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Emerald Reflections Online

Table of Contents - July 2000

You are viewing the electronic version of Emerald Reflections,
the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

Tall Ship Jeanie Johnston to Visit Milwaukee

Milwaukee President's Annual Report

Fox Cities Shamrock Club

Rock County Shamrock Club

South Central Shamrock Club

Shamrock Club of Great LaCrosse Area

All Chapters: Irish Fest Alert

Milwaukee Annual Installation Dinner

Delaney Clan: Irish's Fest Chosen

Membership Report -- Milwaukee

Milwaukee Hurling Club

Halfway Raffle

Cashel-Dennehy is World Class

More Than Halfway

Milwaukee Shamrock Club Picnic

Welcome New Members

Golf and Dinner Outing Registration

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

Wisconsin Calendar of Events

Tall Ship Jeanie Johnston to Visit Milwaukee

Emigration had been a feature of Irish life for centuries but the mass exodus, which accompanied the Great Famine in the late 1840s, is unparalleled in Europe in a time of peace.

The story of the Jeanie Johnston is the story of the many hundreds of hastily converted cargo ships pressed into service as emigrant transport ships on the North Atlantic route during the potato famine in the late 1840s.

At the time the potato was the staple diet of the Irish people and when disease hit the crop during consecutive seasons from 1845-48 disaster struck. Between 1840 and 1860 the population of Ireland was reduced from 8 to 5 million through famine and emigration. Every family on the island was touched in one way or another. The official response was totally inadequate. For many people it was the stark choice of risking the fearful trans-Atlantic voyage or remain in Ireland and starve. The Jeanie Johnston operated from Blennerville, the old Port of Tralee, South West Ireland. While in many ways she was typical of the Irish famine ships, in another way she was special - she never lost a soul to disease or to the sea.

The Jeanie Johnston (1847-58) was built in Quebec in 1847 by the Canadian shipbuilder John Munn and bought shortly afterwards by the Donovan family of Tralee. She was a triple-masted barque, constructed of oak and pine, and carried a full complement of 200 passengers and a crew of 17. The firm of John Donovan & Sons was the largest importer of timber in County Kerry; they also dealt in coal, iron and slate, and they had extensive flour and saw mills. In the years 1848-55 the Jeanie Johnston was the Donovans' most important ship, serving a dual function as both a passenger and a cargo vessel. In common with many vessels of her size the Jeanie Johnston was used as a passenger ship on the journeys to Baltimore, New York and Quebec and for the transportation of timber from North America to Tralee.

Despite the cramped conditions by today's standards, the Jeanie Johnston was a well-run ship and, unlike the infamous "coffin ships" of the famine period, Jeanie never lost a passenger to disease or the sea. She had a humane owner in Nicholas Donovan; her master was the respected County Cork mariner Capt. James Attridge and the ship's surgeon, Dr. Richard Blennerhassett was a graduate of the Edinburgh Medical School.

The decreasing profitability of the cargo/passenger trade and more stringent passenger legislation prompted the Donovans to sell the Jeanie Johnston in 1856. She was purchased by William Johnson of North Shields in England and continued to sail the North American route. In October 1858 the Jeanie Johnston became waterlogged in mid-Atlantic en route to Hull with a cargo of timber and began to sink slowly. Fortunately, there was sufficient time for the crew to be rescued by a Dutch ship, the Sophie Elizabeth, keeping the remarkable safety record of the Jeanie Johnston intact.

Now this remarkable tall ship has been rebuilt in Blennerville near Tralee, County Kerry as a powerful symbol of North-South and trans-Atlantic cooperation. The President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, patron of the project, officially named the reborn Jeanie Johnston in Fenit, the new port of Tralee, on Sunday May 7th, 2000. In June the Jeanie Johnston began her sea trials followed by her Millennium Voyage to North America visiting over 20 US and Canadian cities.

The "Millennium Voyage" of the Jeanie Johnston to North America is the culmination of six years planning and preparation. The transatlantic leg will take between four and five weeks to complete. The voyage will commemorate the history of its time and remember all those that once sailed on all Irish Emigrant ships. It will also celebrate the great contribution of the Irish to all spheres of American and Canadian life. The Jeanie Johnston plans to visit over 20 US and Canadian cities during its voyage including Milwaukee in September 2000. There will be receptions and special events attached to her visit.

When the Jeanie Johnston visits each port, she will have a high profile berth. The ship will be open to visitors during certain hours and, during those times will be in "museum mode". In this way all that board her can see what it would have been like to have lived and sailed in those times. A small visit fee will apply. Outside of the "museum" times there are opportunities for private or business interests to utilize the ship for receptions and business functions.


Milwaukee President's Annual Report

Let me begin by saying it has truly been my honor and privilege to be your president from 1999-2000. The job was made easier with the assistance of a very hard working board. I think we accomplished many things that benefited our club, yours and mine.

Irish Fest 1999 was an overall success. Noreen Barclay's premier year provided new and interesting items for sale. In addition, Mary McAndrews did a fine job in the Culture-Membership area.

The format of the Golf Outing was revised which provided for an interesting event. Golfers played "best-ball," while a few hardy souls danced to pleasant music. The specially ordered nice weather arrived in time to make the event more pleasant.

As of the writing of this report, final figures have not been received from the Bradley Center. To date, we have earned $6418.73 even though the Bradley Center canceled several events and the Bucks did not progress into the second round of play-offs. Our appreciation goes to Katy Voss, a much-needed new volunteer, who completed schedules.

As predicted, the 40th Anniversary Party was another successful event hosted by the Shamrock Club. The committee designed a 40th Anniversary Logo, which can be found on t-shirts and golf shirts. A 40th Anniversary Book was also published. This book contains a club history with pictures that all will enjoy. It really belongs in every Club member's home library. In addition, an intense membership drive was held during this event. Tom Smith reported inducting 42 new members.

The picnic was also revitalized with a new format and will continue to be further improved this year. Hurlers put on a demonstration this year, which generated the plan to move ahead with an official hurling competition in the near future.

Holiday Folk Fair moved to an indoor venue and was highly successful. State Fair Park provided a spacious and warm area that proved to be a great place to hold this event. The entire atmosphere, coupled with enthusiastic crowds, generated a good feeling and an excellent Folk Fair. Our highly competent Chairpeople worked very hard to make the event a success for the Club.

On February 26, 2000 the State Meeting, which had been unsuccessfully planned in previous years, became a reality in LaCrosse. Marion Schnell did the planning and work necessary for us to meet in LaCrosse. We had an excellent time at Forest Hills Golf Course. We made plans and suggestions to take back to all chapters. The next State Meeting is planned for September in Madison.

During this past year, our Treasurer, Sharon Murphy did some shopping around and found a better insurance policy for our Club that provides more coverage with less expense.

In order to get Emerald Reflections earlier, we moved up the due date to the first of the month. While it seems a beneficial change at this time, we have experienced some minor conflict. As our meeting date is usually after the 1st of the month, important news may sometimes be delayed. Gail Williamson has made exceptions on our behalf in allowing me to call her the day after the meetings to include these important bits of information before she publishes it. I am eternally grateful for her consideration.

After the untimely death of Bob Higgins, Brian Witt stepped forward to do a fine job as acting editor. Brian has also been sending out the bills for the advertising. A committee was formed for this job but after some deliberation, Brian felt one person could do it all. After all, Bill O'Boyle had done so for many, many years. Therefore Brian has taken on the job of selling ads and billing.

The Shamrock Club has continued to hold two events under the auspices of Muriel Crowley. Muriel does an event at Christmas and St. Patrick's Day at the museum.

The Bluemound Business Association approached our parade directors, Tim O'Brien, Mick McDermott and Dan Malloy, to suggest that the parade be moved from its present location on North Avenue to Bluemound Rd. This suggestion needed to be taken to the Board.

The offer the Bluemound Business Association made to the Shamrock Club was to pay $1500 for publicity on the move, plus $500 to a charity also done by the Shamrock Club. B.B.A. will contribute $12,000 per year to underwrite the cost of the parade. The money that the Club wouldn't have to pay could then be used for a Scholarship to another worthy cause. The board then voted to recommend the change to the general membership. It was discussed at the May meeting. The parade directors and representative from the B.B.A. answered questions. More discussion was held at the June meeting and the general membership voted to move.

The Color Guard had a good year, with the pipers being a great addition to the group. They marched in many parades and all types of weather including hot, wet and cold. They represented the club at many civic programs as well. In addition, the Color Guard traveled to San Antonio where they participated in three events including, laying a wreath at the Alamo in honor of the Irish who gave their lives during the Civil War, marching in one of the largest parades in the country and performing on the barges that were dying the river along the River Walk green and bringing home a 1st Place Trophy. They also played at a party at the home of my son and daughter-in-law, Phil and Peggy Harris

GOALS FOR 2000-2001

    Bigger and better sales at Holiday Folk Fair and Irish Fest. (Warm and dry weather for Irish Fest.)

    More soup and sandwiches for Folk Fair (Good soda bread!)

    Bigger and better Golf Outing. More golfers and people coming to eat and cheer for the winners.

    Increase our volunteers and events at the Bradley Center. If this happens, we will increase our income.

    Warm weather for the Color Guard parades.

In closing, I believe we had a very good year. Looking back, it was due to the hard work, contributions of time and great efforts of our volunteer chairmen. Without the support and diligence of these individuals and others like them, the Shamrock Club would never have achieved the successful history of 40 years. Everybody's help is greatly appreciated by this President.

- Cate Harris

Fox Cities

Note: Our August meeting will not be held since many of our members will be going to Irish Fest in Milwaukee. Call me ASAP is you are interested in riding a bus there on Sunday, August 20. It will leave Trilogy in Greenville at 10 a.m. and return at 10 p.m. Cost is $15 per person.

Rhonda Wofford brought her pictures, to our June 14 meeting and told us about her recent trip to Ireland.

Our present slate of officers was re-elected. President Bill Grogan; Vice President Tom Fink; Treasurer Pat Warmbrunn; and Secretary Elaine Hoes. Our one year board member is Dan Glasheen, two year Jerry Burke and our new board member for a three year term is Patricia Ashenbrucker.

Welcome new member Giles Clark. He is a multi-talented entertainer.

If you haven't ordered John L. Sullivan's CD yet, be sure and get one. It is done in the true Irish tradition. Please note: July 21 is the date for Steve Hazell at Trilogy.

- Elaine Hoes, Secretary (920) 733-5254

Rock County


  • July 18 - Club Picnic, 5:30 p.m. Sweet-Allyn Park at Shopiere
  • Sept. 19 - General Membership Meeting, 7:30 p.m. At the Alliant Energy Building (formerly Wisconsin Power and Light), 3730 Kennedy Rd., Janesville. Located approx. 1/4 miles north of Hwy 14 between Hwy 26 and Hwy 51

Anyone who missed the May meeting missed a mighty fine program as Dr. I.M. O'Cookie entertained us with a delightful blend of Irish humor woven into his fine piano renditions of Irish Pub songs, ballads and Irish dance music. Hopefully we will be able to get Dr. I.M. Cookie back again another year when he is in this area.

Our Club picnic will be back at Sweet-Allyn Park in Shopiere. Bring your family and friends, a dish-to-pass, plus your own beverage service. The social time starts at 5:30 p.m. and we will eat at 6:30 p.m. followed by BIG winnings at the Bingo tables.

  • Our new officers are:
  • President: Marge Reed
    Vice President: Bob McCardle
    Secretary: Kaye McCann
    Parliamentarian: Dave Bickle
    Membership Chair: Mary Bickle
    Trustee 1 years: Pat Mahlum
    Trustee 2 years: Gene Sheppard
    Trustee 3 years: Terry Fanning

We wish to thank our past officers for serving this club during this past year. We hope all of our members will come out to the club picnic and show your support for the newly elected officers.

Have a great summer.

- Tom Kennedy

South Central

The final meeting for the year 1999-2000, of the South Central Shamrock Club was held on May 10, 2000 at Fischer's Supper Club in Lake Delton. Twenty-five members were in attendance.

A short business meeting was held after all enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

John Langer gave a report on publicity for our St. Patrick Celebration. Don McConaghy gave a report on ticket sales, for dinner, which seemed to have been down from previous years. Alice Hickey gave her report on the entertainment, which was excellent and enjoyed by all, which was Jerry Stich's Vocal Ensemble.

President Mike Hickey reported on the raffle, which he stated was a real success. The three top ticket salesmen were Mike Hickey, Bob Judkins, and Gene Murray. They won the selling prize monies.

John Langer gave a report on membership. We now have 54 couples and 36 singles.

Don McConaghy of the nomination committee presented the slate of officers as follows:

    President: Bill Wilde
    Vice President: Alice Hickey
    Secretary: Joan Koscal
    Treasurer: Rose E. Lee

Since we had no other nominations from the floor, the slate as presented was accepted and will serve for the year 2000-2001.

President Bill Wilde appointed Jolene Crowley parliamentarian, and Jackie Harris as membership chairperson.

- Mary Stieve, Secretary

Greater LaCrosse

We held our election and installation of officers on May 18 at Sullivan's in Trempealeau. The results are as follows:

    President: Marian Schnell
    Vice President: Donna Finn
    Secretary: Sue Crothers
    Treasurer: Art Gale
    Sergeant at Arms: Margi Higgins
    Parliamentarian: Dave Holtze
    Membership: Mary Kay Smith
    Past President: Dennis O'Brien
    Trustees: Sharon Candahl; Cheryl Walsh, Fred Smith; Pat Stephens; Linda Pfaff

We can be contacted through Mary Kay Smith, Membership Chair, whose address appears in another part of Reflections.

Pictured above are Sue Crothers; Cheryl Walsh; Sharon Candahl; Art Gale; Donna Finn; Fred Smith; Mary Kay Smith; Marian Schnell; Dave Hoeltz.

The next meeting of the new Board will be held at the residence of Fred and Mary Kay Smith. First order of business will be the setting up of our Club agenda for 2000-01.

- Fred Smith

All Chapters: Irish Fest Alert

Volunteers Needed: It's not too early to volunteer to work at the membership table in the Culture Tent at Irish Fest. Remember, this is the only place where you can sit down on the job!

Exhibits Needed: Photos, newsletters, posters - anything and everything to illustrate the activities of all the state chapters.

Contact Mary McAndrews (414) 276-8779.

Annual Installation Dinner

July 13, 2000 - ICHC

Dinner 6 p.m. Installation 7:30 p.m.
This year's dinner will be a casual picnic supper
Make Your Own Sundae Dessert
Cash Bar Available
Join in a fun evening to say thank you to the Milwaukee officers who served during 1999
and to welcome the new Board for 2000
$9 per person, age 12 and under: $4

Call: Jean Cardwell (262) 544-9391
Reservation Deadline: June 30, 2000

Installation Dinner Reservation


Day Phone:___________________________

Evening Phone:_______________________

No. of Reservations $9 @______
No. of Reservations $4 @______ Total $______

Please make checks payable to the
Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
Mail to: Jean Cardwell, 21445 W. Oakcrest Dr.,
New Berlin, WI 53146
by June 30, 2000

Delaney Clan: Irish Fest's Chosen

Attention Delaney, Delany or any of the various ways of spelling Delany. Irish Fest is looking for you. Yours is the name of the honored clan for the 2000 festival.

There are perks for the honored clan: a special meeting place on the grounds, and an area in the genealogy tent to display your clan's special pictures, stories, etc. Clans have a great time being in three parades and participate at the Mass on Sunday with reserved seats.

If you are a Delany, related to one or know this fortunate family, call Barb Tyler at (414) 476-4381 or Cate Harris, the Clan Coordinator at (414) 321-5153.

Membership Report

Milwaukee membership, for your information: March, April, May saw 78 new members. Dues Reports: March 52 notices sent out, 39 paid, 13 dropped for non-payment of dues. April: 66 notices sent out, 48 paid, 18 dropped for non-payment of dues. May: 32 notices sent out, 25 paid, 7 due will be dropped if not paid by July 1st. June: 32 notices sent out. Please note if you are two months behind you will be deleted until dues are received. If there is any problem please call Tom Smith, Membership Chairman, Milwaukee chapter at (414) 384-4119.

Milwaukee Hurling Club

The Milwaukee Hurling Club kicked off its season on May 21. Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist threw out the first ball, thus inaugurating the 2000 season for the fastest game on grass. The Hurling Club plays its matches at the McKinley Marina park on Milwaukee' lakefront. The first match begins at noon with additional matches to follow. For information contact the Hurling Hotline at : (414) 297-9490.


  • JULY 9:
    McBob's vs. Hegarty's
    Co. Clare vs. The Dubliner
    Champions vs. Axel's*
  • JULY 16:
    Co. Clare vs. Hegarty's
    McBob's* vs. Axel's
    Champions vs. The Dubliner
  • JULY 23:
    Axel's vs. The Dubliner
    Champions vs. Hegarty's
    Co. Clare vs. McBob's
  • JULY 30:
    The Dubliner vs. McBob's
    Co. Clare* vs. Champions
    Hegarty's vs. Axel's

* Location of social get-together after the matches

"Halfway" Raffle

If you have any items to donate to the Halfway to St. Pat's raffle please contact Tom and Julia Smith 1107 S. 26th Street; Milw., WI 53204; (414) 384-4119. All proceeds benefit ICHC. We can pickup any item. With your generous help we made last year's a great success. Thank you.

Cashel-Dennehy is World Class

Cashel-Dennehy is proud to announce their dancers' accomplishments at this year's World Championships of Irish Dance in Belfast this past April. The school sent three 8-hand ceili teams, and all three placed well in their age groups. This is only the school's second appearance at the World competition with team entries, and already they have gained much recognition and respect.

The Over-16 Ladies ceili team took 2nd place with having received perfect scores from three of the seven judges. They also received the Overseas Award which is given to the highest scoring team from outside the British Isles. Members of this team included Hilary Boeing, Brigid Broihier, Aileen Cronin, Casey Gutkowski, Annie McMenamin, Kamala Murphy, Brigid O'Sullivan, and Erin Prendergast.

It was the first appearance at World's for the Over-16 Mixed ceili team, and they took 6th place, bettering half of their competitors. This team's members were Caitlin Alba, Ryan Alba, Nicole Berg, Bobbie Boeing, Colin Malnory-Silbernagel, Janon Norton, Tim O'Sullivan, and Ben Rizzo.

The Under-16 Mixed ceili team placed 4th, and they too received the Overseas Award. Congratulations go to Jack Bartelt, John Gibson, Megan Hull, Anne Osmon, Conor McKee, Tim O'Sullivan, Carrie Stotmeister, and Jilian Winke.

All teams are coached by teachers Kathy Dennehy (TCRG, ADGRC) of Chicago and Kate Walrath (TCRG) of Milwaukee. Laura Gottschlich (TCRG) of Milwaukee assists throughout the year. Thanks to the teachers who worked hard with their dancers, and congratulations to the dancers who made their school very proud! Cashel-Dennehy is definitely world-class.

More Than Halfway

Dust off your green hat, shake out your green sweaters and socks, and freshen-up your plaid kilt; we're more than half way to the "Halfway to St. Patrick's Day" celebration! The Celtic Advisory Board at the ICHC has been busy for months planning this year's festivities. The Sunday, Sept. 17 celebration will take on a new look with a full day of activities for the entire family. There will be plenty of refreshments, music, and dance from noon to 6 p.m., but this year will feature many activities for children throughout the day. While adults listen to music from area bands, the kids can listen to a story teller or take penny whistle and bodhran lessons. There will be plenty of Irish and highland dance on tap for the whole family to enjoy. Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 children with all proceeds to benefit the ICHC. Call Michael Payne for information at: (414) 541-8427.

Live at the Milwaukee Lake Front - New Location

August 6, 2000 STARTS AT NOON

Food Beverages Entertainment

Mark your calendars now,
details to follow next month

New Members

FOX CITIES - Giles Clark; Ann Frisch; Steve and Vivial Hazell; Lee Ann Lukas.

DANE COUNTY - Linda J. and Richard F. Lyons.

SOUTH CENTRAL - Ms. Annette Baker; Dean and Beverly Walsh.

MILWAUKEE - William R. Burke; Marilyn Corbett (referred by John Maher); Ronald W. Danielson and Family; Jim Doughlar Family; Jeff, Molly, Shannon, Sean, Garwood; Gene Gaynor; Cecilia Donegan and James Gulczynski; James F. Kaiser (referred by John Maher); Sharon Y. Halts and John R. Kenny; R. J. "Slim" McGinn; Leo and Daris McLaughlin; Dan Malloy; Lori and Pat Murphy; Robert Murphy; Betty J. Murray; William O'Connor; Renetta Patzwald; Mary R. Russell; Ranee Sears.

golf outing

Sunday, August 27, 2000

Lakeside Country Club, Pewaukee

(Hwy. 16 West to Co. Trunk KE, South to Golf Course)

Individual Awards - for longest Drive, Longest Putt,
Closest to the Pin - for MEN AND WOMEN!

(One Individual winner per award)

Door Prizes, "Money Hole" and Putting Contest

Golf will begin at 1 P.M.

Carts available at $7 per person at Lakeside Golf Shop.

Club rentals available at $5 per person at Lakeside Golf Shop.

Pull Carts available for $1 at Lakeside Golf Shop.

Cocktail Hour: 4:30-6:00 - Buffet Dinner: 6:00-7:00
AWARDS to be presented during dinner.


Please list the names in your party who will play golf; who will play golf and have dinner; and who want dinner only.


Name 1:________

Name 2:________

Name 3:________

Name 4:________

Please list preferred Tee Times.
We will do the best we can to accommodate your requests.

(1)_____ (2)_____ (3)_____ (4)_____

No.______ @ $32 each=_________



Name 1:________

Name 2:________

Name 3:________

Namd 4:________

Please list preferred Tee Times.
We will do the best we can to accommodate your requests.

(1)_____ (2)_____ (3)_____ (4)_____

No.______ @ $16 each=__________



Name 1:________

Name 2:________

Name 3:________

Name 4:________

No.______ @ $16 each=___________





(No "AT DOOR" payments / registration on day of event can be permitted, except for "Dinner Only" - Cost $20.)


Make all checks payable to the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin.

Send your completed registration to

Tom Tibbals, 5761 N. 81st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53218.

Please call (414) 462-4673 if you have any questions.

**Please include daytime (______)______________________ and nighttime (______)______________________telephone numbers.

(You will be notified of your Tee Time August 19-22)