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Table of Contents - March 2001

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Pelagius and Irish Monks

State Wide Meeting Minutes - December 9, 2000

Shamrock Club of Lafayette County

Shamrock Club of New Dublin News

Fox Cities Shamrock Club

Shamrock Club of Rock County

Marjorie Reed is Rock County Irish Person of the Year

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Dane County Irish Person of the Year - Eamon A. O'Brien

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Ulster Project Fund Raiser

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Craobh Rua in Concert

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Milwaukee Public Museum Highlights St. Patrick's Day

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10th Annual Monster Irish Ceili and Set Dance

Irish Night for Literacy to Benefit Racine Literacy Council

Door County Parade

Milwaukee Chapter Yearly Calendar of Scheduled Constitutional Activities

Schooner Fare in Concert

Welcome New Members / Milwaukee Membership Report

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

Wisconsin Calendar of Events

Pelagius and Irish Monks

by Brian Witt

The story of Celtic Christianity goes back a long way, prior to the arrival of Patrick into Ireland. Ireland had already acquired a number of converts to the faith that predated the greatest of Irish saints.

The early Irish monastics helped establish the new theology on the island early on. Their religion was almost more Druidic than Christian. Knowledge and teaching were valuable assets for these men and women of learning. Internal battle against the temptations of society in general were considered by the Celts to be bordering on the heroic. Spirituality was a cornerstone of their beliefs, contrasted by the Roman view of redemption and sin.

One person who put the beliefs of the Celtic Church into writing was Pelagius. Originally from Britain, Pelagius attracted a number of followers while living there between 380 and 410. He held the position that humans were responsible for the good or evil in their lives. He did not believe in original sin. Pelagius also felt that perfection was attainable by both society and individual, and would come from internal means, rather than external. He also believed that perfection was the responsibility of each individual.

This position clashed with the hard held beliefs of Augustine of Hippo, a leading authority on Church doctrine. Augustine believed in original sin, and that man could only overcome original sin through the grace and intervention of God. (Part of this belief may have originated in Augustine's hedonistic life style as a young man. One of the better known quotes from Augustine was "God, please make me chaste, but not immediately".)

Pelagius published a book entitled "On Faith", which espoused the Celtic beliefs of self-reliance and perfection. However, Augustine and his followers denounced Pelagius as a heretic. In 410 in an act of defiance, Pelagius moved to an area outside the city of Hippo, where Augustine was the bishop. Outraged by this outright brazenness, the African convened the Council of Carthage to charge Pelagius as a heretic, and to have his teachings banned. Pelagius thought best of staying in Africa, and moved on to Jerusalem, where he helped to convene a Synod that overturned the Council of Carthage.

Pelagius disappeared from public view shortly thereafter, but his doctrines lingered. However, in 494, Pope Gelasias I placed the book "On Faith" on the list of forbidden books, and declared the teachings to be heresy.

This did not immediately kill the doctrine. Irish monks were the strongest group of proselytizers in Europe. They were valued for their knowledge and ability to educate, and the sense of order they brought to the many German courts. The Irish were not about to let their beliefs die. The Celtic, Pelagian belief held sway in those areas of Europe where the monks were strong. Central Europe was a hotbed of this controversial, very Celtic concept.

The Celtic monks taught that it was the individual who was responsible for improving his own spiritual condition, as well as that of others. The Irish rejected the teachings of Augustine, especially the teaching of original sin. They especially objected to the idea that grace and scriptures would eliminate sin, chiefly original sin. This difference would lead them to butt heads with the leaders of the Church, who had accepted original sin as a fundamental basis of the Church.

The doctrine lead to arguments in the ensuing years. St. Jerome attacked Pelagius as "a great mountain dog through who the devil barks". He also slandered him as being full of Irish porridge.

Pelagian doctrine was suppressed and eventually it died out among the Irish and Celtic monks. However, this took many centuries. Even into the twelfth century pockets of Pelagianism existed in central Europe, mostly in areas where the Irish monks had started monasteries and universities many centuries earlier.

This rejection of Celtic spirituality also showed the difference in application of the religion to various cultures. Romanic teachings held that there could be no accommodation to other religions. The Celts were very adaptive and adoptive in their approach to pagan rites. Shape shifters, the worship of trees and rocks, and other ancient rites were all incorporated into Celtic Christianity.

However, as the Church in Rome grew more powerful, the Roman, rather than Celtic teachings became the bedrock of the Church. Partly, this was due to the political power being garnered by the See of Rome. The Irish monks were not political, beyond acquiring land for monasteries and interfering in the lives of the various courts they were counsel to.

Still, for a while in Europe, the ideas and ideals of the Celtic Church held sway.

State Meeting Minutes


Present: Mary Hearn, Barbara Gallenberg (Dane Co.); Dave Holtze, Marian Schnell (LaCrosse); Cate Harris (Milwaukee); Ron McKenzie, Ann McKenzie (Northeast); Tom Kennedy, Marjorie Reed (Rock Co.)

Cate Harris called the meeting to order at Jingles Coliseum Bar (Madison) at 1 p.m.

Officers: The first order of business was to decide on Dave Holtze as Chair, and Ann McKenzie as Secretary/Treasurer of this Advisory Board. They will serve for two years. Dave took over as Chair of the meeting and discussion centered on our Organization efforts.

Constitution: Cate had a copy of the original Articles of Incorporation and Constitution dated 1962 and 1982 of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, now referred to as "Shamrock Club of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Chapter."


Constitution etc: We should appoint a Constitution and Bylaws Committee to establish the representation on and the structure of this advisory board.

Naming of Chapters: It was suggested that all chapters call themselves "Shamrock Club of Wisconsin - (their location) Chapter" to promote unity throughout the state.

Communication: Between chapters should be improved to unite clubs. We will ask all chapters to send a list of officers to Dave. He will compile the list and send to all chapters. Email addresses of those present were collected.

Meeting Frequency: This board will meet four times a year -- in February, May, August and November -- at noon. The year 2001 dates are February 24 in Madison; May 12, August (Irish Fest), November to be determined.

Funding: It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed that we initially ask each chapter for $20 annually to fund our expenses. LaCrosse and Rock County each paid at this meeting.


Emerald Reflections: It was suggested that we go back to our boards to get their feelings on the Milwaukee newsletter. However it was decided to put this subject on hold until we, as a Board, have established credibility.

Dues: Each chapter has own way of renewing their memberships. Some do it over all months of the year and some do it annually in October.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

-- Ann McKenzie, Secretary/Treasurer

To All Chapters

From January's Emerald Reflections to the first week in February we have had 40 Reflections returned, with the largest number being marked "Temporarily Away". The Temporarily Away have been taken off the mailing list until they return and let their membership chairperson know they are back. The Post Office will not forward Reflections and we are charged anywhere from 55 cents and up to 85 cents for each return. Please let the people know. This is very expensive.

Thank you

-Tom Smith

New Members

DANE CO. - Pamela O'Brien; Candy Owens.

LaCROSSE - Laurie Andrzejewski.

MILWAUKEE - Denis Grimes; Judith and Dennis Hankine; Jean L. Harmon; Paul McTaggart; Kerry-Jo Vogl.


•December: 29 memberships up for renewal, 17 paid, 12 dropped for non-renewal.

•January: 25 memberships up for renewal, 17 paid to date, 8 due.

•February: 33 memberships up for renewal, 2 paid to date, 31 due.

Lafayette County

The Shamrock Club of Lafayette County has had a fun filled year 2000 attending and participating in area parades. We have several floats that we entered at Twin-o-Rama at Cassville, Canoe Fest at Darlington, July 4th Parade at Shullsburg, Labor Day Celebration in Gratiot, and the Cheese Days Parade in Monroe. The crowds were thrilled with our own Irish Dancers on the floats. These young people traveled to Dubuque for lessons and we are very proud of them.

Officers for 2000-01 are: President Sara Lange (Darlington), Vice President Jerry Leahy (Shullsburg), Secretary Patti Leahy (Shullsburg), Treasurer Rachel Suthers (Darlington), Sergeant-of-Arms James Curran (Browntown), Historian Liz Barth (Darlington), and Membership Chair Bev Mulcahey (Darlington).

The Shamrock Club of Lafayette County held its Annual Christmas Party at the Darlington County Club on Sunday, December 3, 2000. At that time our Irish Rose and Irishman for 2001, Bea Thuli and Jason Donahue were announced. In attendance at the Christmas Party was Father Kelly, pastor of Holy Rosary in Darlington.

We are preparing for our annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Raffle tickets were distributed among members to sell for the annual fund raiser. The members plan to participate in the Monroe St. Patrick's Day Parade at noon and Darlington's St. Patrick's at 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 17, 2001.

- Submitted by: Patti Leahy, Secretary

New Dublin News


•Jan. 8 to Mar. 12 - St. Patrick's Day committee meetings each Monday 7 p.m., Sommer's

•Mar. 6 - Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Sommer's

•Mar. 6 - General Membership Meeting, 7 p.m., Sommer's

•Mar. 14 - St. Patrick's Program, 7 p.m., New Dublin Sr. High Aud. (Use South Entrance)

•Mar. 15 - Irish Caroling, 5:30 p.m., St. Joseph's Residence

•Mar. 16 - Ceili, 7:00 p.m., Crystal Falls Featuring "Flip of the Coin" and John Ahearn doing the dance calling. Donations accepted at the door.

•Mar. 17 - Irishfest under the Big Top Tent, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., F & M Bank, featuring Leahy's Luck, Flip of the Coin, Irish dance groups, Pipe Bands. ($1 admission)

•Mar. 17 - Parade (Wisconsin's largest) 1:30 p.m., Downtown New Dublin

The Shamrock Club of New Dublin has selected Terry Cooney as Irishman of the Year and Joan Conroy as Irish Rose for 2001. In depth profiles of these long standing members will be presented in next month's article.

We desperately need volunteers for all our festivities. To donate your time or talent, please call any of the following Shamrock Club Hot Lines:

(920) 982-3891, 982-5892, 982-6969, 982-9955, 982-4366, 982-3282

Or e-mail to:

For more info on what's happening in New Dublin please visit our web site: dublin/index.html

- Dick Murphy

Fox Cities


•No Business Meeting in March

•Mar. 3 - Mike and Karen Cove at Trilogy in Greenville

•Mar. 12 - Mark's East Side - St. Patrick's celebration: 6 p.m. Cocktails; 6:30 p.m. Dinner (corned beef and cabbage); 7:30 p.m. Mike and Karen Cover play Irish music. Call 733-5254 for tickets ($15) includes dinner, entertainment and door prizes. You may also purchase your tickets at Mystic Ireland on College Ave. west of the Paper Valley Hotel.

•Mar. 16 - St. Patrick's celebration at Trilogy in Greenville with Druid's Table.

•Mar. 17 - In the Fox Valley Area: New Dublin (London) largest parade north of Milwaukee. Druid's Table performs at Germania Hall, Menasha. Celtic Knot performs at Naut's Landing, Menasha. Van Abel's, Town of Holland.

•Mar. 28 - Board Mtg - Conkey's 7 p.m.

•Mar. 31 - Celtic Knot at Trilogy

Remember to call the Breadsmith in Appleton on Friday, March 16 to order your traditional Irish Soda Bread for the 17th.

Send your membership renewals to P.O. Box 1632, Appleton, WI 54912-1632.

- Elaine Hoes (920) 733-5254

Rock County


No Meeting in March

•March 11 - Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Beloit, 1 p.m.

•April 17 - General Membership Meeting, 7:30 p.m.

Our Parade Marshal this year will be Mary Hackett, a charter member of the Shamrock Club of Rock County, and she was selected as the Irish Rose in 1981. Mary celebrated her 90th birthday this past October and some of her relatives from Ireland came over to help her celebrate the occasion. Mary was born in County Donegal and came to America when she was 17 years old. You can be sure Mary will not be alone in the parade as she has had her whole family in our parades each year.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our members in the parade and if you can't be in the parade then take your lawn chair and get down there early and get a good seat along the parade route and wave at us as we go by. If you can't get to the parade we will look forward to seeing you at the April meeting.

- Tom Kennedy

Marjorie Reed
Is Rock County
Irish Person of the Year


The Shamrock Club of Rock County has selected Marjorie Madden Reed as our Irish Person of the Year and we offer her our congratulations.

Marjorie was born and raised in Rock County. In 1953 she married James W. Reed and they had five daughters; Ann, Janet, Margaret, Sally and Mary. Now she keeps busy with her four granddaughters and 13 grandsons. Her husband past away in 1968.

Marjorie was employed by the Janesville Public Schools and taught at Washington School for 23 years. She retired six years ago but has continued teaching summer school and in the same classroom in Washington School. She is active in many organizations and in her parish, St. Mary's, where she has taught CCD for many years. Marjorie has been a member of the Shamrock Club since 1982 and is currently the president of our club.

Greater LaCrosse Area

We begin the new millennium with the first man and wife ever elected by our Club to be our Irishman and Irish Rose. Congratulations to Ron and Linda Smith. They have been members for four years and are very active in building our Octoberfest Parade float every year.

We will have our annual St. Patrick's Day Banquet at Forest Hills in their honor on Saturday March 10.

The following articles were prepared by Himself and Herself.

- Fred Smith


Linda and Ron Smith


Ron was born and has spent all his adult life in beautiful "God's Country" (La Crosse area). He is an outgoing, fun loving guy who loves meeting and talking to new people. Ron does have a serious side. Next to his wife, the church, parents, two sons and their wives, and the two greatest grandsons in the world, everything else is secondary. Ron takes great pride in doing for others. He is a long-term employee of the LaCrosse County Housing Authority. In his capacity as property manager for over 230 units, Ron situates low-income elderly, disabled, and low-income families into affordable apartments and houses.

Ron is a member of various groups and organizations. Ron is active in his church's activities and has held numerous offices within the church. Over the past 20 years, he has also held an almost constant office in the LaCrosse Area Motorcycle Touring Club.

Ron enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and travel. Of course, one of his favorite activities is taking part in the LaCrosse Shamrock Club's various functions.


Linda was born Linda Phillips and raised in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She has four sisters and one brother (all older than she is). She married Ron Smith on June 17, 1967. Approximately, one year later, she and Ron moved to Onalaska, Wisconsin. Linda has been employed as a secretary with the School District of Onalaska for the past 20 years. Linda's most enjoyable times are traveling with Ron and their good friends Dennis and Diane, and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Linda says, "I am very honored to serve as the Irish Rose for 2001 and am looking forward to the upcoming events."

Dane County


•March 17 - The Annual Thomas R. Green Memorial Flag Raising Celebration and luncheon to follow

•April 10 - Board Meeting (10:45 a.m.) / Membership Meeting (12p.m.) at Jingles.

•May 8 - Board Meeting (6:15 p.m.) / Membership Meeting (7:30 p.m.) at Jingles.

On March 17 the Annual Thomas R. Green Memorial Flag Raising Celebration will be held on the first floor of the Capitol rotunda from 12 noon to 1 p.m.

For safety reasons, city ordinances do not permit us to meet on the ground floor of the rotunda. Sheila O'Brien is arranging a program of Irish music and dance. Trinity Dancers, Cashel Dennehy Dancers, Zor Shrine Bagpipers, among others will perform. We will even have a sing along.

Following the Flag Raising Celebration, there will be a delicious St. Patrick's Day Luncheon held at Jingle's Coliseum Bar.

You should have received your registration sheet for the luncheon. As Mike O'Brien is offering bus service to and from the Capitol as part of your lunch cost, be sure to send in your reservations, prepaid, by March 10 to Mary Hearn. The bus will leave from Olin Park (across John Nolan from Jingle's) at 11 and 11:30 a.m. for the square. After the Flag Raising, the bus will return to Jingle's for the 2 p.m. luncheon. Please join us as we present the Irish flag and the Irish Person of the Year.

At the April 10 meeting at Jingles members may purchase their own lunch off the menu. Kate Wiskus, a diocesan vocation team member at the Bishop O'Connor Catholic Pastoral Center, will give a presentation on Celtic spirituality. She will explain how Irish connectedness to the land and to images of creation affect the Irish outlook and approach to life. This noon meeting will replace our regularly scheduled 7:30 p.m. meeting.

At our May 8 Meeting Patricia Geyh will explain the available resources for studying Irish genealogy at the Irish Emigration Library located in the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center in Milwaukee. This program is very interesting and helpful for those seeking to trace their Irish roots.

At the January 2001 board meeting, Eamon O'Brien was selected as the Irish Person of the Year. He is very deserving of this great honor. Eamon is a charter member of the Dane County Shamrock Club, serving as its vice-president from 1975-77. In addition, Eamon served as a trustee for three years from 1978-81. Eamon served as membership chairman from 1977-78 and again from 1996 to the present. Recently, Eamon also conducted our two large annual raffles. Besides volunteering to get copies printed, Eamon brings us back gifts from Ireland for our monthly raffle. Rarely missing a board meeting, Eamon's suggestions are very practical and valued. Eamon is very proud of his Irish heritage and is researching his Irish roots. Furthermore, he takes great delight in his two grandsons, Brendan and Shawn, who are Cashel-Dennehy dancers. Even Eamon's van boasts of his Irish pride!

Club members were saddened to hear of the deaths of Shirley Armstrong and Sister Sheila Haskett. Shirley was Irish Person of the Year in 1998 and served on the board as secretary from 1996-97. She played banjo with the Emerald Isle Ceili Band from 1971-97, entertaining our members many times through the years. These wonderful ladies will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Congratulations are due to Mrs. Nelle Murphy, our parliamentarian and long time club member. Pope John Paul II has named Nelle a recipient of the Cross Pro-Ecclesia et Pontifice (Cross for the Church and Pontiff) Award for special service to St. Peter Parish, Madison.

Because the Shamrock Club is not having a raffle or any other fund raiser, membership dues increased as of January 1. A single membership will cost $20, and a family membership will cost $30.

We anticipate a large crowd for our St. Patrick's Day festivities. Guests are always welcome.

- Barbara Gallenberg, President
(608) 271-8660

Dane County Shamrock Club
Irish Person of the Year
Eamon A. O'Brien


Eamon O'Brien was born in Dublin, Ireland. He came to America in 1954. He worked briefly in Elkhorn, Wisconsin before joining the US Air Force. He was stationed in Texas, Iceland and Germany. Upon his discharge in 1957 he stayed in New York City where he met Nora Burke, a native of Belfast. Eamon and Nora came to Madison in 1959, where they were married in St. Bernard's Church. They have four children and are fortunate to have all of them living in the Madison area. Eamon and Nora have three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Eamon worked for the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health and Human Services in Information Technology Management, for 35 years before retiring in 1996.

Mr. O'Brien was a founder of the Dane County Shamrock Club and has held several offices. He is currently the Membership Chairman.

Eamon is also a member of the Badger Stamp Club and the Cottage Grove Lions Club. In 1999 the Lions Clubs International awarded Eamon a Melvin Jones Fellowship, the highest award given by the Lions. He has held many positions in the Lions Club, including president, vice president, trustee and is currently in his seventh year as treasurer. He is also serving as a Zone Chairman for the current year.

Eamon was a board member of the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association in its formative years. He coached youth soccer for many years and was instrumental in bringing soccer to Cottage Grove. He is presently the President of the Madison Celtics Soccer Club.

Eamon O'Brien does our club proud to wear the title - Irish Person of the Year.

Eamon appreciates this opportunity to represent the Shamrock Club and is honored to follow in the footsteps of previous distinguished Irish Persons of the Year.

Eamon will be honored on St. Patrick's Day by the Dane County Shamrock Club at its annual Flag Raising Celebration at the Capitol at noon and at the luncheon at 2 p.m. at Jingles Coliseum Bar.

Milwaukee President's Message

The news we all have been waiting for... the honored people this year are (drum roll) Robert Hamill as our Irishman of the Year, Jean Cardwell with the smiling Irish eyes is our Irish Rose, and the ever popular Derry Hegarty will serve as Parade Marshal, an honor truly deserved this year.

We are all working hard and looking forward to the Holidays of March.

Muriel Crowley starts the month on March 4 at the Museum. The fun filled schedule is in this issue of Emerald Reflections. Please read it and go down and visit. There is something for everyone. Another well done job by Muriel and as always, she is under budget. Congrats!

The Mass will be on March 10 at St. Patrick's at 8:30 a.m. Come early for a good seat - the church fills early. If you have never been to this Mass, you are really missing a great and emotional event. Many of the Irish organizations participate. The choir is really superb and the church is beautiful. Its stained glass windows make you feel very good when the sun shines through. The Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums will escort our honorees into the church. I always think the pipes are great but in church they are even better.

After you experience the mass, there is a very nice "All you Care to Eat" breakfast at the community center for $5. Sausage, eggs, toast and juice are on the menu and promise to warm you up for the parade.

Our parade will step off from the new location of 76th and Bluemound at 12 noon. We will march down Bluemound Rd. to Mitchell Blvd. This promises to be the Parade of Parades. At this time some of the new bands aren't under contract so I can't tell you who they are but be assured you won't be disappointed. Tim O'Brien has been working very hard and is very excited about the way things are developing as he should be.

Following the parade is the Post Parade Party at ICHC. Lots of good entertainment including good food. We will party hardy from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. Cost for all this entertainment is $5.

On Sunday March 11, the Color Guard Pipes and Drums will be traveling to Chicago in a coach bus. Members and guests are invited to come with us and march behind us down the parade route. Cost of the bus ride which leaves at 8:30 a.m. from the Park and Ride at Watertown Plank and Hwy 43 is $17. Following the parade we head to Gaelic Park and for $5 hear some wonderful music. Good food is available, as is a full bar. The bus returns at about 8 p.m.

Friday March 16 a downtown parade sponsored by the Westown Assoc. will begin at noon. It will step off from the Bradley Center and finish at the Hilton. Trolleys will be available.

The March calendar of events is quite full so please read it carefully. Don't forget your raffle tickets. Send the moneys you collect to Rosemary and Dick Quinlan. If you need more tickets please call them.

At the March and April meeting we will be taking nominations for board members. Show your support and run for an office - no experience necessary. You must have your dues paid in full and be present to accept nomination.

Milwaukee Irish Arts will be sponsoring a St. Patrick's Night 2001 Dinner and Show. Our honorees will be honored at this time and all are encouraged to attend. See the ad elsewhere in this issue for more information.

Looking further ahead, watch next month's issue for details of April events. Included will be our Easter Mass; the Shamrock Club Volunteer Party scheduled for April 7; and the Color Guard Pipes and Drums 20th anniversary celebration on April 12 to be held at Tripoli Hall. All are invited.

On a personal note, I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to everyone who expressed their sympathies and kindness to my family and myself on the recent death of my husband, Bill.

Happy anniversary and birthday to everyone who celebrates in March and Happy St. Patrick's to all.

- Cate Harris

Nominations For Milw. Club Offices

Nominations for all offices of the Shamrock Club's Milwaukee Chapter will be taken at the March and April meetings. Nominees must be members in good standing, with dues paid and current. Nominees must be present at the tIme of their nomination.

Milwaukee Proudly Honors
2001 Irishman of the Year Bob Hamill,
Irish Rose Jean Cardwell,
And Parade Marshal Derry Hegarty


Milwaukee's 2001 Irishman of the Year is Bob Hamill. Since 1991, when he joined the Shamrock Club with wife Peg, Bob has been an active and integral part of the organization. When Bob and Peg Hamill joined, they signed up a crew of ten to help out with all things Irish. When Bob was elected the 1996 Parade Marshal, the 1995 Parade Marshal, Ed Mikush, joked that the Hamills joined with their own marching unit.

Bob, as well as the members of his family, have been heavily involved in the Shamrock Club, as well as the Irish community in general. The carpenter of choice for many Irish groups, Bob's work can be seen everywhere. He and Barry Stapleton oversaw the construction of the stage at the ICHC. He has built many of the displays at Milwaukee Irish Fest over the years, especially in the Cultural Area. The much-talked about Famine Ship was designed, and construction was directed, by Bob. Over the years he has built many sets for Milwaukee Irish Arts, as well as doing a great deal of work at the the ICHC and Milwaukee Irish Fest Center. He has designed the children's golf course, and in 2000, laid out and constructed the Avenue of the Presidents display in the Cultural tent.

Bob has been a trustee on the Shamrock Club's Board of Directors, finishing his term in 2000. He is also a Bradley Center Volunteer and has served on the Post Parade Committee since 1994, "with Brian Witt, my biographer". As stated before, he was the 1996 Parade Marshal. Other honors bestowed upon Bob, and family, include 1994 Irish Fest Family of the Year, and 1998 Co-Volunteer of the Year for the ICHC. Bob has worked at Irish Fest as a key volunteer for 10 years.

All of this involvement is a family affair. Wife Peg was one of the original Shamrock Dancers in the 1960s. Sons Kyran and Sean are both drummers for the Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums. Daughter Brigid and son Bobby are both pipers with the unit. As well as that, the Hamill children are all involved in other ways. By age five, most were able to tell which drill bit or drywall screw was needed for a particular job.

Bob is self-employed. Hamill Glass sometimes suffers for Bob's work among the various groups, but he prefers to stay involved. He is proud of his work with the Boy Scouts. He is also a part of the Athletic Booster Leagues for all his children's sports and the children are all exceptional athletes.

Bob's grandfather, John Hamill, came from Lisduff, County Monaghan, where he worked as a blacksmith. After he arrived in Milwaukee, he became a blacksmith with the Milwaukee Fire Department, where he work for a number of decades. This sort of explains where Bob's aptitudes come from.

Bob and Peg have been married for thirty years and since Peg decided to get Bob involved with the Irish community, we have all been the richer for it. Forever humble, Bob has a simple mantra: "I still prefer to remain in the background and keep things running smoothly."


Now that the shock has worn off, or at least eased a little, I'd like to say how honored and excited I am to be selected this year's Irish Rose! I've been in the Club of over six years and I've applauded and admired the Irish Roses -- never, ever, thinking that title would be used to describe me.

On the personal side, I was born here in Milwaukee the oldest of six children to Donald Dundon and Jeanette Gavigan. Our Dundon ancestors originally came from the Limerick area, but later families lived in the Cork area. How this came about is an interesting story: In Thomas Dundon's own words in 1924, "four or five generations ago, a young man, also named John Dundon, was on his way from his home in the County Limerick to this country. At Cobh, sometime later called Queenstown, while waiting for a ship to take him across the ocean he was met by a farmer from Middleton, a short distance from Cobh and near the City of Cork. They became friendly and the farmer persuaded this John Dundon to remain in Ireland. The farmer invited him to his home. It would appear this John Dundon liked the surroundings especially the farmer's daughter, with whom he fell in love. With the consent of the young lady they were married. He became the founder of the Dundon family in County Cork, Ireland; my forefather."

We haven't been able to find out much about the Gavigan side of the family, but we're working on it.

I'm married to Rick and we have two sons, Patrick and Daryl, that I'm proud to say are very nice people! I am self employed as a Health Information Management Consultant and work at various hospitals in the area. Hobbies and interests are all things Irish, of course, as well as reading, walking and catering to our two cats and golden retriever, Jessie.

Through the years I've had a wonderful time on the Board as Sergeant-at-Arms, volunteering for Folk Fair Food and Sales Boths, Post Parade Party, Installation Dinners, Christmas Parties, Children's Christmas Parties, Bradley Center and Color Guard Banner "Carrier." I've also volunteered for the ICHC, Irish Fest and, lately, the John Ward Music Archive; and have taken Gaelic and set dancing classes. (We are coming back, Jim and Kathie.) All of this has been done together with my cousin, Sue. (We're double cousins, you know -- her mom and my mom being sisters, her dad and my dad being brothers!)

Here's to the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin - may we continue to be an important force in the Cultural, Social and Charitable life of the Irish American community!


Our 2001 Parade Marshal, Derry Hegarty, is one of Milwaukee's best known pub owners. Well respected in Milwaukee and Wisconsin Irish communities, he has been an integral part of the Shamrock Club starting many decades ago when he arrived in this country from County Kerry.

Derry owns and operates Derry's Pub on Milwaukee's west side. It has been home to many Irish groups at one time or another. Among those able to thank Derry for his hospitality are the Irish Cultural and Heritage Society, the Milwaukee Currach Club, the Emerald Society, and the Shamrock Club.

Derry's is also home away from home for many of Milwaukee County Democratic Party functions, including many election night celebrations.

Derry is a past Irishman of the Year, as well as a past president of the Shamrock Club. In addition, Derry was one of the key people responsible for moving the Shamrock Club's Parade from North Avenue to Bluemound Road. The roar of the crowd should be loud as he proudly rides past Derry's Pub as our 2001 Parade Marshal.

Bus to St. Pat's Parade

On Milwaukee's Parade Day, March 10, there will be a bus leaving St. Vincent Pallatti (Old Holy Cross) parking lot at 7:45 a.m. to go to St. Patrick's Church returning to the same spot after the breakfast. For the riders who are participating in the parade, the bus will go to 76th and Bluemound Rd. The driver will stop in between St. Vincent's and parade start if you want to get off. All this for $3. We strongly encourage use of the bus as parking at St. Patrick's is difficult. The bus leaves promptly at 7:45 a.m.



76th Street and Bluemound to Mitchell Blvd. (52nd)

Sponsored by
Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
Bluemound Business Assoc.

12 Noon Step Off March 10, 2001
followed by

1 P.M. - 7 P.M.
Irish Cultural and Heritage Center
2133 W. Wisconsin Avenue

~ Volunteers Needed ~

16th Annual Special Mass to Honor

Will be held prior to the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 8:30 a.m.

At St. Patrick's Church
723 South 7th at Washington Street, Milwaukee
Sign reader for hearing impaired

Shuttle Bus: from St. Vincent Pallotti Church parking lot
(5522 W. Bluemound Rd - west of building) to St. Patrick's Church,
After Mass and Breakfast, return to Parade Route
or parking lot for just $3 per person
Bus To Leave Sharply at 7:45 a.m. for the Church
Tickets for bus can be purchased by mail or at Shamrock Club February and March General Meetings.

Tickets can be purchased at the
Shamrock Club February and March General Meetings
or at the door only.

Checks to be made out to St. Patrick's Church for the breakfast
- all proceeds go to St. Patrick's
For BUS reservations or information contact:
Chuck and Bonnie McLaughlin
12007 W. Walker St., West Allis, WI 53214; Phone 414-771-0458
(Send self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Make checks payable to Shamrock Club)

Mail reservation for BUS ONLY





Number of Reservations_________________


Bus Reservations will not be taken after March 2

Shamrock Club
Post Parade Party

March 10, 1 - 6 P.M.

Irish Cultural and Heritage Center
2133 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Four Stages of Continous Entertainment
Tartan Army
From Canada, making their Wisconsin Debut)
Finbar McCarthy Band • Frogwater • Nash Ramblers
Great Outdoors • Cashel-Dennehy Irish Dancers
Trinity Irish Dancers • Glencastle Irish Dancers
Caledonian Scottish Dancers
Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums
Silent Singers • Magic Thrill Show, and much more!!!

Food and Beverages Available!!

Adults: $6 • Children (6-12): $3

Brendan Heart Fund

On March 11, 2001, between the hours of 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., the Emerald Society of Wisconsin will be sponsoring the eleventh annual benefit for the Brendan Heart Fund of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

The Emerald Society of Wisconsin, an organization of members of the criminal justice system, held the first Brendan Benefit in 1990. The Benefits are held on the Sunday prior to St. Patrick's Day, at Derry's Pub. This Benefit is designed to be a family event and we continue to be a family oriented event. The cost of attendance has the family in mind, $5 in advance, $6 at the door, children under 15 are free.

The afternoon's entertainment features Blarney and the Glencastle Irish Dancers. Blarney is a well known group that has delighted its audiences for 20 plus years. They have an extensive library of Irish song which is enhanced by their musical instruments. This year we are also featuring the Glencastle Irish Dancers, a new dance school on the Irish scene, under the direction of Bridget Jaskulski, well known for her expertise in Irish Dance.

For additional information go to:

- Thomas W. McKale

Ulster Project Fund Raiser

The 4th Annual Great Gathering of Milwaukee Irish Dancers is a fund raiser for the Milwaukee Ulster Project, an organization which has been bringing 16 teens form Northern Ireland to Milwaukee for the past 20 years. It will take place Fri., March 9, 2001 from 6-11 p.m. at Mount Mary College. Irish Dance Performances include the Glencastle Irish Dancers, Cashel-Dennehy School of Irish Dance, and the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance. Music will be performed by Anam Ri. Raffle prizes include round trip for two to Ireland. Adding to the fun will be Silent Auction items, Table Raffle items, and great prizes. Fish n'Chips dinner starts at 6 p.m., entertainment goes on all night. This will be a great warm-up to the St. Patrick's Day festivities. Cost: $5 raffle ticket gets you in the door. Beer, Soda, and snacks available.

Green Tie Event
Helps Preserve Irish Music Heritage

Milwaukee area Irish music fans won't want to miss a single pluck of the banjo at this year's "A Night for Irish Music" Green Tie Event featuring guest of honor Tommy Makem, along with performances by Blarney and Ceol Cairde.

The second annual Milwaukee Irish Fest fund raiser will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2001 at the Wisconsin Club, 900 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee. Proceeds from the event will benefit the John J. Ward Jr. Irish Music Archives. Housed at the Irish Fest Center, the Archives is regarded as one of the country's largest collections of Irish music.

"Our goal for the Archives is twofold," said Ed Ward, founder of the John J. Ward Jr. Irish Music Archives. "We want to preserve Irish music and to have a resource center where the public can come, listen to it and appreciate Irish culture through its music."

The Archives contain more than 30,000 pieces of Irish music and music-related items including the 6,000 piece Comer collection of hard to find Irish-label music spanning the 1940s to the 1980s and the second largest Bing Crosby collection in the country. Public support helps Milwaukee Irish Fest advance the Archives as a vital resource to preserve and promote the achievement of Irish and Irish-American musicians, entertainers and literary artists. Last year's Green Tie Event raised more than $20,000 to benefit the Archives.

Attendees at this year's "A Night for Irish Music" will be entertained by legendary Tommy Makem, Blarney and Milwaukee-based Ceol Cairde. Known worldwide for his contributions to Irish Music, Tommy Makem will share his reflections on the preservation of Irish music and lend his baritone to Blarney's songs of rebellion, romance, tales of the sea and quite possibly prompting attendees to do a bit of ceili dancing. Ceol Cairde will round out the night's entertainment with their blend of fiddles, mandolins, flutes, tin whistles, bodhrans, guitar and hammered dulcimer. The Green Tie event will also include silent and voice auctions.

For more information, or to reserve tickets call (414) 476-3378, or visit Milwaukee Irish Fest online at www. Individual tickets are $100 and corporate table sponsorship opportunities are available.

Milwaukee Set Dance News

People who are interested in learning set dancing can take advantage of the classes presented by the Milwaukee Set Dance Club. Classes will be held on the second floor ballroom of the ICHC on consecutive Sunday afternoons this spring.

A series of classes for Beginners will start on March 11 (2-4 p.m.) The focus of this class will be to teach the basic principles of set dance. The classes will be taught by experienced local set dancers. It is not necessary to bring a partner, but it is recommended that smooth-soled shoes be worn.

Advance registration is suggested. The class fee for each series of four classes is $10, payable in advance or at the door. For more information, call Julie Puhek at (414) 321-3521 or you may send e-mail to

The Milwaukee Set Dance Club will be hosting its March set dance on the 24th, on the second floor of the ICHC at 2133 W. Wisconsin Avenue.

As usual, there will be live music for dancing, provided this month by the Public House Ceili Band from Madison, following the instruction of the set dance of the month (from 7:30 to 8 p.m.)

Craobh Rua

Pronounced "Creeve Ru ah," is a name well known in Celtic history from the Red Branch Knights of Ulster, it is also the name of this traditional band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Craobh Rua takes a refreshing, clean, unpretentious, but uncommonly skilled run at some of the greatest music in the world. Though their arrangements are very much their own, they are heavily influenced by the first wave of Irish folk revival of the sixties and seventies. Extensive concert and festival performances have delighted audiences, earning them world wide acclaim. The band members are: Founder Brian Connolly (banjo); Michael Cassidy (fiddle); Patrick Davey (flute, whistle, uilleann pipes); and Aaron Jones (bouzouki, guitar and vocals).

ICHC (414) 345-8800
Tickets: $15 Reserved/Adv.; $17 At Door

"An Evening With the Irish"

The Park East Hotel, 916 E. State Street, has joined with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to host, "An Evening with the Irish" Friday, March 23, 2001. Partial proceeds of the evening will benefit the John J. Ward, Jr. Irish Music Archives at Irish Fest headquarters in Milwaukee.

Cocktails begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by dinner at 6 p.m. Entertainment, featuring Irish Fest's Troubadour, Kerrie O'Tunne, will start at 6:30 p.m. O'Tunne, aka David HB Drake, will regale dinner guests with a variety of traditional and contemporary Irish songs and stories.

Following dinner, the Park East Shuttle will transport concert goers to the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts to attend the Milwaukee Symphony's "A Celtic Celebration" Pops Concert. The performance will feature a bagpipe processional, audience sing-a-long, Irish step dancers and singers, and excerpts from An Irish Symphony.

The cost of "An Evening with the Irish" is $59.75 per person and includes dinner, entertainment, orchestra seats, taxes, gratuities, parking and shuttle service.

The John J. Ward, Jr. Irish Music Archives is regarded as one of the country's largest public Irish music collections. His children established the Archives in 1992 as a tribute to Mr. Ward. The collection consists of more than 30,000 Irish music artifacts including rare 78 rpm recordings, albums and sheet music, song books, instruments and several Irish art pieces.

To make reservations or receive additional information, please call Carolyn Chapin at the Park East Hotel, (414) 765-1905, or Audrey Baird at the Symphony offices, (414) 291-6010.

March 4, 2001
Milwaukee Public Museum
St. Patrick's Day

European Village 12 to 3 p.m.

Kathleen Sweeney: Bog Oak Carvings
Catherine Gomm:Willow Basket Weaver and Basket Display
Mary Roffers: Celtic Straw Weavings, Hands on Straw Weaving
Diana Ruzicki: Bobbin Lace Maker, Display of Bobbin Lace
Naomi Holtaus: Bobbin Lace Maker, Display of Bobbin Lace
Jill Lackey: Lecture on Merrill Park

The Irish Cottage will be open,
with general information
about it and St. Patrick's Day

Cashel-Denney Dancers in Museum Auditorium: 1 to 1:30 p.m.

Julie Clark Ceili Dance Instructor: 12 to 3 p.m.

In Museum Lecture Hall Ceili Instruction: 12 - 1 - 2 p.m. 30 to 40 minutes, classes of 30 Children must be accompanied by an adult

Meet St. Patrick in the European Village and
Streets of Old Milwaukee - Jim Keane: 12 to 3 p.m.


Family Secrets . . . Irish Specialties . . .

(And if you have a tale to go along with it, all the better!)


Your Name:

Jot down, and Send to:
Jean Cardwell; 21445 W. Oakcrest Dr.; New Berlin, WI 53146

Pipes and Drums

Have you ever heard of a "grace note", "throw on D", a musical instrument with nine notes, a bag of air which when manipulated and inflated plays the nine notes or combinations of them? We're speaking of the bagpipes, of course!

There has long been a need for a Fire and Police - Protective Services, Bagpipe Band to perform at appropriate services, civic functions and also have fun. There is now a grass roots organization of members of the law enforcement and firefighting professions who have gathered and displayed an interest and desire to play the bagpipes. Along with the pipes is a group of drummers which are an integral part of a pipe band.

The bagpipes are a musical instrument that is associated with the Celtic countries of Ireland and Scotland. There are several types of pipes but the most common are the Highland Pipes of Scotland and this is the pipe that we will be using.

The present group of aspiring pipes was initially formed in conjunction with the Milwaukee Fire Dept. Honor Guard and members of the Emerald Society of Wisconsin. We have been joined by others who have heard of the formation of this group and want to learn and be involved with the formation of this pipe band, either playing the pipes or the drums. We will provide expert tutoring to interested individuals of any profession. All we ask is that those who learn with us will perform with us.

We gather to practice on Tuesday evenings, at Derry Hegarty's Irish Pub, 5328 W. Bluemound Rd. Hours of practice are: beginners start at 6 p.m., intermediates at 7 p.m., and advanced at 8 p.m. We have three capable instructors in Kim, Katie and John, who are eager and qualified to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Ted is in charge of the drummers.

Before you learn the function of the pipes, you learn to play on a "chanter". After you have mastered a required number of tunes on the chanter you will progress to the pipes. This is a standard learning process on becoming a piper.

If you have an interest in playing the pipes, stop at Derry's on a Tuesday night or contact Katie at (414) 803-3907 after 12 noon. Take this opportunity to became part of the first police-fire pipe band in the area.

- Thomas McKale

10th Annual St. Patrick's Day
Monster Irish Ceili and Set Dance

Saturday, March 10, 2001 • 7 - 10:30 p.m.
St. Mary's Academy - Marion Center
3195 S. Super / Lake Dr., Milw.
Admission: Adults $7; Children 6-16 yrs $3;
Children under 6 Free

The Marian Center will benefit from the 10th Annual St. Patrick's Day Monster Ceili and Set Dance. A Ceili is a traditional Celtic gathering of friends and family joining together in a celebration of music and dance. The program begins at 7 p.m. with a short concert of traditional Celtic music by Milwaukee's largest ceili band, Ceol Cairde.

Ceili dancing will be taught by Julie Clark from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Irish set dances will be taught from 9:30 to 10:30 by Gail Clark. Beginners are very welcome! Many volunteers will be on hand to teach young and old alike this lively and very fun Irish dancing!

Beverages, snacks and homemade bakery will be available at the hall. This is an affordable event for all ages and has become a favorite event in Milwaukee. It's a great way to get ready for St. Patrick's Day and learn a jig or two!

Irish Night for Literacy

To Benefit Racine Literacy Council

Direct from Ireland, the Sharon Shannon Band will be performing March 3 at Racine Memorial Hall, located at 75 7th St., in downtown Racine. The event, Irish Night for Literacy, will benefit the Racine Literacy Council and its adult tutoring program. Festivities begin at 5:30 p.m.

The evening will include Celtic musician Jeff Ward, accompanied by local musicians. The award winning Cashel-Dennehy Irish Dancers from Milwaukee will also perform. Irish food and drink will be available throughout the evening.

To buy tickets in advance contact the Racine Literacy Council at (262) 632-9495. Prices are $17 for adults, $12 for seniors and children. Tickets at the door are $20 for adults and $15 for seniors and children.

Door County Parade

Our third annual St. Pats Day Parade will be held on Mar. 17 (step off time pending) in Sturgeon Bay. We are hopping to again double the participation. (1999 - 15 entries, 2000 - 35 entries, 2001-???). The parade will step off at 3rd Ave. and Michigan at around Noon. There will be music and Irish dancing at the Naughtical Inn and Pub immediately following the parade. The dancers are from Scoil Roi Dennehy here in Door County, sister school of Cashel - Dennehy in Milwaukee. What started as a family wagon pulling day has become a much anticipated day in Door County. So please spread the word. All are invited. We would love to find some pipers interested in coming up. Can you put me in touch with any? Also any musicians who would like to play in the pub afterward are welcome. We will be willing to pay a Celtic band for entertainment. Please respond to

- Brian, Parade Committee

Schooner Fare In Concert

Yankee folk music will return to Milwaukee on Saturday, April 28, when Maine folk trio Schooner Fare performs at Alverno College's Pitman Theater, 3401 S. 39th St. Reserved seat tickets for the 8 p.m. show are $18 and $15 with all tickets for those ages 18 and under $8.

Proceeds from an ad booklet and a raffle held the night of the concert will benefit the John J. Ward Jr. Irish Music Archives. The archives, which are housed at the Irish Fest Center, were established in 1992 and are considered one of the country's largest collections of Irish music. In addition to preserving the music, the 30,000 pieces serve as a resource for the public.

Schooner Fare's Steve and Chuck Romanoff and Tom Rowe are one of folk music's most popular and enduring acts. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and on the latest of their 13 recordings, were called "a true Maine treasure" by Maine Gov. Angus King. They are well known to Wisconsin audiences from frequent appearances at Milwaukee Irish Fest.

For tickets and information, call Kathy Schultz at (414) 332-8521.

Milwaukee Chapter
Shamrock Club Board of DirectorS

Yearly Calendar of Scheduled/Constitutional Acitvities

First Thursday


•FEBRUARY: Announce Irish Rose / Irishman / Parade Marshal; Easter Rising Mass

•MARCH: Nominations; St. Patrick's Day activities; Easter Rising Mass

•APRIL: Nominations

•MAY: Elections

•JUNE: Appoint two members to audit committee

Fiscal Year

•JULY: New board takes office

•AUGUST: Irish Fest Sales Booth


•OCTOBER: Audit Committee Report

•NOVEMBER: Holiday Folk Fair, Cultural, Food, Sales Booths

•DECEMBER: Announce deadline for honors nominations

Last Thursday

•JANUARY: Vote for Irish Rose / Irishman / Parade Marshal

•FEBRUARY: Calendar-year report of treasurer; Appoint finance committee



•MAY: Year-end report of president; Budget proposal to board by finance committee; Appoint by laws committee; Old and new boards meet jointly

•JUNE: Membership directory print-out to president; old and new boards meet jointly

Fiscal Year


•AUGUST: fiscal year treasurer's report to board

•SEPTEMBER: Audit committee report to board



•DECEMBER: Membership directory print-out to president