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Emerald Reflections Online

Table of Contents - July 2001

You are viewing the electronic version of Emerald Reflections,
the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

From Carlow to the Little Big Horn

Milwaukee President's Message 

Dane County Shamrock Club

Dane County Chapter Bylaw Revisions

Fox Cities Shamrock Club

South Central Shamrock Club

Shamrock Club of Rock County

Notice to All Chapters

Shamrock Club Needs Irish Fest Volunteers

State Advisory Meeting

Color Guard, Pipes and Drums

Milwaukee's Installation Dinner

And the Raffle Winners Are...

Welcome New Members

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin Annual Golf Outing

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

Wisconsin Calendar of Events

From Carlow to the Little Big Horn

Sleep soldier!
Still in honored rest
Your truth and valor wearing
The bravest are the tenderest
The loving are the daring.

    - Myles Keogh's Epitaph.

In March 1860, Pope Pius IX called upon the Catholic men of Ireland and other countries to join the ranks of the newly formed Papal Army. Over 1,400 Irishmen answered the call, including a young Carlowman, Myles Keogh. The Italian peninsula was in the midst of a rebellion, with the nationalistic armies of Guiseppe Garibaldi and Victor Emmanuelle clashing with the Pope. On September 18, the main body of the 18,000-man Papal Army was defeated in the battle of Castelfidardo, and forces from land and sea soon besieged the city of Ancona. The inevitable capitulation by the Papal defenders came on September 29, 1860.

Following a brief incarceration Myles Keogh and 45 Irish comrades traveled to Rome, where at the invitation of Pius IX they joined the Papal Guard as the green-uniformed "Company of Saint Patrick." The dashing young lieutenant now sported two medals for valor, the Pro Petri Sede and Ordine di San Gregorio. Keogh, only 20 years of age, still had the urge to do battle. This desire would bring him to the fields of America, where the Civil War was in its early years.

Secretary of State William H. Seward began seeking experienced European officers to serve the Union. He asked the colorful and often controversial Archbishop of New York, John Hughes, to help in his search. Hughes traveled to Italy to recruit veterans of the Papal War and Myles Keogh was soon to find himself in battle.

Keogh was commissioned as Captain, and distinguished himself in the Shenandoah Valley campaign and was subsequently transferred to the army of John Buford, who declared he was the type of officer he wanted, "a dashing, gallant and daring soldier." Keogh would distinguish himself at the Battle of Gettysburg, where he would be promoted to the rank of Major. After the death of General Buford in November of 1863, the grief-stricken Keogh would be transferred to William Sherman's army, and served under George Stoneman in the mounted corps.

While serving as Stoneman's Chief of Staff, he accompanied the general on an attempt to free Union prisoners held at the infamous Andersonville prison camp in Georgia. Both Stoneman and his aide were shot off their horses, and captured. Keogh was released in a prisoner exchange, an act that would forever generate gratitude towards General Sherman. In a letter to his sister Ellen in Ireland, Keogh wrote he was happy to be thought so highly by Sherman to be exchanged.

Keogh went on to distinguish himself in a series of attacks and raids in Virginia and North Carolina. He was promoted to brevet rank of lieutenant colonel. He received his sought after commission into the Regular army after the war ended.

Keogh was sent to the West and was assigned to the newly formed Seventh Cavalry, under the command of General George Custer. The attack and hide aspect of the Indian Wars drove Keogh mad. He felt that it was useless to try to contain the activities of the Native Americans.

Custer and Keogh were not close, and often were not even in proximity to each other during many of the exploits that brought Custer fame. Custer told his wife that he thought that Keogh was "absurd", but would rather have him around than others. Keogh was often assigned to tasks such as guarding the Boundary Survey along the Canadian border or serving in the South during Reconstruction.

Keogh was in Ireland during Custer's first incursion into the Black Hills in 1874. It was during this trip that he would be deeded the Castle of Clifden in County Kilkenny by his aunt, Mary Blanchfield. Keogh was one of 12 children, including eight sisters. He was often the sole support of these women in Ireland, and his isolation often led to bouts of melancholy. After his return in the summer of 1875, he was hospitalized for his damaged knee and ankle, as well as for the "fever" he acquired during his time in prison.

In 1876, Keogh acquired a sense of impending doom. He wrote wills, took out $10,000 in life insurance, and made provisions that his papers would he destroyed after his death. He also made burial arrangements. On June 25, he rode with Custer to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Keogh and his men died during the battle, and his body was found surrounded by the dead troops of Company I. Keogh's body was not mutilated by the Sioux, most likely because he was wearing his Agnus Dei, or Lamb of God, medal, a legacy of his service in the Papal Guards.

Myles Keogh set out for a life of adventure and excitement. At the time of his death, he was 36 years old. He had fought on two continents, against three diversely different foes, and had always acquitted himself with honor and dignity.

- Brian Witt

Milwaukee President's Message


It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as your president for these past two years. This important and difficult job was made easier by the help and support of the Board. They are a group of hard-working individuals who has accomplished many tasks that will serve to benefit this Club for years to come. This year's election gives the Shamrock Club another fine Board.

With the fine cooperation of the weather, Irish Fest 2000 was successful. The sales booth was highly profitable. Sales Booth Chairperson Noreen Barclay secured a good line of merchandise. Tom Smith's membership drive successfully netted 54 new memberships. Mary McAndrews provided a cultural display that proved quite interesting.

In the past the Golf Outing has been a "break even" event. However, the past few years have turned the tide and brought a profit, including $203 for the last year. The dinner was good and all the golfers enjoyed themselves. This is a fun time and annually golfers are encouraged to participate. Everyone, including guests and golfers went home with a gift. Tom Tibbals and Richard Stover are to be commended on the fine job they did. Thank you.

The Irish Vice-Consul swore in the 2000-01 Board of Directors. It was her last appearance in Milwaukee as her term of duty in the United States is ending. We were honored and grateful for her active participation in this event.

Joe Hughes was appointed as co-chairman of the picnic. He brought a lot of new ideas with him that bolstered attendance figures. This year we will improve on it with more curlers and rides from the field to the picnic area, as well as the usual free refreshments.

The Bylaws Committee, headed by Tom Blaha, met several times and two new bylaws were accepted by the membership. The new bylaws are:

Article X, Sect. A, #4. A Trustee must resign before accepting another nomination to the Board.

Article X, Paragraph C, #4. In case of a tie, there will be an immediate election for the contested office.

Holiday Folk Fair continues to be successful at State Fair Park. Several glitches were worked out and more people were pleased with the outcome.

The ever-present problem of getting the necessary managerial staff for help in the food booth was resolved when Pete Dundon asked for two (2) additional people to assist. Joe Hughes volunteered to fill this need on Friday, Jean Cardwell and Sue Dundon volunteered for Saturday, and Fran and Pete handled Sunday. The system worked well. Good thinking, Pete!

Sales and Culture did a great job. Kudos to Noreen Barclay and Mary Mac.

We have some problems with the billing of the ads in Emerald Reflections. Tom Smith has taken over this job and as of this writing, has been getting good results which should mean more money coming in for the ads.

We are further incorporating a new system that we believe will make labeling and mailing Emerald Reflections more efficient. Pat Sadowski has agreed to organize the labels in zip-code order and two other volunteers will put the labels on. Tom Smith will deliver them to the post office temporarily. Mary Glynn will oversee the entire project.

This was the first year that the parade was held on Bluemound Rd. Our worthy directors will take care of the few minor glitches that were experienced. I think that the attendance was great and the weather terrific.

The Color Guard, Pipes and Drums were saddened by the retirement of Chuck McLaughlin. After 20 years and due to personal reasons, he regretfully retired. Much discussion was held by the Color Guard and Jim Dickman elected to be the new leader. We wish both Chuck and Jim good fortune in their new endeavors. The schedule for this season is already in progress. We have 31 scheduled events and have completed 5.

June 16 is Blooms Day and is celebrated on the same day in Ireland, Austria and the U.S. The day is based on James Joyce's Ulysses. The story takes place for one day. People follow the path that Leopold Blooms took during his historic walk. Parts of the path still exist in Dublin. There was a celebration in his honor at the ICHC this past year. Sue Dundon chaired the event.

Jean Cardwell volunteered to put together a cookbook, "Irish, and your favorite recipe." Recipes have been slow in coming to her, but the project is ongoing.

My favorite headache and our biggest fund raiser is the Bradley Center. Final figures are not in at this time, but it could be close to $10,000. We had some very lucrative events this season. We have had several people volunteer to help and still need more. As I have said many times before, it would be a terrible thing if we didn't get more help and therefore were forced to give this valuable fund raiser up.

The Advisory State Board meetings are in place with some bylaws:

1. Elected a chairman and secretary
2. Meet four times a year.

In conclusion and on a personal note, thanks to Gail Williamson for her help and patience with my Friday after-the-meeting reports. Secondly, my family and I would like to say thank you to the entire Club. At the time of my husband's death, we really appreciated your kindness and understanding in our great loss. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to each of you. Thank you.

It may be redundant, but again I really appreciated the opportunity you granted me in allowing me to serve as your president for the past two years. They really were good years for me and I hope for you as well.

My goals for the future of the Club:

The Cookbook becomes a reality

The membership continues to grow and volunteerism with it

"Dress Up" or formal parties for the membership

State Meetings continue to grow and promote unity among the chapters. Including a statewide social activity for all members.

One last time, many Happy Birthdays and anniversaries to you all.

- Cate Harris, President

Dane County


    JULY 10 - Potluck Picnic at the Knights of Columbus

    AUGUST 4-5 - O'Fitchburg Days

    AUGUST 16-19 - Irish Fest at the Henry Meier Festival Grounds, Milwaukee, (Call 414-476-3378).

Is this a first for the Dane County Shamrock Club? We now have co-presidents for this year with Paul Buckalew and Colleen Schams sharing the job. This arrangement was made due to the fact that both travel extensively. This way one or the other will always be available to the membership. Other officers are Vice President Robert Kearns, Secretary Carol Brunet, Treasurer Ed Horkan, Parliamentarian Nelle Murphy and Sgt. at Arms Lee Tvedten.

A review of the job descriptions of all board members will be available at the July 10, 2001 Potluck Picnic at the Knights of Columbus, 5226 Verona Road. The plans for the upcoming year will also be discussed. Membership lists will also be available for any changes you might have.

Please address all information or concerns you may have about the Club to the new co-presidents: Paul Buckalew (608) 271-7626 or Colleen Schams (608) 836-8383. We welcome your ideas and enthusiasm when it comes to planning activities for the Shamrock Club.

- Paul Buckalew and Colleen Schams

Dane County Chapter Bylaw Revisions

A committee consisting of Nelle Murphy, Parliamentarian; Mary Hearn, Past Parliamentarian and Trustee; Barbara Darcey, Past President; and, Barbara Gallenberg, President; reviewed the bylaws and identified areas for proposed changes. At the April board meeting, the board of directors reviewed each article of the bylaws and the proposed changes. They approved the following changes. Nelle Murphy read the proposed changes to the members at the May general membership meeting. Please read the changes as they will be voted upon at the next meeting we have a quorum.

Proposed changes are in italic type:


The purpose is to being about the association of individuals of Irish descent or relationship, in whole or part, for the purpose of....

The purpose is to bring about the association of individuals of Irish descent or relationship, or interest, for the purpose of...


A. There shall be a minimum of ten meetings per year.

A. There shall be a minimum of four meetings per year

B. Business meetings for the general membership shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

B. Business meetings for the general membership shall be held on the second Tuesday.

E. A quorum for the general membership business meeting shall be twenty-five (25) members in good standing and not less than three elected officers or directors.

E. A quorum for the general membership business meeting shall be twenty-five (25) members in good standing, including not less than three elected officers or directors.


C. Succession: All officers, except treasurer, may be re-elected for only one succeeding term. The treasurer may be re-elected for an unlimited number of terms.

C. Succession: All officers may be re-elected for succeeding terms.

D. Duty of Officers:

    4. The treasurer .... shall pay all authorized obligations of the Club by check; shall submit a written summary of financial condition and operations in a semi-annual report to the board of directors at the February and August board meetings; shall present its proposed budget at the September board meeting.

    4. The treasurer .... shall pay all authorized obligations of the Club by check; shall present its proposed budget at the September board meeting.


C. Non-officer board members duties:

    3. Sergeant-at-Arms: Shall prepare the meeting room and maintain order at meetings; be responsible for refreshments at general membership meetings; shall act as custodian of the club's physical assets; ....

    3. Sergeant-at-Arms: Shall prepare the meeting room and maintain order at meetings; shall act as custodian of the Club's physical assets; ....

D. Meetings of the board of directors; The board shall meet monthly, the date and location to be announced by the president; seven (7) members of the board shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the board; the board meetings held during May and June are to include the current board, plus newly elected board members who will have no vote at those meetings.

D. Meetings of the board of directors: The board shall meet, the date and location to be announced by the president; seven (7) members of the board shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the board.

E. Term of office for positions other than officers. All terms begin on July first.

    1. Trustees: Three trustees shall be elected, one per year over three years, to serve a term of three years each. They may be re-elected to that office after a break of at least one year.

    1. Trustees: Three trustees shall be elected, one per year over three years, to serve a term of three years each.

    2. Other directors: The parliamentarian, membership chairperson and sergeant-at-arms shall be for a term of one year. With the exception of the membership chairperson, they may be re-elected to the same position only once. The membership chairperson may be re-elected for an unlimited number of times.

    2. Other directors: The parliamentarian, membership chairperson and sergeant-at-arms shall be for a term of one year. They may be re-elected.


A. Audit Committee

    2. Composition: Shall be composed of the three trustees, and at least two Club members selected by the general membership at the June meeting. The chair shall be the senior trustee ...

    2. Composition: Shall be composed of the three trustees, and at least two Club members selected by the general membership. The chair shall be the senior trustee ...


B. Election of officers and directors

    1. Shall be conducted by the trustees at the May meeting of the membership by ballot.

    1. Shall be conducted by the trustees at the May meeting of the membership.

Fox Cities


    JULY 25 - Board Meeting, Conkey's in Appleton (all are welcome to attend)

    SEPT. 15 - Steve Hazell in concert, Bubbolz Nature Center, 7:30 p.m.

    SEPT. 17 - Halfway to St. Pat's Dinner/Meeting

    SEPT. 19 - Mark's East Side Halfway to St. Pat's Celebration. Lunch and supper

    OCT. 11-13 - Celtic Women's Conference, ICHC, Milwaukee. Men are also welcome to attend.

    OCT 26 - Cherish the Ladies at the ICHC, Milwaukee

John and Pat Ashenbrucker (our 2001 Irishman and Rose) toured Ireland recently. It had been 31 years since their last trip there. Included in their tour was Avoca, where Ballykissangel is filmed. The weather cooperated with only one day of "soft" weather. They missed the delayed St. Patrick's parade by just days.

Remember to watch your renewal month on your address label and mail to our P.O. Box 1632, Appleton, WI 54912-1632.

- Elaine Hoes (920) 733-5254

South Central

Our end of the year meeting was held at Longley's, in Reedsburg, with about 25 people in attendance. Following a social hour and a lovely dinner enjoyed by all, our meeting was called to order by our president, Bill Wilde. A report was given about our St. Patrick's party, the treasurer gave her report too. The winner of our raffle plans to take a trip to Ireland, later this summer. Our raffle seems to be a good money maker. Chairman for the nomination committee was called on to present the slate of officers for the year 2001-2002. They are:

President: John Gavin
Vice President: John Delmore
Secretary: Jolene Crowley
Treasurer: Rose Lee

President Wilde called for nominations from the floor, hearing none a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers present. All were duly elected.

Our president next suggested there be a person to write the article for Emerald Reflections. A volunteer for this position was accepted immediately.

Mike and Alice Hickey gave a very informative report on their recent trip to Ireland. They were accompanied by their daughter, son in-law, as well as Alice's sister and husband. There was a great display of all their photos.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall.

- Mary Stieve, Reporter

Rock County


    JULY - No Meeting

    AUGUST 21 - Annual Club Picnic at Sweet-Allyn Park in Shoppire; 5-8 p.m.

    SEPT. 18 - General Membership meeting, 7:30 p.m.

Our club picnic will be a potluck supper, bring your own table service and beverage and a dish to pass so come early and enjoy visiting with all of the other members and enjoy a great meal. We will eat at 6 p.m. Your guests are always welcome at any of our functions. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Kay Mackey will make coffee for the picnic.

We had the election of officers at our may meeting and the officers for the coming year are:

President: Marge Reed
Vice-President: Barb Finnegan
Secretary: Rosie Hughes
Treasurer: Kaye McCann
Sgt. at Arms: Jim Mackey
Parliamentarian: Dave Bickle
Trustee 3yrs: Tom Brien
Trustee 2yrs: Fran Brien
Trustee 1yr: Gene Sheppard
Membership Chair: Mary Bickle

We hope to see all of you at the picnic on August 21st!

- Tom Kennedy

To All Chapters:

"Return Service Requested" will be removed from Emerald Reflections' mailing page. There have been too many returned to Milwaukee. It will now be up to individual members to let their membership chairperson know if they are moving or going on vacation. Milwaukee will not be responsible for change of address or "Temporarily Away" returns. Any questions, call Tom Smith (414) 384-4119. Thank you.

- Tom Smith

Shamrock Club Needs Irish Fest Volunteers

Are you interested in working at the Shamrock Club table in the culture tent at Irish Fest (the sit down job!!)? If so, call Mary McAndrews at (414) 276-8779.

State Advisory Meeting

The next state advisory committee meeting for the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin is scheduled for Saturday, August 18 in Milwaukee. More specific information as to time and place will appear in the August Emerald Reflections.

Color Guard, Pipes and Drums

The Shamrock Club Color Guard, Pipes and Drums would like to thank Chuck McLaughlin for his many years of service and his dedication to representing the Irish.

Our parade season is well underway. In July we'll be in: East Troy and Hartland (1st); Menomonee Falls (3rd); Greenfield and Greendale (4th); South Shore Water Frolics (14th); South Milwaukee Heritage Days (28th); and Random Lake July 29th.

As they say "everyone loves a parade", we'd love to have you cheer us on or come join the fun and help by carrying the banner, we always need help. We are also looking for people to become part of the Color Guard or Pipes and Drums (for those with a musical interest). You're never too old to start, we have members from the age of 10 to 70 and everywhere in between. Everyone is welcome.

For further information call: Jim Dickmann, Director; Shamrock Club Color Guard, Pipes and Drums; (262) 377-2601.


July 5, 2001
Derry Hegarty's Pub - 5328 W. Bluemound Rd.

Dinner 6:30 p.m. Installation 8 p.m.
This year's event will be a buffet dinner
Cash Bar

Join in a fun evening to say thank you to the Milwaukee officers
who served during 2000 and to welcome the new Board for 2001

State Senator Brian Burke will administer the oaths of office

$13 per person

Call: Beth Brzycki (414) 321-0958
Reservation Deadline: June 22, 2001

Installation Dinner Reservation

Please include the following information:

Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
No. of Reservations $13 @____________
Total Amount Enclosed $_____________

Please make checks payable to the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

Mail to: Beth Brzycki, 3373 S. 84th St., Apt. #101,
Milwaukee, WI 53227 by June 22, 2001

And the Winners Are:

The annual Parade Raffle was held on April 5. The lucky winners were as follows: 1st ($1,000 or a trip to Ireland) Evelyn Behrs, Milwaukee; 2nd ($250) Sue Roth, West Bend; 3rd ($100) Gloria Chvosta, Hubertus; 4th ($50) Mary Jo Hansen, Grafton; 5th, 6th, 7th ($25 @) Celeste Jalosky, Milwaukee, Jim Malte, Wauwatosa, Mike Payne, West Allis.

New Members

DANE CO. - Denis and Mary Leonard.

MILWAUKEE - Rita Conway; Megan O'Driscoll; Kathleen Hruz; Sue and Mike Finley (referred by Jack Finley and ICHC). Milwaukee welcomes back: Margaret Callahan; Kathleen Jasinski; Don and Dottie Murphy; Colin and Catherine Sennott. The Milwaukee Chapter of the Shamrock Club would like to thank the Sennott family for their generous donation to the chapter.

NEW DUBLIN - Dave and Deb Sarna.


April: 59 memberships up for renewal, 43 paid, 6 dropped for non-renewal.

May: 34 memberships up for renewal, 27 paid to date, 1 deceased, 6 due.

June: 38 memberships up for renewal, 10 paid to date, 28 due.

golf outing

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Lakeside Country Club, Pewaukee

(Hwy. 16 West to Co. Trunk KE, South to Golf Course)

Individual Awards - for longest Drive, Longest Putt,
Closest to the Pin - for MEN AND WOMEN!

(One Individual winner per award)

Door Prizes, "Money Hole" and Putting Contest

Golf will begin at 1 P.M.

Carts available at $7 per person at Lakeside Golf Shop.

Club rentals available at $5 per person at Lakeside Golf Shop.

Pull Carts available for $1 at Lakeside Golf Shop.

Cocktail Hour: 4:30-6:00 - Buffet Dinner: 6:00-7:00
AWARDS to be presented during dinner.


Please list the names in your party who will play golf; who will play golf and have dinner; and who want dinner only.


Name 1:________

Name 2:________

Name 3:________

Name 4:________

Please list preferred Tee Times.
We will do the best we can to accommodate your requests.

(1)_____ (2)_____ (3)_____ (4)_____

No.______ @ $32 each=_________



Name 1:________

Name 2:________

Name 3:________

Namd 4:________

Please list preferred Tee Times.
We will do the best we can to accommodate your requests.

(1)_____ (2)_____ (3)_____ (4)_____

No.______ @ $16 each=__________



Name 1:________

Name 2:________

Name 3:________

Name 4:________

No.______ @ $16 each=___________





(No "AT DOOR" payments / registration on day of event can be permitted, except for "Dinner Only" - Cost $20.)


Make all checks payable to the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin.

Send your completed registration to

Tom Tibbals, 5761 N. 81st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53218.

Please call (414) 462-4673 if you have any questions.

**Please include daytime (______)______________________ and nighttime (______)______________________telephone numbers.

(You will be notified of your Tee Time August 19-22)