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Emerald Reflections Online

Table of Contents - September 2001

You are viewing the electronic version of Emerald Reflections,
the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

The Session: A Rebirth

Shamrock Club of Rock County

Dane County Shamrock Club

Fox Cities Shamrock Club

Milwaukee President's Message

Bradley Center Needs You

Bradley Center Volunteer Sign-Up

Milwaukee Hurling Club Standings and Hurlers' Ball

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day Party

Entertainment Books Now On Sale

Danu: Hallamor Concert #1

Learn Set Dancing This Fall!

Welcome New Members

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Bylaws

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

Wisconsin Calendar of Events

The Session: A Rebirth


The Milwaukee and Madison areas have been blessed for many years with some great sessions, and places to hold them. Nash's Irish Castle, County Clare, The Dubliner in Milwaukee, Mickeys and Mother Fools in Madison, and Carpenters Pub in Delafield, among others, have given home to musicians who were developing a love for Irish music. A number of groups grew out of the various sessions, including RiRa, Anam Ri, 180 and the Letter G, the Nash Ramblers, Public House Ceili Band, and Free Whiski. A CD was also born from the sessions at Nash's, "Northern Crossing", which featured the talents of many of Milwaukee's Irish musicians. Here is a story of what happened when Carpenters Pub in Delafield closed, and the Waukesha session needed a new home.

For those who haven't an idea of what a session is, it is basically an informal, social gathering of people who like to play the music of Ireland. It is in this manner that the traditional tunes and songs of Ireland are passed from one generation to the next. Though music is the mainstay of a session it is not unusual to hear a story told or even poetry recited. Any dancing is usually of the spontaneous type from the young children who seem to have an amazing sense of rhythm. To those of us who participate in sessions regularly it is much more. It's hard to describe the feeling to anyone who hasn't ever attended, but it is a powerful thing when the music flows fast and furious with all joined together almost as a single entity and nothing else exists but the tune of the moment. With a bond such as this we become closer than mere friends. It becomes a part of our lives.

It's hard to remember when sessions first started at Carpenter's Pub in Delafield, not long after they opened, I think. They were sporadic at first, eventually becoming every Tuesday night. We saw the pub gradually expand, as did the session itself. Through the years people have come and gone though the core group remained largely unchanged. We've had guests from various parts of the country as well as from Ireland and England. All were warmly welcomed and made the session just that much richer. Understandably, it came as quite a shock when we learned that there would be no more music there. With three days notice, word spread and we came together for one last mighty session on June 19, 2001 with about 30 musicians attending. Níor dhún Dia doras riamh nar oscail Sé ceann elle (God never closed one door without opening another) and before the last tune was played that evening we had found a new "home". We were invited to carry on at the Stone Bank Pub and Eatery in Oconomowoc starting the following Tuesday night. We have been warmly welcomed there and are settling in quite nicely. A friend told me that it's the people that make the session, not the location and this is very true even though it was hard to move on. Perhaps the strains of our music will haunt the old place as the memories of those days live on in our hearts but for now we will go on as before, creating new memories in a new place, insuring the continuation of a wonderful tradition.

So if you find yourself free on a Tuesday evening feel free to come out, have a bite to eat or enjoy a pint and listen. If you have a tune or a song to share you would be welcome to join us. Maybe some among you will be inspired to explore further into this magical realm of traditional Irish music.

- Sue Van Dyke

Irish saying and translation
courtesy of Francine Fosselman

Stone Bank Pub and Eatery is located at N67 W33395 Hwy K, Oconomowoc. (262) 966-1975. Irish sessions are held Tuesday evenings 7:30-10 p.m. Directions from Milwaukee: I94 west to 16 west, exit Hwy C, north on C to Hwy K then west to entrance on left.

Rock County


SEPT. 18 - General Membership Meeting at the newly remodeled Janesville Senior Center, 69 S. Water Street, 7:30 p.m.

OCT. 16 - Potluck Dinner followed by the General Membership Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

Summer is about over now so let's have a good turnout for our September meeting and see all of the changes in the Senior Center. It used to have about 6,000 square feet and now it is 12,000 square feet and has all new kitchen facilities and many other fine improvements.

Come and help us make plans for the coming year. The Board members are open to any ideas or suggestions which you may have.

- Tom Kennedy

Dane County

Whew! Or any other expression tells how Colleen and I have been working to plan the activities for the Dane County Chapter of the Shamrock Club. The agenda for the August 16 Board Meeting at Jingles at 6:15 p.m. had careful planning with lots of suggestions from resource people who helped us as we became acquainted with our new roles as co-presidents.

Hopefully, you dropped by the booth at the O'Fitchburg Days and talked to Eamon O'Brien, last year's Irish Person of the Year, who was in charge of this event Thank you to all those who helped: Bill Kinney, Ginny Carpenter, May Hearn, Sally Cassidy and Barb and Bernie Gallenberg.

Many members enjoyed the summer potluck dinner at the Knights of Columbus clubhouse where we welcomed new members: Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mc Cleary, Mr. and Mrs. Denis Leonard, and Ms. Elaine McGhee.

The co-presidents and Al Schams, treasurer, attended the State Advisory Meeting in Milwaukee on August 18, which coincided with Irish Fest. We talked to other area Wisconsin Shamrock members about how their clubs were functioning. Did you attend Irish Fest? Let us know what you liked there.

A correction in last month's issue: Eamon O'Brien is the membership chair and all new memberships and renewals should go to him. Al Schams is the new treasurer; the account is at the M&I Bank.

After much work the new officers are planning exciting events for this year. You will learn more details in the next newsletter.

An aside to this column is a note from Francis McMann who called to give me the address of Gertrude Walsh, whose husband died in June in Ireland. Gertrude brought her Irish dancers to Madison on several occasions which were sponsored by our club. She also was chosen to dance for President John F. Kennedy when he toured Ireland. Drop her a card or note: Gertrude Walsh, 25 Devereaux Vallas, Wexford Town, County Wexford, Ireland.

It is good to remember and thank those who have helped carry on the traditions of our Club. Again as Colleen and I come up for a breath of fresh air in these hot summer days, we greet all of you with a refreshing call to help us with goals and objectives for this year. Finally, did you know that on the address label of your Emerald Reflections is the renewal date for your membership?

Again, thanks to all who have helped and given us suggestions and input so far this year.

- Paul Buckalew

Fox Cities


SEPT. 17 - Halfway to St. Pat's Dinner/Meeting

SEPT. 17 - Board Meeting, Conkey's in Appleton (all are welcome to attend)

I'm sure everyone had a great time at Irish Fest. Would like to thank Kate Hoffman from Trilogy for chartering our bus to Irish Fest. The convenience of drop off / pick up at the gate made it possible for some to get to Irish Fest who otherwise wouldn't have. The cost was also very reasonable. People miss a lot if they leave the grounds before the scattering finale.

It's well worth the drive to the ICHC in Milwaukee to see a concert. You will be supporting the ICHC and get to meet the performers one-on-one in the parlor after the show.

Sept. 15 - Steve Hazell in concert, Bubbolz Nature Center north of Appleton, 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 17 - Halfway to St. Patrick's Dinner/Meeting at Mark's Eastside. Tickets at Mystic Ireland and Valley Glass. Call Pat Warmbrunn at 734-7703 with questions and for tickets by mail. Celtic Knot Trio will be entertaining us after dinner.

Sept. 19 - Mark's East Side Lunch and Dinner Halfway to St. Patrick's Celebration. Celtic Knot Trio will be entertaining in the evening.

Check your address label for the month of your membership renewal.

- Elaine Hoes (920) 733-5254

Milwaukee President's Message

I attended my first Shamrock Club Picnic in August and it was wonderful. The location was lovely and the food (and Guinness) was plentiful and delicious. A big thank you to Joe Hughes for all his hard work. Also, thanks to the Hamills for their help with the dance stage, etc., and to everyone else who helped make it a success. Irish Fest and the Golf Outing also kept us busy, so now we all have a little time to rest before we start up again with Folk Fair and the new Bradley Center season. Please remember to join us for all of the fun by volunteering early and often!

September brings us the Halfway to St. Patrick's Day Celebration and also marks the beginning of the Hallamor Concert Series. Not to be missed!

Until next month . . .

- Susan Dundon

Bradley Center Needs You

For the past 13 years the Milwaukee Shamrock Club has earned more than $83,000. This money has enabled the club to be a lot more visible and able to contribute to such events as the Culture Areas at Irish Fest and Holiday Folk Fair, St. Patrick's Church restoration and many other things. The Bradley Center offers us an opportunity to be a part of community service and at the same time let the public know who we are.

The duties at the Bradley Center are varied, sometimes we kind of stand around and visit and other times we work hard and fast, like at the quarter or half time of a Bucks game or other popular event. The job is really not hard or difficult when all the stations are covered by willing happy volunteers. The duties of the volunteers at an event include:

1st SHIFT: come one hour before event and help set up the booth. We must count the beer cups, soda cups, hot dogs, etc. and set up the stations with candy and boxed popcorn. The cash chairman sees that all the drawers have money and keep counter people in change, etc.

2nd SHIFT: Come in at game time and start to work at their readied station. At the end of the event when the first shift leaves, they help count and pack up the left over inventory and clean the booth for the next group.

Each event needs 18 people. Six are at the counter to take care of the customers. Two people in the kitchen keep the brats cooking, wrap them and put them into the warming ovens. Two people are needed for the nacho preparation and to place them in the warm ovens. Three people pour beer and three work on soda. One person works the popcorn machine and the one person is in charge of cash. Cash person comes early and stays until the Bradley Center bank people come to pick it up. The stand manager comes early and stays late and tries to keep everything running smoothly. When you report into the booth you are generally given your choice of job.

Volunteers are assigned to teams and when possible so are car pools. We only get a limited number of parking passes. You will be sent a list of your team members and times and dates of your events. We usually are given about 20 events and if we can get three or more teams, each would work only six or less events. We need "on call alternates" who would be able to come in with a few days notice or maybe even hours notice in an emergency. This doesn't happen very often.

The Bradley Center is really not a difficult fund raiser. We have no investment and work for an event that, when we have a fully staffed crew, we can watch for 15 minutes if we want to.

All interested in becoming managers, please call me. As of this printing, I don't know the dates of the training.

To be successful, we really need you and it's an enjoyable evening with nice people that you might not meet otherwise. Talk to the people who have been doing this for years, you will know them by the smiles on their faces. Please fill out the form below and mail it to me or give it to me at the September meeting.

- Cate Harris (414) 321-5153

Bradley Center Volunteer Sign-Up

Cate Harris 8835 W. Verona Ct. Milwaukee, WI 53227

Yes, I will volunteer to work 6-7 events
Yes, I can be an "on call" alternatve
Yes, I would like to train for a stand or cash manager.
Yes No I have worked at the Bradley Center before.


Tel.: ________________


City State_____ Zip___________

I would like to work with:______________

Hurler's Ball

The Milwaukee Hurling Club is holding it's 5th Annual Hurler's Ball on Friday, September 7. To be held at the Brookfield Sheraton, the $35 ticket price includes dinner, entertainment, awards, Irish dancers, karaoke, and Beamish/Newcastle. A block of rooms has been set aside at a rate of $69/night. Reservations can be made by calling the hotel at (262) 786-1100.

Any and all are welcome and encouraged to join us for what promises to be a great time. If you are interested, please contact the Hurler's Hotline at (414) 297-9490 and leave a message for Karen Seeliger.

Here are the final season standings for the club with playoff games and championship still pending.

McBob's - 7-3
Champion's - 6-4
Hanley's - 6-4
Axel's - 4-6
Dubliner - 4-6
County Clare - 3-7

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day Party

On Sunday September 16, 2001 the Celtic Groups Advisory Board (CGAB) will host its annual Halfway to St. Patrick's Day Party at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center of Wisconsin (ICHC) at 2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. A variety of Celtic activities for kids and adults are being planned. Entertainers include Steel Bonnets, Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums, Irish dancers, pipers and much more! Food and beverages will be served. Of course a raffle will be held so bid on your Christmas presents early! For you Packer fans come and watch the game on our new big screen TV!! This is a fund raiser put on by the CGAB to benefit the ICHC. All entertainment is donated so please come out and support all the groups' efforts.

Come for the fun on Sunday September 16 at the ICHC, 1-5 p.m. Cost is $6 for adults; $3 for children; children under 5 admitted free.

Entertainment Books Now On Sale

Now's the time to buy your Gold C and Entertainment Books on behalf of the Shamrock Club. Gold C can be purchased for $10 and the Entertainment Books for $35. See Michael Payne at Milwaukee's September Membership Meeting or you can contact him at (414) 541-8427.

Danú: Hallamór Concert #1

Returning to Milwaukee after two very successful appearances at Irish Fest (2000 and 2001), we are extremely pleased to be able to begin the Hallamór Concert Series* with Danú. The septet based in County Waterford is one of the hottest bands playing Irish Tradtional Music today. They were recently named the Best Band of 2001 by the BBC Radio. This is a concert not to be missed.

As good as Danú already is, the band is bound to get even better, for its seven talented musicians are all under thirty. And in that sense, the most appealing aspect of the group's first U.S. release, "Think Before You Think" is that they have just begun that upward climb of their career. Follow along!

DANÚ in Concert
8 PM Friday, September 28, 2001;
tickets: $15 advance; $17 door
Irish Cultural and Heritage Center
2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. - Milwaukee
(414) 345-8800

*The deadline for enrollment in the Hallamór Subscription Series has been extended to September 15, 2001. (Danú, Cherish the Ladies, Aoife Clancy, RéMór, Connie Dover & Roger Landes, and Altan). For season ticket or individual concert information, please call the ICHC at (414) 345-8800.

Hallamor Concert #2 will feature Cherish the Ladies on Friday, October 26, $17 advance tickets, $19 at the door.

- Gwen Sisk

Learn Set Dancing This Fall!

Interested in dancing to the traditional music heard at Irish Fest in an adult, social setting? The Milwaukee Set Dance Club will be presenting two series of four workshops to teach Irish set dances to beginning dancers this autumn.

The first Beginners series will begin on Sunday, September 23, and continue on Sundays through October 21 (with no class October 14th). The focus of these classes will be to teach the basic principles of set dance, as well as a commonly done set dance, the Caledonian.

The next stage of the Beginners series will be offered on Sundays beginning October 28 through November 18. These classes will continue with building set dancing skills. Participants will also learn another set dance, the Corofin Plain.

The workshops will be taught by experienced local set dancers. It is not necessary to bring a partner, but it is recommended that smooth-soled shoes and comfortable clothing be worn.

Both series will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center, 2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. Parking is available in lots behind the Center; enter via the alley off 23rd St.

Advance registration is suggested. The class fee for a series of four classes is $20, payable in advance or at the door. For more information, call Julie Puhek at 414-321-3521 or send an e-mail to jpuhek23@

New Members

DANE Co. - Allan Christianson; Mary Lynch McCann.

MILWAUKEE - Jack and Sue Suit; Timothy, Christine, Patrick, Jillian O'Keefe.


June: 39 memberships up for renewal, 30 paid, 9 dropped for non-payment of dues.

July: 31 memberships up for renewal, 19 paid to date, 12 due.

August: 96 memberships up for renewal, 38 paid to date, 58 due.





The name of the Corporation is the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc., and may be referred to in the Bylaws as the Club. It is a Wisconsin Corporation under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin statutes without stock and not for profit. The period of existence shall be perpetual. Any other Irish Club may organize within the State of Wisconsin under these bylaws provided they notify the registered agent of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. of doing so within thirty (30) days.


The purpose of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. is to bring about the association of individuals of Irish descent or relationship, in whole or in part, for the purpose of conducting social, educational and benevolent activities of all kinds, including the conducting of meetings, conducting forums and research into Irish culture, providing scholarship funds for the study of Irish music, dance, and humanities, presentation of Irish culture to the community at large, promoting travel to Ireland and the pursuit of cultural advancement of the Irish through cooperative means with local government and institutional organizations.


    A. Membership shall be open to all persons aged eighteen years or over who are of Irish descent either in whole or in part, by relationship through marriage, or by a sincere interest in the purposes of this Club. The board of directors shall have final authority regarding the acceptance of memberships.

    B. Categories of membership:

      1. Single - individual membership

      2. Family - members of an immediate family residing in the same household.

    C. The membership of any person whose misconduct reflects upon the good name of the Club, or who uses Club property without authorization, may be revoked by a two-thirds vote of the board of directors.


Dues shall be set annually during the budget process. Dues are renewable annually and become the property of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. and will not be refunded if a member should leave the Club. There shall be no initiation fee for the Club.


    A. There shall be a minimum of twelve meetings per year.

    B. Business meetings for the general membership shall be held on the first Thursday of each month.

    C. The board of directors shall establish the location of the meetings and is authorized to change the dates if needed.

    D. Special meetings may be called by the president after consultation with at least seven (7) members of the board.

    E. A quorum for the general membership business meetings shall be twenty-five (25) members in good standing, and not less than three elected officers or directors.


    A. The officers of the Club shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

    B. Term of office: The term of office for all officers will be one year, beginning on July first.

    C. Succession: All officers, except treasurer, may be re-elected for only one succeeding term. The treasurer may be re-elected for an unlimited number of terms.

    D. Duties of the officers:

      1. The president shall be the chief executive and chairman of the board of directors of the Club. The president shall preside at all meetings of the Club and its board of directors; shall be an ex-officio member of every committee; shall fill vacancies on the board of directors with the approval of the board; shall appoint such Activities chairpersons or ad hoc committee chairpersons as are needed or appropriate, and shall have the authority to remove them, with board approval; shall be empowered to co-sign Club checks; shall cooperate with all adopted recommendations of the audit committee; shall write a monthly article for the Club publication, and such other articles as appropriate for the good of the Club; may conduct board votes by poll, with a full report at the next board of directors meeting; shall call for nominations at the March and April membership meetings; shall submit a written year-end report to the board of directors at the May meeting of the board.

      2. The vice-president shall, during the term of office, become familiar with the duties of the office of president. In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice-president shall become the president. The vice-president shall serve as program chair; shall be empowered to co-sign Club checks in the absence of the president; shall preside over meetings in the absence of the president.

      3. The secretary shall act as secretary at all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors; shall keep in permanent form a record of all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors; shall read all voted resolutions at general membership meetings; shall duplicate a copy of the minutes for distribution at the next board meeting; shall have available at each general meeting, a copy of all minutes of all meetings from the previous twelve months; shall provide a listing of the current board members with dates of terms, to be available for members at any general meeting; shall conduct such correspondence as shall be authorized by the board of directors or requested by the president; shall notify the Secretary of State of the State of Wisconsin, any changes in the Corporation's registered agent or address.

      4. The treasurer shall collect, receive, accurately record, and have charge of all dues and funds of the Club; shall deposit such funds in a bank or investment firm approved by the board of directors; have accounts audited at the end of the fiscal year; submit the auditor's report at the September board meeting; report the financial condition of the Club at meetings of the board of directors and of the membership; shall submit a monthly register of expenditures and income to the board, available also to the general membership; shall report any disbursement of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) or more to the general membership at the next meeting; shall pay all authorized obligations of the Club by check; shall submit a written summary of financial condition and operations in a semi-annual report to the board of directors at the February and August board meetings; shall chair the finance committee and present its proposed budget at the May board meeting.


    A. The Board of directors shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, the immediate past president; three trustees; parliamentarian; sergeant-at-arms; and membership chair.

    B. Duties of the board of directors. The board shall: be vested with the charge of all properties and funds; perform all acts and functions consistent with the bylaws of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc.; represent the Club between regular or special meetings of the membership. All business transacted by the board in the interests of the Club shall be reported to the membership in the board minutes and/or reports given at the general membership meetings.

    C. Non-officer board members, duties

      1. Trustees

      Audit the fiscal year-end report of the treasurer, as part of the audit committee; the most senior trustee shall be a member of the finance committee; shall solicit biographical information from candidates and prepare for publication in the Emerald Reflections; shall conduct the election of officers and directors at the May meeting of the general membership, by ballot; shall perform duties as associated with the office of a board member.

      2. Parliamentarian

      Shall interpret the bylaws; supervise the parliamentary procedure at business meetings; shall furnish a copy of the Club bylaws to all incoming board members; shall have a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised at all meetings; shall serve as chair of the bylaws committee; shall perform duties as associated with the office of a board member.

      3. Sergeant-at-Arms

      Shall prepare the meeting room and maintain order at meetings; be responsible for refreshments at general membership meetings; arrange for a raffle to be held at general membership meeting; shall act as custodian of the Club's physical assets; be aware of the use, sale, dispersal, location and physical inventory of such assets, maintaining a property list, and reporting any discrepancies in the list to the board; shall perform duties associated with the office of a board member.

      4. Membership chairperson

      Shall maintain a supply of membership forms approved by the board; shall issue membership cards to new members; shall receive new member applications, and shall maintain a current list of member names, addresses, all pertinent telephone numbers, date of joining the Club and areas of service potential; shall provide the president with the current membership list during the months of June and December; shall provide Activities chairpersons with a member name and telephone list, with an indication (coding) of service potential and date of joining the Club; shall perform duties associated with the office of a board member.

      5. Immediate past president

      Shall serve on the finance committee; shall serve as advisor to the president on items of continuity and history of Club governance; shall remain on the board until the succeeding president leaves that office; shall perform duties associated with the office of a board member.

    D. Meetings of the board of directors: the board shall meet on the last Thursday of the month, unless changed by the board; seven members of the board shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the board; the board meetings held during May and June are to include the current board, plus newly elected board members who will have no vote at those meetings.

    E. Term of office for positions other than officers. All terms begin on July first.

      1. Trustees: Three trustees shall be elected, one per year over three years, to serve a term of three years each. They may be re-elected to that office after a break of at least one year.

      2. Other directors: The positions of parliamentarian, sergeant-at-arms and membership chair shall be for a term of one year. With the exception of the membership chair, they may be re-elected to the same office only once. The membership chair may be re-elected for an unlimited number of terms.


    A. Activity chairpersons are appointed by the president; they serve until removed by the president, or by resignation. Activities may include, but are not limited to: St. Patrick's Day parade, post-parade party, and dinner dance; Irish Fest coordinator, food booth, sales booth and cultural booth; golf outing, Bradley Center coordinator; installation of officers.

    B. Duties of Activity Chairs: Shall submit a written budget request to the finance committee, along with a short plan for the expenditures; all financial obligations that are incurred by a specific Activity chair or committee, must be paid by the treasurer upon submission of the proper invoice for the activity by the Activity chair; any expenditures more than $300 (three hundred dollars) over the budgeted amount for that activity, must have approval of the board of directors prior to obligating the expense; make an initial report and periodic progress reports to the president; submit a written report within sixty (60) days following the activity, detailing expenditures and receipts, operational procedures, problems encountered, recommendations for the future. A copy of the report should be prepared for each board member.


    A. Audit Committee

      1. Duties: Shall audit the treasurer fiscal year-end report; a written audit report shall be presented to the board of directors no later than the September board meeting. It shall include recommendations on the proper control, and division of responsibility, in the handling of the Club's receipts and disbursements, as deemed necessary and proper.

      2. Composition: Shall be composed of the three trustees, and at least two Club members selected by the general membership at the June meeting. The chair shall be the senior trustee. The term of the committee will end with acceptance for the audit report by the board.

    B. Publication Editor

      1. Responsible for the monthly publication of "The Emerald Reflections," the only official publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. All Clubs are encouraged to use this publication as their main communications. No limits are implied on the amount of material submitted, except at the discretion of the editor or the final approval of the president, if necessary.

      2. All members shall receive a subscription to the "Emerald Reflections" as part of their dues payment.

      3. Shall accept paid advertising on an annual or per issue basis.

    C. Bylaws Committee

      1. Duties: Conduct a bi-annual review of the bylaws and consider changes according to the articles in these bylaws. The review shall commence with each new term of parliamentarian. The final disposition of any amendments to the bylaws shall be concluded within the parliamentarian's term of office; present proposed changes to the board of directors prior to publication in the "Emerald Reflections."

      2. Composition: Shall consist of at least five members including the parliamentarian who shall serve as chair; the committee shall serve a term of one year to coincide with the term of parliamentarian.

    D. Finance Committee

      1. Duties: Prepare a budget of estimated receipts and expenditures for the coming fiscal year; obtain budget requests from various activity and committee chairs and officers. If no request is received, estimate a figure based on past experience as reflected in the treasurer's twelve-month annual report; present the proposed annual budget to the board of directors at its May meeting.

      2. Composition: Shall consist of six members, including the senior trustee, Club president, two Club members at large, the treasurer who shall be chair, and the immediate past president; the term of office will end upon approval of the budget by the board.


    A. Nominations of officers and directors. All nominees must be members of the Shamrock Club.

      1. Must be made in person by a member at the March or April general membership meeting.

      2. The nominee must be present at the March or April meeting to accept the nomination in person.

      3. The candidates shall be announced at the April meeting and shall be listed in the May issue of the Club publication with a short biography.

      4. A trustee must resign before accepting another nomination to the board.

    B. Nominations for Irishman of the Year, Irish Rose, and Parade Marshal.

      1. Must be made in writing by a member of the Shamrock Club.

      2. Must be submitted prior to the January board meeting when voting will occur; a deadline date for nominations will be announced by the president.

      3. All nominees must be members of the Shamrock Club.

    C. Election of Officers and Directors

      1. Shall be conducted by the trustees at the May meeting of the membership, by ballot.

      2. A single member shall have one vote. A family membership will be allowed two votes as follows: one must be an adult 18 years or older; the second may be any other immediate family member at least 16 years old, residing in the same household.

      3. Absentee voting is not permitted.

      4. In case of a tie, there will be an immediate election for the contested office.

    D. Election of Irishman of the Year, Irish Rose, and Parade Marshal.

    Shall be conducted prior to the February membership meeting, by the board of directors. Announcement of the winners will be at the February general membership meeting.


The fiscal year shall be July 1 to June 30.


The rules contained in the current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised" shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Club may adopt. A copy of said book shall be furnished by the Club and must be present at all meetings.


Proposed changes to the bylaws shall be submitted to the bylaws committee.

    A. After consideration by the committee, the proposed changes shall be presented to the board of directors for consideration.

    B. The proposed changes, approved by either the committee or the board, will be published in the Club publication, with any indication of the committee's and the board's recommendations. The publication date will be approximately thirty (30) days before the presentation for a vote of the members present at a general meeting, for approval. Upon approval of bylaws changes or revision, the new articles are in effect at once.


    A. Purposes:

      1. To foster and encourage the exchange of ideas and information among the various Clubs.

      2. To promote, coordinate and participate in programs and projects of mutual concern.

      3. To assist in the formation of new Clubs.

    B. Composition

      1. To be composed of members of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc.

      2. Shall be advisory in nature.

      3. Any business transacted by the Advisory Board will be subject to the approval of the board of directors of each Club, and a majority of its members in attendance at a regular membership meeting.

Footnote for informational purposes: This is not a part of the bylaws: The Registered Agent for the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. is William O'Boyle, 8355 S. 76th Street, Franklin, Wisconsin 53132.