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Emerald Reflections Online

Table of Contents -- March 1999

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the monthly publication of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

One Great Parade

Dane County

Eileen Heinrichs is Dane County's 1999 Irish Person of the Year

Rock County

Shamrock Club of Greater LaCrosse

South Central Shamrock Club

New Dublin Celebrates!

Milwaukee President's Message

Milwaukee Pays Tribute to 1999 Honorees

Shamrock Club Raffle

Milwaukee Election Nominations

Vince Condella and Fox Named Official Meteorologists

Irish Fest Scholarships Available

14th Annual Special Mass to Honor St. Patrick

A Celtic Celebration

Welcome New Members

8th Annual St. Patrick's Monster Ceili Dance

Milwaukee Area Set Dancing

Ulster Project Benefit

Milwaukee Calendar of Events

One Great Parade

by Brian Witt

As we get into the St. Patrick's Day season, a number of the Shamrock Club chapters are planning parades in honor of Ireland's patron saint. New Dublin, Dane County, Rock County, and Milwaukee will see displays of Irish and Irish American life being presented.

St. Patrick's Day Parades have been a part of American life longer than there has been a United States. The first parades were presented by the British for their Irish troops. The colonists also used the parades, with the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick marching as a sign of their loyalty to George Washington. Tammany Hall, in New York, used the parades as a way of marshaling the support of their Irish members.

In Wisconsin, the St. Patrick's Day Parade also cemented the role of Milwaukee as a place of importance. The first parade was used to show the size of Milwaukee, and the end result was that Milwaukee was chosen as the site of the Archdiocese of Wisconsin over the much larger and older Green Bay.

A parade which showed the pageantry of Irish life but didn't take place on St. Patrick's Day took place in Sligo to honor Daniel O'Connell, "The Liberator".

The Sligo Repeal Association, which was active in trying to reverse the Act of Union of 1801, the act which joined Ireland to Great Britain, brought Daniel O'Connell, the great Irish politician to town in October of 1845. John Ternen, in his history of County Sligo, Olde Sligo, says that the second time O'Connell came to town, the response was greater than the first. A great parade was planned in his honor.

According to Ternen, the Sligo Champion had the banner headline "A GREAT DEMONSTRATION". The reaction to O'Connell's arrival in Sligo was great. According to the Champion, "Wednesday, the 15th of October, 1845, will be a day long and proudly remembered in the annals of Sligo. On that day the father of his country entered our Town, surrounded by countless thousands of warm-hearted, devoted, and enthusiastic Repealers. His reception was such as the 'uncrowned monarch of Ireland' deserved from a zealous and patriotic people the people of Sligo proving how much they were attached to 'The Liberator's' person and to the sacred cause of Repeal."

According to Ternen, all of the artisans of the town were employed to paint banners and other decorations for the giant demonstration. On Wednesday morning, all of the various tradesmen gathered at the Sligo Repeal Reading Room at 10:30 a.m., with banners "tastefully done", and ready for the march.

According to the Sligo Champion, the parade was led off by the Sligo Temperance Band in a large vehicle, specially fitted for the occasion. The Temperance Band played several airs with great spirit and skill. The Temperance Band was followed by the Committee Members of the Repeal Reading Room, and then the trades. Following is the order of the parade units:

THE COOPERS: "With splendid banners carried on an elegant carriage, drawn by four horses, upon the box-seat on which sat a venerable Irish harper, "Who occasionally played some beautiful national airs".

THE BUTCHERS: "Their banners were of the most appropriate description, and they were headed by the excellent Ballyshannon Temperance Band."

THE SHOEMAKERS: "were next in order, in a splendid carriage and four, with banners and a living representation of their patron saint."

THE CARPENTERS AND PLASTERERS: "Had a neat vehicle, and their banners were of a very superior description."

THE TAILORS: "This body appeared to considerable advantage in the procession. They had a tastefully decorated vehicle and a finely executed picture of Adam and Eve. The men who followed were highly respectable in appearance;"

THE SLATERS AND THE MASONS: "Followed in an open carriage, handsomely adorned with evergreens and emblematic devices."

THE BROUGUEMAKERS: "Were nothing behind their fellow tradesmen in their efforts to add to the appearance and effect of the demonstration."

THE CARMEN: "About three hundred carmen attended. Mounted on horseback, with green sashes. They assisted in preserving the order of the procession."

THE PORTERS: "Employed at the Quays made a very creditable appearance. They had a large banner, on which was represented a steamer in the act of having its cargo discharged."

BAKERS AND SAWYERS: "Also took part, with well executed banners".

This procession continued through town, marching out to Tireragh, where the assemblage met O'Connell. They marched behind him as he continued into town. The procession was well greeted at Ballisadore, where the crowds thronged to try to get closer to O'Connell. When the procession entered town, the place went wild. According to the Sligo Champion, "the scene beggared all description. The streets presented a mass of living beings the windows crowded with women frantically waving handkerchiefs. ....The procession moved slowly down Pound Street, High Street, Market Street, Castle Street, over the New Bridge, through Stephen Street, up through Holborn Street, to the place of the meeting."

The event culminated with a banquet that evening, with over four hundred "gentlemen" attending.

So, as we watch, or participate in, the various parades in the state, we can hearken back one hundred and fifty-four years to this October day in Sligo where the participants were so smartly turned out, and where such a colorful description was left. And maybe, just maybe, we might be able to find one of those Temperance Bands to lead.

Dane County


  • MARCH 17 The Flag Raising Ceremony held at the Capitol (2nd Floor) at noon.
  • MARCH 17 St. Patrick's Day Dinner will be held at the new Holiday Inn at 3841 East Washington Avenue Cocktails at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:15.

By some "Luck of the Calendar" I am able to report on our February 9 meeting and to make the Emerald Reflections deadline for March!

The Madison Trinity Dancers wanted to honor Virginia (Ginny) O'Brien for keeping Irish dancing alive in Dane County for over the past twenty years and HONOR her they did!

Mr. Todd Stewart, representing Governor Tommy Thompson, presented Ginny with a plaque reading in part... "State of Wisconsin... Certificate of Commendation... in recognition of her commitment to Irish culture... to commend Virginia for her dedication to Teaching Irish Step Dancing" Signed, Gov. Tommy Thompson, January 27, 1999.

The Trinity Dancers then put on a lively, colorful, and spectacular footwork show as only the Irish dancers can. The costumes were beautiful and the dancing from the youngest performers to the oldest of the group was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was indeed a "reunion" of "our" Irish Dancers who have performed on behalf of the Shamrock Club for many years and indeed a testimony to Ginny's leadership over the years. Congratulations to Ginny!

We would like to thank Mr. Bill Checovich of the Trinity Dancers for his efforts in bringing to our Club such a wonderful evening's entertainment.

By the time you read this you should have received a special notice of the St. Pat's Dinner and reservation form. If you have not, please call Mary Hearn at 274-4369 and she will be able to help you.

Hope to see you all on St. Patrick's Day!

Margaret Courtney

Eileen Heinrichs is Dane County's 1999 Irish Person of the Year

The Dane County Shamrock Club has selected Eileen Meely Heinrichs as our Irish Person of the Year and we offer her our congratulations!

Eileen was born in Rockford, Illinois to John and Marguerite Fanny Meely, both were children of natives of Ireland. On her father's side Grandfather Thomas Meely was born in Athlone and Grandmother Margaret O'Neil was born in Ballymoe, both in County Roscommon. On her mother's side, Grandfather Stephen Fanning was born in Ballyfannon in County Roscommon and his wife, Grandmother Nettie Brown was from County Mayo. Eileen has two sisters and they have had the pleasure of visiting with their relatives in Ireland and having had return visits from them to her home.

Eileen was raised in Rockford and attended Bishop Muldoon High School and Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. In 1949 she married Donovan Heinrichs and they had four children, Mark, Michele, Michael and Sheila. She is now the proud grandmother of Kelly, James, Jenna and Jack. Her husband was taken ill suddenly and passed away in 1995.

Eileen was employed by the Madison Public Schools as School Secretary both at Van Hise Middle School and Huegel Elementary School until her retirement. She is very active in her parish, St. Ann's of Stoughton. She does many hours of volunteering at the Nazareth House, Skaalen Home and for other organizations in the area. Eileen has been a member of the Shamrock Club since 1979. She was Secretary in 1997 and is currently Treasurer for the Club.

One of the highlights for her in visiting Ireland is to stop in Bray to see a cousin, Peter Regan, an author of children's books. He has always taken the time in sharing much of the history and arts around Dublin as well as Wicklow, Roscommon, Sligo and Galway Counties.

Currently, Eileen's family is looking forward to a Fanning-Holland reunion in Ireland in September of 2000. Great plans are underway as the relatives from Australia are planning to join the group for the reunion.

The Dane County Shamrock Club will honor Eileen at the St. Patrick's Day Dinner on March 17 at the Holiday Inn in Madison.

Rock County

The Shamrock Club of Rock County held its annual January "Chili Dump" supper on January 19. Everyone prepares their own recipe of chili and dumps it into a large pot. It is delicious and one of our favorite meetings. Following the meal we were entertained by a slide presentation by club members Alice and Gene Shepard. At our February meeting we will be entertained by Dan Riley, a well-known singer from the Edgerton area. We are busy putting final touches on our plans for our annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Over the past couple of years we have worked with Beloit city representatives and local businesses to make the parade an enjoyable day for those of us lucky enough to be Irish, and those who wish they were! We are very honored to have newly elected Congressman Paul Ryan as our Grand Marshal. Paul visited with our group at our October meeting, and were very impressed with his maturity and pleasant (Irish) manner.

Club member Jane Vilbrandt is also making plans to take a bus trip to Chicago on May 17 to see Ireland's most popular and most honored entertainer, Daniel O'Donnell, during his 1999 U.S. tour. Daniel will also be appearing for two weeks at Jennifer's Americana Theater in Branson, from May 3-15. For information about Daniel's tour, feel free to contact Jane at (608) 756-2022.

Jane Vilbrandt

Shamrock Club of
Greater LaCrosse Area

LaCrosse Irishman and Irish Rose

Our Club has selected Don Venner and Dorina Lukins as our Irishman and Irish Rose for 1999. Congratulations and God love you both. Their stories follow as written by Himself and Herself.


My mother has always declared that I am the token Celtic throwback in the family. I inherited the traditional coloring of the Scots-Irish. In a dark haired, dark eyed family, I never understood the blue eyes, light skin and red hair until I visited Scotland the first time. My mother is Scots and German, while my father is descended from the Welsh and English. I am also the only known member of the family who has been drawn to the music of the Celts and to the instruments which make that music. I have always been attracted to the Highland bagpipe and was thrilled when the opportunity to learn the instrument was offered to me. It has led to many wonderful things which are now treasured parts of my life. The pipes led me to a deeper knowledge of the music, more instruments, to historical reenacting, and finally to Kevin (Barton-Quinn) Griffin. Kevin, my husband, is the most Irish part of my life. We have been a part of the Shamrock Club for eight years and my life has been filled with "things Irish" since we joined.

I came to LaCrosse from the small town of Poynette, Wisconsin in 1973. I enrolled in UW LaCrosse and have been a resident of this city since. The bluffs and the river have a way of capturing people and never letting them move. I earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Education, with majors in Theatre, English, and Speech. I have been working as an English teacher at Logan High in LaCrosse for 21 years and have coached Theatre, Colorguard, Debate and Forensics.

My primary interest in the Irish, besides my husband, is the music. I play highland bagpipes, shuttle pipes, tin whistles, and bohdran. In the real world, the symphonic world, I also play the piano, bass clarinet, and assorted percussion. I have been performing with the Shamrock Club, Clann Tartann, The LaCrosse and District Pipes and Drums, and as a soloist for many years. I also play with a symphonic city band and have accompanied others on the piano for several years.

My other hobbies include: gardening, cooking, historical reenacting in three centuries, and the older home which we bought about a year ago. I am filling the spacious back yard with a variety of things, from roses to Jalepeno peppers, and of course, potatoes. With a garden comes cooking and canning which I also enjoy. My German grandmother has even taught me to make "Kraut" in a crock in the basement. We love to entertain and traditionally I make at least twice the amount of food that is needed at an event. I reenact in the 17, 18 and 19th centuries, with emphasis on the American Civil War Period. Because Kevin and I married later in life, we have no children but are close to our extended families. As a teacher, I have known approximately 6000 children so I believe that is enough.


The Shamrock Club of the Greater LaCrosse Area has chosen Don Venner as their Irishman for 1999. Don has been an active member for the last 16 years.

Don did not start out life being Irish. He grew up in the picturesque little river town of Genoa, Wisconsin, where almost everyone is Italian. He is the youngest son of Mary and Francis Venner, who raised seven boys and two girls on their dairy farm in rural Genoa. This close knit Catholic family did not differ much from growing up as Irish.

Don's first experience with people of Irish heritage was when he went across the river to Saint George High School in Lansing, Iowa. Many of his classmates had Irish roots.

After high school, Don joined the U.S. Navy and spent one tour of duty in Vietnam, which he followed with four years in the Coast Guard. This prepared him for his job of assistant engineer on towboats up and down the Mississippi River system.

In 1981 he met his partner in life, Patsy Lawton and realized that life is too short not to be Irish. They were married February 12, 1983. Along with Patsy came a close tie to Ireland. Don's mother-in-law, Mary Lawton, was a WWII war bride born in County Cork. In the years that followed Don and Patsy and Mary have made several trips to Ireland to visit family and tour the beautiful County of Cork. Don enjoyed walking and biking the Irish countryside and exploring old castles and breathing the invigorating ocean air. Their Irish nights were spent enjoying the music and dancing; not to mention the spirits.

Don and Patsy enjoy the Milwaukee Irish Fest every year. They have also had the good fortune to have taken three of the Clancy Brothers Irish Festival cruises. Don has a fine collection of Irish CDs. His favorite singer is Paddy Reilly.

South Central

Thirty two members of the South Central Shamrock Club met on Sunday, February 7, at Lyndon Depot in Lyndon Station. After a delicious lunch enjoyed by all, we had a short business meeting.

John Langer reminded us of the two events coming to the Al Ringling Theater, "Cherish the Ladies," February 19 and Doyle's Irish Caberet, March 12.

The names of the Irish Rose and Irishman of the Year were revealed. Mrs. (Jack) Mary Gavin of Reedsburg, as the Irish Rose, and Patrick Terry of Baraboo, The Irishman. The St. Patrick's celebration will be held at the Wintergreen in Lake Delton on Saturday March 13, 1999.

Our president, Mike Hickey asked that we work on getting new members.

For our entertainment we had Bonnie Monaghan of Necedah to lead the group in singing Irish songs. Vince Marchetti provided the tapes and song sheets.

We also celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Vince Marchetti's 40th anniversary.

A door prize of money provided by our president, was won by Roger Stieve.

Mary Stieve, Secretary

New Dublin Celebrates!

Come one come all to New Dublin's week of Irish events! Plan to spend as much time as you can, for our community is warm and welcoming.

Hooligan Day kicks off the week on Tuesday March 16 at high noon, where corned beef and cabbage is the fare at Pup's Irish Pub and at Sommer's Midtown. (See phone #s below for directions.)

On Wednesday March 17, you can begin your celebration with an Irish buffet at the Rainbow Restaurant in New Dublin, then on to Washington Jr High for the St Pat's program at 7 p.m. This is great family entertainment featuring local singers and storytellers. Here we will formally introduce our 1999 Irish Rose and Man of the Year: Mary and Donald Sommer, of the aforementioned Sommer's Midtown. Don and Mary are true supporters of the Irish in our area. Their spot on the Wolf River in downtown New Dublin has been a favorite meeting spot for years, but not only in March! Our Shamrock Club holds our monthly meetings there the first Monday of every month.

Please join us at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday March 18 as we sing Irish songs to the elderly in New Dublin (whether they're Irish or not.) We'll meet in the Beckert Rd. entrance of St Joseph Residence. Song sheets are provided. What better way to learn the old Irish songs than by joining us and spending a bit of time with the Old Folks?

On Friday March 19 our club offers two events, both beginning at 8 p.m. The wake service (dis)honoring Michael Patrick Finnegan will start its tour at Pup's Irish Pub, two miles west of New London on Hwy 54, and mourners will follow in his wake throughout the city. Also, a traditional Irish Ceili will be held at Crystal Falls (½ mile north of New London on Hwy 45), where Jerry O'Sullivan of Milwaukee will teach us Irish dance steps. So remember, if you're Irish, come into the parlor!

Saturday March 20 at 11 a.m., we'll feature Irishfest under the Big Top a huge, heated tent on North Water St. offering food, drinks and entertainment. Here we will feature bagpipe bands, market-place, raffle drawings and parade trophys. 1:30 p.m. is the kick-off time for the largest parade in the state of Wisconsin! Our 1999 parade grand marshal is Larry Van Alstine, St Norbert College Athletic Director (retired). Our big day concludes under the Big Top with the Winning O' the Green raffle drawing at 6 p.m.

Information on any of the described events may be obtained by calling club president Jill Hart at 920-982-2700 or vice president Melissa Mulroy at 920-982-3157

Milwaukee President's Message


Congratulations to our very deserving, extremely dedicated, 1999 honorees:

    Sue Dundon, Irish Rose
    Tom Blaha, Irishman Of The Year
    Mike Boyle, Parade Marshal.

Reminder to everyone to get involved in the numerous Shamrock Club events:

  • Regular Monthly General Membership Meeting, at the I.C.H.C. on Thurs., 03/04/99 at 7 p.m., when we give our final tribute to our 1998 Honorees; Irish Rose Jean Bills, Irishman Of The Year Pete Dundon, and, Parade Marshals Bob and Katie Voss and they then pass the sashes on to our 1999 Honorees.
  • Mass to Honor St. Patrick and Pancake Breakfast immediately thereafter.
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade Raffle help to underwrite our Parade expenses and win a trip to "The Homeland".
  • St. Patrick's Day Post Parade Party proceeds also assist in underwriting Parade expenses.
  • St. Patrick's Day Gala to more formally acknowledge and celebrate our 1999 Honorees.

Check the calendar in this issue for the dates, times and locations.

It's impossible to adequately express our most sincere thanks to all of our terrific volunteers. But, I need to mention a few, especially essential people who worked so very long and hard on our important March events: Our Own Color Guard Pipes And Drums who, every year, assure that the Mass and Breakfast continue their tradition of excellence and significant contributions to St. Patrick's Church, Co-Chairs of the Great Parade, Tim O'Brien and Mick McDermott, Raffle Co-Chairs Dick and Rosemary Quinlan, Co-Chairs of the Post Parade Party, Karen Ryan and Anne Stibor, and, Kathy Golden, Pat Sadowski, and all of the people with Milwaukee Irish Arts who ensure the continuing quality of the Annual Gala.

Very Special Thanks also to the numerous behind-the-scenes, selfless, dedicated, and tireless workers who always take time-out from their own celebrating and socializing to make sure that in- numerable others enjoy each/all events surrounding St. Patrick's Day.

Good News! Following-up on issues I addressed in this column in prior months, I am pleased to announce that Cate Harris, Brian Witt, and Amy Dey (Cate's daughter), have come forward to take over the sales and monitoring of advertising for this fine publication. Further, as a result of a recommendation from Jean Bills, I have appointed a "Green Ribbon Committee" to address and resolve issues relating to our Folk Fair and Irish Fest sales booths. That committee will be co-chaired by Jean, and Mary McAndrews and will include three additional Board Members: Sue Dundon, Jean Cardwell, and Joe Hughes. Several members-at-large, to be named by the Co-Chairs, will also serve on this committee. The Committee's report and recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors at our April Board Meeting.

As usual, our Board Members and General Membership have come forward to relieve our concerns and assure that our essential duties and positions will continue in excellence.

Finally, (and with my humble apologies for, again, dedicating so much time and space to recruiting additional volunteers), we need two Club members at-large to agree to serve on the Finance Committee. That Committee is Chaired by our Treasurer, Sharon Murphy and also includes: myself, the immediate Past President Brian Witt, and, the Senior Trustee Jack Noonan. That Committee will bring their Fiscal Year (July, 1999 - July, 2000 ) Budget Proposal to the May, 1999 Board Meeting. If you can serve on this Committee, please approach myself or our Treasurer to relay your willingness to assist

Dale Brenon

Milwaukee Pays Tribute
To 1999 Honorees

Milwaukee Parade Marshal, Irish Rose, Irishman of the Year

Parade Marshal Mike Boyle, Irish Rose Susan Dundon, and Irishman of the Year Tom Blaha (left to right)


I am so very proud to be chosen the 1999 Irish Rose. I'd like to thank everyone who welcomed me into this organization and encouraged me to get involved by volunteering.

My history with the Shamrock Club goes back to February 1990, when Kathy Mallon referred me. Kathy and I met when we both took an Irish language class with John Gleeson. In the ensuing years I became involved with Irish Fest, the Milwaukee Feis, Irish Fest Theatre, Bradley Center, the ICHC, the Children's Christmas Party, Post Parade Party and Folk Fair. I have proudly served on the Shamrock Club Board for three years. Along with volunteering, I enjoy as many Irish concerts and plays as I can in support of the Irish Arts.

My cousin Jean Cardwell and I, took our dream trip to Ireland in 1995 on one of John Gleeson's tours. That trip we spent most of our time in the North. This year we plan to go back and explore the Southern counties.

Again, I'd like to say how moved I am to be able to represent the Club for the next year as your Irish Rose. My commitment to the Shamrock Club and the Irish community is absolute and I will endeavor to be a good ambassador in the future. I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other 1999 Honorees: Irishman of the Year Tom Blaha and Parade Marshal Mike Boyle.


I was born in Oconto, Wisconsin, the second of four boys, my poor mother. Was raised in Milwaukee, attending St. Michael's Grade School and Boys Tech High School. After high school I joined the US Navy for 52 months, with 36 months stationed at the US submarine base at Holy Loch, Scotland. Leaving the Navy in 1966 I started my job with the US Postal Service as a letter carrier, retiring on January 1, 1999.

My Irish ancestry is through my great great grandparents, Patrick and Brigid Archbold, who came to Flatlands, New Brunswick from County Kildare in 1830.

I joined the Shamrock Club in 1971 with Chuck Stapleton as my mentor. I first met my future wife, Maggie (1995 Irish Rose) at O'Donoghue's Irish Pub. We met again at St. Roses school kitchen with a group of club members preparing corned beef for the Folk Fair. We were married May 1972 in Wisconsin Rapids, Maggie's home town. In June we were on the Shamrock Club Flight to Ireland for a belated honeymoon.

Our children, Steve, and twins Paul and Annie, have grown up with our activities centered around the Shamrock Club and the Irish community along with their Scouts, soccer, basketball, swimming and schooling. I served as a Webelo leader in Cub Pack 231 and the Advancement Chairman and Merit Badge Counselor in Boy Scout Troop 31 at St. Sebastian Parish. I also worked fish fry, home and school association, and stand-in usher at church.

I have served the Shamrock Club and Irish community in the following ways: Folk Fair volunteer; two years as sergeant at arms; parade marshal along with my wife Maggie in 1989; worked Shamrock Club membership and sales booths at Irish Fest; Post Parade Parties; Bradley Center volunteer; and charter member of the Shamrock Club Color Guard.

I feel extremely proud and my family greatly honored, to be chosen to represent the Shamrock Club.


As a parade volunteer for the past 13 years, I thought I'd seen the St. Patrick's Day Parade from just about every conceivable angle. From the assembly area, to the starting line as Director, to the reviewing stand for the past two years, I've had some great views. But to lead the entire assembly down North Avenue is an honor I never expected.

When I joined the club in 1983, I spent most of my time in the back of the room at the Bricklayer's Hall, trying to keep a low profile; that is until Chuck McLaughlin figured out I knew Chuck Ward, and volunteered me to hand out parade advertising books on Mitchell Street. From there it was a quick succession of helping Chuck Ward organize the first couple of parades on North Avenue, to taking over for him one year when Blarney had a festival to play for in Florida the weekend of the parade, to serving for six years as your parade director, and the past two years as reviewing stand announcer. Along the way I managed to serve four years on the Board of Directors (three as trustee, plus one as parliamentarian), as well as being among the first group of Bradley Center stand managers.

I've been an Irish Fest volunteer for 16 years (Chuck Ward's to blame again), working for the past six years as signs and decorations coordinator, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the past two years. I also work with the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club as a referee, and have served in the past as coach and assistant coach.

My wife of 17 years, Brigid, and I are blessed with two exceptional daughters: Erin, 16, a junior at Rufus King High School, and Meghan, 14, a freshman, also at King. From their days as Trinity Irish dancers (I helped construct and drive the parade float for a few years), to today, where they are volunteers (Erin helps Mick and Tim organize the parade, and you've probably seen Meg, walking our Irish Wolfhound, Madradh Mor, in the parade; both of them help me out at Irish Fest), they have always been the pride of my life.

Being selected Parade Marshal is a tribute I must share with the people truly responsible, the volunteers who have helped me through the years: Dennis Fadeski, Pat Farley, Erin and Meghan, my dad Ed, and all of you who have worked so hard on the parade. I don't have space to name you all, but I have to let you know that even though I accepted all the congratulations on the parade, it was you who were the real reason for its success.

I'm honored to be selected to lead this procession of Irish Pride down North Avenue. I know that my great grandfather, Billy Boyle, an immigrant from Co. Cork to Milwaukee in the 1870s, will be looking down on us with a smile.

Shamrock Club Raffle

A big thankyou to all who have sent their raffle returns in! Keep them coming! Need more? Call (414) 354-6624.

Dick and Rosemary Quinlan

Milwaukee Election Nominations

Nominations for the various board positions of the Milwaukee chapter will take place at the March and April general meetings. All positions are open for election. Nominees must be present at the meeting at which they are nominated. Elections will take place at the May

Milwaukee Parade Day Events

The Milwaukee chapter of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin will be holding its annual St. Patrick's Celebrations in 1999 on March 13. These include our annual Mass in honor of St. Patrick, the 34th annual St. Patrick's Parade, and the Post Parade Party at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center.

The Mass will take place at St. Patrick's Church, 7th and Washington, at 8:30 a.m. It will be followed by a pancake breakfast at the United Community Center, 9th and Washington. Proceeds from the Mass and the breakfast will go to St. Patrick's Parish. In addition, Milwaukee Irish Fest will be conducting a Food Drive at the Mass. Food will be turned over to Hope House.

Our 34th annual St. Patrick's Parade will take place at noon, running from 53 and North in Milwaukee to 74 and North in Wauwatosa. The parade promises to be one of the largest yet in our history.

Following the parade will be the Post Parade Party, at the ICHC. It will run from 1-6 p.m. Entertainers for the 1999 edition of the party will include Blarney; Leahy's Luck; Frogwater; Great Outdoors; Anam Ri; Trinity Irish Dancers and Cashel Dennehy Irish Dancers; the Silent Singers; Belfast actress Frances Quinn, and more.



1:00-1:45 pm Anam Rí

2:00-3:00 pm Frogwater

3:15-5:00 pm Great Outdoors


1:30-2:15 pm Blarney

2:40-3:15 pm Blarney

3:20-3:35 pm Caledonian Dancers

3:45-4:30 pm Blarney

4:30-4:45 pm Caledonian Dancers

4:45-6:00 pm Session


2:00-2:45 pm Leahy's Luck

2:50-3:00 pm Introduction of Honorees

3:00-3:25 pm Trinity Irish Dancers

3:30-4:15 pm Leahy's Luck

4:20-4:50 pm Cashel Dennehy Irish Dancers

4:50-5:00 pm Intro of Winners and others

5:00-5:45 pm Leahy's Luck


2:30-3:00 pm Silent Singers

3:15-4:00 pm Frances Quinn

The Schedule is subject to change.
New Acts may be booked.

The Post Parade Party will also feature food and beverages for sale. Potato soup, corn beef sandwiches, beer, soda and more will be available.

The Shamrock Club's Post Parade Party has become one of the largest St. Patrick's celebrations in the state. Last year, over 1500 people attended during the course of the day. There is continuous entertainment during the afternoon.

For more information on the Mass and breakfast, call Chuck or Bonnie McLaughlin at (414) 771-0458. For information on the Parade, call Tim O'Brien at (414) 444-1989. For more information on the Post Parade Party, please contact party coordinator Karen Ryan at (414) 744-9524.

Fox 6 logo

Vince Condella and Fox 6 Named Official Meteorologists

MILW. The Shamrock Club is proud to announce that Vince Condella and the Fox 6 Weather Team will be the "Official Meteorologists of the 1999 St. Patrick's Day Events". The Fox 6 Weather Team will give updates on the weather the week before March 13. The Shamrock Club Board of Directors voted on this declaration at the January 28, 1999 meeting.

Irish Fest Scholarships Available

Milwaukee Irish Fest is proud to announce that there are two scholarships available for worthy participants. They are the Edward J Ward Music Scholarship and the Irish Cultural and Educational Grant. Applicants may be of any age or ethnic background, and need not be residents of the Milwaukee area. Information and applications can be obtained by writing to Milwaukee Irish Fest, 1532 Wauwatosa Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53213, or by calling the Irish Fest office at 414-476-3378 during business hours.

The Irish Cultural and Educational Grant shall be awarded twice a year, with $1000 available, with dispersal into smaller grant amounts. Money can be used for a variety of Irish cultural and educational projects. Applications are due at the end of April for the May grant, and the end of November for the December grant. The Edward J Ward Music Scholarship is a $1000 yearly scholarship that is to be used for the study of Irish instrumental music or song. Applications are due at the end of July.

14th Annual Special Mass to Honor


Will be held prior to the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Saturday, March 13, 1999 at 8:30 a.m.

At St. Patrick's Church
723 South 7th at Washington Street, Milwaukee
Sign reader for hearing impaired

Shuttle Bus: from Wauwatosa Civic Center parking lot --
76th and North Ave.
To St. Patrick's Church, Back to the Parade Route.
For Just $3

Bus To Leave Sharply at 7:45 a.m. for the Church


(all proceeds going to St. Patrick's Church)

For reservations or information contact:
Chuck and Bonnie McLaughlin
12007 W. Walker St., West Allis, WI 53214;
Phone 414-771-0458

(Send self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Make checks payable to Shamrock Club)


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City/State/Zip_____________ Phone____________

Number of Reservations:_____________________

Amount $ __________________________________

Failte Romhat

a hundred thousand welcomes

to our grand

St. Patrick's Day Gala

Wednesday, March 17th, 1999



Milwaukee Irish Arts and the

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

invite you to an evening of

story, song, music and laughter

Guests of Honor:

Irish Rose, Irishman of the Year

and Parade Marshal

Featuring seasonal entertainment

by Pull Up to the Fire

and Milwaukee Irish Arts.

Reservations Required: $30 per person [Cash Bar]

Free Parking available -- Enter on 10th Street

Wisconsin Club -- 900 W. Wisconsin Avenue

5:30 p.m.: Cocktails

7:00 p.m.: Gaelic Gourmet Dinner

8:00 p.m.: Tributes to our honored guests.

8:30 p.m.: A Celtic Celebration with Pull Up to the Fire

and Milwaukee Irish Arts

-- -- -- -- -- - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --




NUMBER OF RESERVATIONS____________________


Information/mail to: Pat Sadowski -- 527-2934
8804 W. Capitol Dr., #3. Milwaukee, WI 53222
Make checks payable to Milwaukee Irish Arts
Please include the names of each member of your party.

Welcome New Members

Dane County Robert and Arlene Finley (reclaim); Pearl Kaw.

LaCrosse Edna Smetana (referred by O'Brien).

Milwaukee Jeanne-Marie Farley and Family; Jacqueline Konkol; Monica Meagher (referred by Dale Brenon); Kathleen L. Sullivan; Shawn M. Verdoni.

South Central -- Richard and Mary Quinlan.

8th Annual Monster Ceili Dance

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day the traditional Irish way with a ceili dance on March 6. It all begins at 7 p.m. with a half hour of Celtic music. The dancing begins at 7:30 p.m. Beginners are especially welcome! Instructors, John and Joanne Woodford and Jim and Kathie Vint will guide first time dancers. This year, part of the proceeds benefit the Peace Education Project, a local peace and justice organization. Lively Celtic music will be provided by Milwaukee's largest ceili band, Ceol Cairde. This event is organized by friends and family of Ceol Cairde.

The ceili dance will be held at the Marion Center / St. Mary's Academy, 3195 S. Superior / Lake Dr., Milwaukee. Beverages, snacks and Celtic bakery will be available. Cost: $7 for adults, $3 for children 6-16 years old and free for children under six. For further information, please call Kristina Paris at 372-3060.

Milwaukee Set Dancing


Come enjoy set dancing and the music of Rira, with Ed Paloucek on fiddle and Kathleen Congleton on piano. Sunday, March 7 at 2:00 p.m. at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center, 2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. Admission is free.


Steve Hickman, Jon Newlin and Ed Morgan will play for ceili and set dancing on March 21, from 2-4 p.m. at the ICHC. Freewill offerings requested. These very talented musicians are currently performing An Irish Reunion Concert, (through March 21) at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater's Stackner Cabaret.


Patrick O'Dea is returning to the U. S. and will conduct a set dance workshop on Sunday, March 28, at 1 p.m. at the ICHC. Patrick has a smooth dancing style and his teaching is notable for its clarity. The fee is $15. You need not bring a partner. Some set dancing experience is suggested. For information or to register in advance, call Jim or Kathie Vint at 414 258-3370 or write to

A workshop in Madison with Patrick is set for Monday, March 29. Please contact the Vints for further information.


Kick up your heels and enjoy a lively evening of ceili and set dancing on Saturday, March 13 from 8-11 p.m. Hear some of Milwaukee's great Irish traditional dance musicians, including John Richey and Phil Rubenzer. Julie Clark will teach and call a variety of ceili dances and Jim and Kathie Vint will guide all comers through two set dances. Musicians and callers are donating their services so that all proceeds go directly to the Center. It is not necessary to come with a partner. Admission is $6. ICHC phone: 414 345-8800.

Ulster Project Benefit

On March 12, 1999 from 7-11 pm the Milwaukee Ulster Project will be presenting Anim Ri, Trinity Academy of Irish Dance and Cashel Dennehy Irish Dancers. In addition there will be a raffle drawing for a round trip for two to Ireland, as well as other wonderful raffle prizes. The evening of fun will be at Mount Mary College, Bergstrom Hall, enter off of 92nd and Locust. Tickets ($5) are available at the door, or from Milwaukee Ulster Project families and include a raffle ticket.

Proceeds will support the Milwaukee Ulster Project which will be celebrating their 20th year. The project brings young people from Northern Ireland to stay with Milwaukee families.

And if the music and dancing in Bergstrom Hall isn't enough, Mount Mary College is sponsoring an Irish Storyteller, Frances Quinn presenting a Cuchullain Series in the second floor of the Tower Building on March 12. Ms. Quinn is from Armagh and currently lives in Belfast. The program begins at 7:30.

Mike Brady