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Emerald Reflections Online

Table of Contents - May 2003

You are viewing the electronic version of Emerald Reflections,
the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

Milwaukee Chapter 2003-'04 Slate of Candidates

Individual Candidates for Milwaukee Office

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Articles of Amendment and Bylaws Proposals

Shamrock Club of South Central Wisconsin

Milwaukee President's Message

"Just Off the Boat" Immigration Services Benefit

Irish Language Day

Hurling Clinic for Kids

Shamrock Club of Rock County

Milwaukee's Newest TCRG

Dane County Shamrock Club

Summer Set Dancing Classes for Beginners

Donn's Poetry Corner: "Lament"

First Friday Lectures: Celtic Women International

Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums News and Notes

St. Patrick's Help Fund

Welcome New Members

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

Wisconsin Calendar of Events

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin -
Milwaukee Chapter
2003-2004 Candidates for Office

MAY 1, 2003 - Start 6 p.m.

Slate of Candidates

    Joe Hughes

    Vice President:
    Mike Payne
    Jack Suit

    Tom McAleese

    Sharon Murphy

    Kat Murray
    Tom Smith

    Joe Donovan
    Kris Pluskota

    Tom Blaha

    Sgt. At Arms:
    Kerry-Jo Pfeiffer

  • Vice President: Jack Suit

I am very proud of my Celtic heritage, I am part Irish and part Scottish. My genealogical research has found much of my family in this country for over two hundred years. I hope to someday trace my Celtic roots back to Ireland and Scotland.

During the past year as your Vice President I have enjoyed meeting so many great people, and being a part of so many events. I really enjoyed volunteering for club events like the International Folk Fair, Irish Fest and the Post Parade Party. These events have been very rewarding experiences. I also enjoyed working as a staff driver for the entertainers at Irish Fest, and working at Badger State Feis. Visiting the patients at Mount Carmel nursing home dressed as Saint Patrick has brought me a great deal of enjoyment.

I am very honored to be nominated for a second term as Vice President of the Shamrock Club.

  • Vice President: Mike Payne

Shamrock Club: member since 1997; Board of Directors Trustee 2001-'03; chairman Honoree Dinner 2002; Color Guard member for past five years; Bradley Center volunteer for past five years; volunteer at Folk Fair in cultural booth, food booth, and sales booth; Post Parade Party, Picnic.

Irish Fest: grounds crew-cultural area during the week past three years; Gaeltacht Tent past six years; Parade.

ICHC: Celtic Groups Advisory Board Chairman 2000-'01; Chairman Half Way to St. Patrick's Day fund raiser 2000.

Gaelic League: past member and parade chair.

It's been a joy and an honor to be part of the Shamrock Club and the Irish community.

  • Secretary: Tom McAleese

I grew up in Illinois but don't hold that against me. There are a lot of nice people in Chicago. Besides, I did marry a nice Bohunk from Milwaukee. My father's parents were born in Ireland, so I qualify as Irish by blood, (even if my grandfather was from Antrim).

I graduated from Marquette U. in 1955 and worked as a civil engineer with Milwaukee County for 41 years, retiring in 1996 as Airport Engineer. And no, I did not get the big package.

My wife and I joined the Shamrock Club about 20 years ago, have worked at Folk Fair for 10 or more years, were Charter Members of the Irish Genealogical Society, and Bradley Center volunteers from near the beginning.

I was elected Secretary of the Shamrock Club in 2002 and have enjoyed "most" of the experience.

  • Membership Chairperson: Tom Smith

I have been the Shamrock Club Membership Chairperson for going on four years and also took over the mailing for Emerald Reflections after the passing of Mary Glynn. At the present Marrianne Fisher and myself mail Reflections. And I recently have taken up another job - every Thursday - picking up food at Pick 'n Save and taking it down to St. Patrick's Church in the name of the Shamrock Club. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Membership Chairperson: Katherine Murray

Katherine Murray was born and raised in the Milwaukee area. In June 1991, she moved to New York. She resided with two girls from County Clare and the Woodlawn area in New York (an Irish neighborhood) became her new home! There's a bit of the Emerald Isle in Woodlawn. You'll find authentic Irish eateries, bakeries, pubs, delis and even newspaper stands featuring newspapers from Ireland. As an American, Katherine was a minority, but loved every minute of the Irish Culture, dialect and music. In December of that year, she met Martin Murray from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland and New Year's Eve was their first "official date". Marty and Katherine were engaged six weeks later and will be celebrating their 10th anniversary July 17, 2003! In February 1997, Katherine and Marty relocated to Milwaukee. Their son, Robert Eunan, was born in April of that year. She now resides in Whitefish Bay with Marty, Robert, the cat Charlie and her beloved Golden Retriever, Seamus.

Whilst in New York, Katherine was employed at Ringier America and Quad/ Graphics, Inc. as a Sales Service Representative. In addition to her work duties, Katherine served with Women in Production, Membership Committee Board of Directors. Katherine and her Co-Chair, planned various events for 100-150 people and were credited for increasing membership 40% over the three years they held office.

To increase membership at the ICHC, Katherine would introduce:

1. New members' coffee chat;

2. "Mentors" for new members to contact or liaise with at functions;

3. Introduction to new members at the monthly meetings;

4. Planned family events;

5. Sports parties on the big screen TV

6. Membership drives with an open house BBQ;

7 Press releases for all events.

  • Trustee: Joe Donovan

Good Evening! If you want to know who Joe Donovan is, think Faith, Family, Country and The Shamrock Club! He has been a long time member of the club and has all the qualifications to fill this office well - experience, first hand knowledge of the history and purpose of the club and the need to represent the membership well as a member of the Board.

Joe feels that a good Board is a well balanced Board made up of persons with the above qualifications as well as persons who have worked for the club in other areas, and who can contribute enthusiasm, dedication and fresh ideas to improve the club and enhance its membership in these changing times.

Service? Joe is a past Irishman of the Year and Parade Marshal, Vice-President, Sgt. at Arms and Parliamentarian, Parade Director, Member of the Color Guard, chairman of the Raffle Ticket Sales for three years, selling over 400 tickets as an individual. As Golf Outing chairman for several years he set a record of having over 100 participants at a single outing. He also has worked as a volunteer at many events including Bradley Center, Irish Fest, St. Patrick's organ repair program.

Joe is proud of his Irish heritage and its traditions and would like to continue to serve the Shamrock Club as a trustee.

Joe is also your Sunshine Chairman and, as all of you who attend our monthly meetings know, he likes fun as well.

  • Trustee: Kristine Pluskota

Irish Fest 1981-2002: chairperson bagpipe room, bartender, ticket sales (1981-'87); beer captain Old Style Stage (1988-'89); bartender Pabst stage, received 10 year pin (1990); bartender, information booth Shamrock Club (1991-'98); received 15-year pin (1995); marched in parade as Shamrock Club Color Guard member (1995-'98); CD booth Old Style stage (2002-'02); received 20-year pin (2001); set up crew in cultural area (2002).

Lady Elgin Memorial Cruise (1994-'95): Shamrock Club representative, food chairperson for this fund raiser. Participating member of the Color Guard at the dedication on 3-17-96.

Irish Cultural and Heritage Center (1994-'96): Was a volunteer and chairperson for many fund raising events. Usually involving food. The kick-off party at Derry's 4/19/93, softball tournaments, event at the historical society in Wauwatosa, Halfway to St. Patrick's Day involving taverns along Bluemound Rd. and downtown selling raffle tickets. Raffle sales at Eagan's on St. Patrick's night, reception committee at the Pabst Mansion for the Grand Gala.

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin (1990-2002): City of Festival Parade (1990-'93); Holiday Folk Fair sales booth volunteer (1991-'92); Holiday Folk Fair Two Day Food Manager with the Dundons (1993-2002); Post Parade Party Food Chairperson (1994-'96); Sergeant at Arms (1995-'97); Xmas Party Chairperson (1995-'96); Color Guard member (1995-'99); Olympic Torch Relay food chair for this fundraiser (1996).

  • Parliamentarian: Tom Blaha

Shamrock Club member since 1971; Sergeant at Arms 1980-'82; Parliamentarian 1999-2001; charter member Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums; worked Folk Fair, Post Parade Party, Bylaws Committee, Audit Committee, Bradley Center, etc.; with wife, Maggie, was 1989 Parade Marshal, Irishman of the Year 1999.

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc.

Articles of Amendment -
Nonstock Corporation

(Filed with State of Wisconsin)

RESOLVED, THAT the articles of incorporation be amended as follows: Delete Article 3 as previously stated and replace with:

The purposes for which the Shamrock Club is organized are exclusively religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law. Not withstanding any other provision of these articles, the organization shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.

Board of Directors Meeting

January 30, 2003


Article II PURPOSE The purpose of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. is to bring about the association of individuals of Irish descent or relationship, in whole or in part, for the purpose of conducting social (remove"social") , educational and benevolent activities of all kinds, including the conducting of meetings, conducting forums and research into Irish culture, providing scholarship (remove"scholarship") funds for the study of Irish music, dance, and humanities, presentation of Irish culture to the community at large, promoting travel to Ireland (remove"travel to Ireland") and the pursuit of cultural advancement of the Irish through cooperative means with local government (replace with "government" with community) and institutional organizations.

Insert Article 3 from articles of incorporation (see top) as second paragraph to By-Laws Purpose. ...Approved 10-0

Article V MEETINGS OF GENERAL MEMBERSHIP E. quorum for the general membership business meetings shall be twenty-five (25) dues paid members in good standing ... Approved 8-2

Article VIII ACTIVITY CHAIRS A. Activity chairpersons are appointed by the president and approved by the board; ... Approved 8-0-2

at end of paragraph A add ... installation of officers; Color Guard Pipes and Drums. Approved 9-1

Article IX C Bylaws Committee 1. Duties. Conduct a biennial review of ... Approved 10-0

Article IX D Finance Committee 1. Duties. add at the end of paragraph ... and make copies available at the June membership meeting. No motion

Article X C. Election of Officers and Directors 3. Absentee, proxy, and write-in votes are not permitted. Approved 10-0

Article XV (New) DRESS CODE A. Color Guard Pipes and Drums 1. The Color Guard Pipes and Drums official kilt will be solid green. Approved 10-0

South Central Shamrock Club

March 8, 2003 was a very special night for our club. We honored our 2003 Irish Rose, Ellen Dargel and our 2003 Irishman, Joe Fish, at the Wintergreen Resort in Lake Delton.

Following the welcome by our President Jack Gavin, Fr. Reardon gave the invocation, followed by a lovely dinner.

Our toastmaster John Delmore introduced the past Irish Rose and Irishman recipients. Next, our Irish Rose Ellen Dargel was presented by past Irish Rose Marguerite Murry. Joe Fish Irishman 2003 was introduced by Tom Scanlon past Irishman.

Both were given appropriate comments by family and friends.

Don McConaghy led the group in singing Danny Boy.

After a short intermission the group was entertained by The Tenor and Troubadours.

Our April 6 meeting was held at 3 p.m. at the Embers in Lake Delton. Our speaker was Kate Wiskus.

Our last meeting of 2002-03 will be held Sunday, May 4, 2003 we will meet at Longleys at 4 p.m. in Reedsburg. This will be our annual meeting with election of officers.

- Mary E. Stieve, Reporter

Milwaukee President's Message

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Shamrock Club members all;

The success we had with our St. Patrick's Day events. Beginning with the Mass to Honor St. Patrick, including the members of other Celtic groups. The breakfast afterward, sponsored by the new residents of our old neighborhood. The largest St. Patrick's Day Parade, here in the largest city in the State of Wisconsin. Proudly marching through the streets of downtown Milwaukee, from Westown then east, up Water Street, past Milwaukee City Hall, and then down Old World Third Street. The huge crowds both downtown and later at our home, the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center.

Success at every corner thanks to the hours of planning and even more hours of work by several of our great Shamrock Club members.

The current Board of Directors and every member can feel a sense of belonging, and a certain camaraderie knowing that we put on one heck of a show.

Special thanks again to our parade committee: Sharon Murphy, who took care of the cash (as always); Barry Stapleton, for lining up an afternoon of fantastic entertainment; the entire extended Quinlan Family for keeping all of us from being thirsty; Kristine Carrigg-Pluskota and her family and friends for brilliantly running the event from behind the scenes, in the kitchen.

This past month also allowed us to gather and to reflect upon our Irish heritage in another way - a remembrance of the Easter Rising, the very beginning of the Republic. May the peace continue.

April's general meeting completed the nominations for candidates for officers for the Shamrock Club. Notes and biographies are within Emerald Reflections.

The election will precede the May 1 meeting. Your vote is important. The Board is responsible for not only directing, but also the direction of the Shamrock Club. The polls open early at 6 p.m. Please vote!

The By-Law recommendations have also been published. The vote on the By-Laws will be held at the June meeting. The By-Laws are the rules of our club; they should be considered carefully. The committee and the Board have given their recommendations, which follow the proposed changes.

Springtime also brings forth several other Celtic events. Look for further information about the Gaelic Immersion Weekend, the Irish Immigrant Service Benefit at the ICHC, the ICHC Benefit on Memorial Day and the beginning of the Milwaukee Hurling Club season along with the Currach Club taking to our waterways. And of course, the golf season. Watch for information on the Shamrock Club Annual Golf Outing.

- Joe Hughes

'Just Off the Boat'

"Just off the Boat," an evening for Irish immigration will take place at the ICHC on Saturday, May 10th, one night only! The line-up includes; Reilly, Waking Maggie, Leahy's Luck, Barry Dodd, Ian Gould, Finbar McCarthy, Two Thick Micks, Milwaukee Irish Arts and more. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the craic starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. They are available from the ICHC, call (414) 345-8800. So mark your calendars now and plan to support this worthy cause.

Irish Immigrant Service of Milwaukee (IISM) is a committee of the ICHC. Our mission is to provide emergency advice and, where possible, practical assistance to Irish immigrants and other newcomers to Southeastern Wisconsin. IISM operates without regard to religion, race, sexual orientation or political affiliation. It is a member of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centres.

- John Gleeson

Irish Language Day

Craobh Curtin Conradh na Gaeilge in association with UWM's Center for Celtic Studies welcomes you to: Sathairn Gaeilge (Irish Language Day) Saturday May 10th 2003 at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union.

A unique program for Irish language and Culture enthusiasts. No previous language experience required. Come learn to greet, converse, toast, curse, sing, amuse and amaze your friends in the language of heaven-Irish Gaelic! Classes for everyone from complete beginners to fluent speakers. Included is a Friday (May 9) social gathering at Paddy's Pub, 7 p.m.

Enrollment Fee: $55 (includes tuition, lunch and evening entertainment) To register go online at or call (414) 961-2470.

Hurling Clinic for Kids

The Milwaukee Hurling Club is looking for kids aged 7 to 14 to participate in its hurling clinic June 14 and 21 at Veterans Park in Milwaukee. Each three-hour session will focus on basic skills of the sport, with a scrimmage to be held on the 21st. The cost is $15 and includes lunch each day, a t-shirt and the use of necessary equipment. Participants will be encouraged to continue with the club by attending weekly practices.

The MHC will kick off its eighth season on May 18 at Veterans Park at 11 a.m. Please join us for an exciting day for all.

For more information on the Hurling Clinic or on the Milwaukee Hurling Club, please contact the Hurler's Hotline at (414) 297-9490.

Rock County


MAY 20: Membership Meeting 7 p.m.

Twas a grand day for the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Beloit on March 16. This was the 13th year that we have had this parade and this was the second time we have had nice weather. This year the Beloit Downtown Council took over the organizing of the parade, with the help of Jim and Kay Mackey. Jim and Kay have been chairmen of this parade for the past twelve years and have done a great job.

We will have installation of officers at our May meeting.

- Tom Kennedy

Milwaukee's Newest TCRG

Congratulations to Katie Paszkowski, an instructor with Glencastle Irish Dancers, on receiving her TCRG - Irish Dance Teaching Certification. Katie traveled to New Jersey in October of 2002 to take this exam. Katie has been an instructor with Glencastle since its inception in February of 2000.

Dane County Shamrock Club


MAY 10: State Advisory Meeting, LaCrosse, noon

MAY 13: Board Meeting, 6:15; General Meeting 7 p.m., Coliseum Bar, guest speaker, Club Nominations and Elections

MAY 16-18: Fitchburg Days Festival, McKee Farms. Friday fireworks at dusk; Saturday West Wind, Cashel Dennehy Dancers, Fonnmhor, Tom Leahy Band, Kissers and Gaelic Storm; Sunday - Music and Trinity Irish Dance Academy

JUNE 10: Transitional meeting for new Board, 6:15 Coliseum Bar

JULY 8: annual picnic at Knights of Columbus, Verona Rd, 5 pm


Become involved! Annual Club nominations open are: trustee, membership chair, vice president, sergeant-at-arms, treasurer, parliamentarian, and secretary.


A newly board-appointed position will be Editor of the Newsletter for the Dane County Shamrock Club. Pat McCarthy already said she would accept this position but would like help/input from other Club members in writing, editing, newsletter layout, and contributing articles of interest to the Club.


Hills as green as emeralds, cover the countryside
Lakes as blue as sapphires - are Ireland's special pride
And rivers that shine like silver, make Ireland look so fair -
But the friendliness of her people is the richest treasure there.

- Co-presidents: Paul Buckalew and Colleen Schams

Summer Set Dancing
Classes for Beginners

A new series of Irish Set Dancing classes begins June 11 at O'Donoghue's. Classes will continue for eight weeks and run from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. These classes provide a foundation in traditional set dancing with an emphasis on footwork and style. Prior dance experience is not required. You need not come with a partner. O'Donoghue's Irish Pub is located at 13225 Watertown Plank Road in Elm Grove.

Owing to the popularity of the winter class series, class size will be limited, so it is important to register in advance. The fee for this series (eight classes) is $20.

For more information please visit the Milwaukee Set Dance web site at There you can also download a registration form. Or contact Julie (414) 321-3521 or email: jpuhek23@ to request a brochure or for answers to your questions.

Donn's Poetry Corner


by Thomas O'Malley

Forgotten are the ancient gods,
Their mystic creeds are fled,
And even now, within the wood
The leprechauns are dead.

The little people all have gone,
The banshee wails no more,
The spirits in the trees have passed
Beyond Oblivion's door.

The Druid fire no more gleams
Upon old Tara's hill,
And shattered strings of hoary harps
Are now forever still.

The wraiths of all the fighting kings
Now wander all alone
Across an unfamiliar land
Where once their gods were know.

Perhaps a wiser Fate decrees
That old gods pass away
And softer creeds shall win their place
Until another day.

But though the ancient ways are gone
From this so verdant earth
A regal wolfhound, loyal and brave
Still sleeps beside my hearth.

He dreams, as I, of charges bold
When foremen feared our power
And once again we storm the walls
To take a Viking tower.


This poem was written in 1923 when my father was 20 years old. It was from Songs of Eire (apparently) a book of poetry by Thomas O'Malley. Our family just has this one poem which was published in "The Chicagoland Irish Wolfhound Club" newsletter in 1973.

If anyone in the Wisconsin Irish community would have any copies of this book or pamphlet we would love to see it.

Thomas D. O'Malley was from an old Wisconsin family and the youngest man elected to Congress, Milwaukee 5th District in 1932.

- Addie O'Malley

Celtic Women International
First Friday Lectures

Celtic Women International First Friday Lectures are held at the ICHC, 2133 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee from 5:30- 7 p.m. on the "First Fridays" of the month. Admission is $5 per person. Everyone is welcome including gentlemen. These lectures are gems within our midst, having been held regularly since 1997.

May 2: by Nancy Walczyk, PhD.
"The Wild Irish Girls; 19th Century Irish Women Novelists"

Dr. Walczyk is associate director of the UWM Center for Celtic Studies; senior lecturer in English; specializes in literature in the Irish language, and distance education in Celtic Studies. She will discuss these writers: Maria Edgeworth, Sydney Ownson (Lady Morgan) and Somerville & Ross. Nancy was one of the very first presenters in the First Friday Lecture Series in 1997, telling us about "Erin's Daughters in America." She is a long-time coordinator for the Irish Fest Cultural area, and in her spare time, an accomplished harpist.

- Jean K. Bills

Color Guard News and Notes

The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Color Guard, Pipes and Drums began their 23rd season with a renewed commitment to the values, traditions, ancestry and heritage of all that is Irish.

Under the leadership of our new director, Rich Pfeiffer, the unit will continue to represent and honor Ireland, our community and our club.

It is no secret there have been some challenges during the off-season of appearances. To those who will not be with us this year we hope and pray for your success in your future endeavors; friends may disagree on occasion but "true" friendships should never end.

Our new director, Rich Pfeiffer, has diligently worked hard to put together a combination of the "old" guard mixed with "new" members that you will be proud of! Our motto for 2003 is Pride and Honor!

From the St. Patrick's Day Mass to the St. Patrick's Day Parades in downtown Milwaukee and the Southside Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade, the unit did represent you with honor!

April 20th saw the unit at the ICHC for the Easter Rising Mass, and on April 26 the Color Guard Pipes and Drums proudly performed in the Loyalty Day Parade in Hartland.

We, your Color Guard, Pipes and Drums, will let you know where we will be performing. Please come and support us! It means a lot to see you there.


MAY 18: Burlington Chocolate Fest Parade, 11 a.m.

MAY 26: Memorial Day Parade Menomonee Falls, 10 a.m.

MAY 26: Memorial Day Parade, Downtown Milwaukee, 1 p.m.

JUNE 8: Waubeka Flag Day Parade, 1 p.m.

If you wish to join the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Color Guard, Pipes and Drums or you wish to have the unit perform or appear at parades, special occasions, etc., please contact:

Richard Pfeiffer, Director
Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
Color Guard Pipes and Drums
(414) 769-1250.

- Richard M. Stover

St. Patrick's Help Fund

St. Patrick's Help Fund needs non-perishable foods, coats for adult men and for children, blankets, any games for ages 4-11 for after school programs, warm winter clothing for all ages. Please place in container at each meeting. However, donations can be brought to the ICHC any time during the week. It is not restricted to just meetings. A big thank you to everybody who has contributed to help the needy people at St. Patrick's. Questions? Call Katy Voss (414) 352-6479.

New Members

NOTE: Please send your dues to your Membership Chairperson in your chapter. All names and addresses are listed in Emerald Reflections.

MILWAUKEE - Ryan C. Bagley and Heather McPhail Bagley; Greg Boening and Kathy Quinlan Boening; Patrick Campbell; Sean Carroll; Ray and Lucy Christensen; Jane M. Dunne; Sue Patrice and Dave Brynn Geraghty; Sheila and Bill Isakson; Tom Lasky; Ken and Jennie McGrath; Sue B. Jones; Joan E. and Mercedes McNulty; Kris and Randy McPhail; Tina McQuillin and Gary Mandel; Dave, Maureen, Rory, Molly Modlinski; Rose Marie Murphy; Joseph Stauber; Darlene Weber Patricia L. Wendt.


March was a very good month for new members. We added 29 new names to our membership roster. Welcome to the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, new members. I would like to thank the hard working membership of the Milwaukee Chapter. Without your help this could not happen.

-Tom Smith