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Police Frequencies

Everywhere in the United States, you should be able to hear at least one police frequency talking. Police frequencies are one of the greatest frequency sources in number.

Following this paragraph is a general view of the placement of police frequencies. Be aware that you may not be able to hear ninety-five percent of these frequencies if you live in a small town. If you do not find all that you are looking for, be sure to look in my Links section for further help. Any further additions to this would be greatly appreciated.



042.020-042.940 (State Police Mobile)

044.620-046.020 (advancing with .04 steps)

154.650-154.950 (advancing with .015 steps)

155.010-155.370 (advancing with .06 steps)

155.415-155.700 (advancing with .015 steps)

155.730-156.210 (advancing with .06 steps)(156.090 excluded)

158.730-159.210 (advancing with .06 steps)

460.0125-460.5625 (advancing with .0125 steps)

465.0125-465.5625 (advancing with .0125 steps)



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