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Seubert Racing


PO Box 476 Marathon, WI 54448

Welcome to the Seubert Racing Website

Let me tell you a little about Seubert Racing. The Driver and Owner is Brian Seubert (on the right), a 19 year old College Student in Aviation at the University of North Dakota. The Crew Chief is Jeremy Koppa, Chunk as everyone calls him (on the left), also 19, attending Auto Body School in Appleton,WI. It was all started only two years ago in a divison called bombers. Racing at two local tracks, Tomahawk Speedway and State Park Speedway (Wausau). The first year, 1996, was a major learning experience finishing twenty-first out of fifty-five drivers. The second year,1997, was when this racing team made it's move. Finishing fourth out of fifty-three drivers and holding the fastest lap turned that year. For the 1998 season Seubert Racing is moving up to the Late Model divison running CWRA (Central Wisconsin Racing Association) running at three local tracks, Marshfield Super Speedway, Golden Sands Speedway, and State Park Speedway.

More great information on this fast moving Race Team will be here soon. So DON'T miss it!!!!!!!!!!

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