burlington Chocolate Fest Parade, 11 a.m.

May 31 -- Menomonee Falls Memorial Day Parade (Harris & Main Ave.) 10 a.m.

May 31 -- Milwaukee Memorial Day Parade (Zeidler Park), 2 p.m. (Special performance at Memorial Monuments following parade)

Special Notice: The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Color Guard, Pipes and Drums would like to invite individuals, families and groups to carry the “Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Banner.” Each month in the “Color Guard News and Notes” articles within Emerald Reflections, you will be recognized and honored. Please volunteer today!

If you would like to have the Shamrock Club Color Guard, Pipes and Drums appear in a parade, special event or family occasion – or you would like to join the Unit as a Banner Carrier, Color Guard, Piper or Drummer, please contact:

Richard Pfeiffer, Director
Shamrock Club Color Guard, Pipes and Drums
Telephone: (414) 769-1250

– Richard Stover

St. Patrick’s Help Fund

St. Patrick’s Help Fund is in desperate need of non-perishable foods. Please place in container at each meeting. However, donations can be brought to the ICHC any time during the week. It is not restricted to just meetings. A big thank you to everybody who has contributed to help the needy people at St. Patrick’s. Questions? Call Katy Voss (414) 352-6479.

Welcome New Members

NOTE: Please send your dues to your Membership Chairperson in your chapter. All names and addresses are listed in Emerald Reflections.

MILWAUKEE – Christopher Bass (referred by “parade special”); Gordon and Stella Berdon (referred by “parade special”); Terrance and Patricia Brennan (referred by Sharon Murphy); Mrs. Mary Caven and Molly Caven (referred by Therese Held); Shane Corcoran (refered by Shamrock Club); Jim Cragher Family (referred by Pat Fitzgibbons); Michael and Theresa Delany (referred by Shamrock Club); Kurt Denissen and Monica McElroy-Denissen (referred by “parade special”); Sandra L. Damaske Family (referred by “parade special”); Jean K. Dodd (referred by Patty Garrity): Denis and Karen Donohoe (referred by Julie Smith); Deirdre Elliott (referred by “parade special”); Mike ad Patty Floyd (referred by Pat Fitzgibbons); Pat Harmon (referred by Jean Harmon); Larry Haslee Family (referred by Pat Fitzgibbons); Aine E. McMenamin-Johnson and Douglas E. Johnson (referred by Bill and Bridget Jaskulski); Joyce Family: Jeffrey, Marty, Kelly, Mary, Jayne (referred by Tom Smith); Mathew and Diane Kopco (referred by Glencastle Irish Dancers); Kenneth and Maureen Krolikowski Family (referred by Dolores and Dan Murphy); Patricia Butler Kurinsky (referred by “parade special”); Dan McCormack (referred by Noel Tylla); Gerald and Patricia McGinn (referred by Mrs. Nancy McGinn); Patrick Murphy Family (referred by Dolores and Dan Murphy); David and Kari Neville (referred by Pat Fitzgibbons); Addie Sellner (referred by Shamrock Pipes and Drums); Marilou M. Shea (referred by Shamrock Club); Michael and Stacy Sullivan (referred by “parade special”); Edward Wilk (referred by “parade special”).


• Feb.: 38 memberships up for renewal, 29 paid, 9 dropped for nonpayment.

• Mar.: 84 memberships up for renewal, 38 paid, 46 due.

• April.: 5 memberships up for renewal.

Special Thanks to Pat Fitzgibbons for his help at the Post Parade Party with the membership and new members Pat signed on. Thank you to everyone else who signed up new members.

Anyone who would be interested in Bowling this fall, pleae let me know.

Watch Emerald Reflections for upcoming news on Wisconsin football game this year.

Casino Trip for May or June. We need 30 people for bus. Please let me know.

– Tom Smith