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Meet My Adopted Son! Yeferson Martinez Vasquez

My First Picture Of Him
Four Years Old

My Name Is : Yeferson Martinez Vasquez

My Status Is : Adopted

Where I Live : Cartagena, Colombia

My Chores Include: Sweeping our Home, & going to School

Brothers or Sisters? : 2 Brothers

My Main Language : Spanish

Welcome to my page. I am Five (5) years old. I live with my Mother, & Father in a City, called Cartagena, In the Country of Colombia. My Country is South of the United States. It is in South America. I Love playing with Toys & Cars. I like to draw. I also enjoy learning & going to school. I help my Parents with "chores" around our home. My job is to sweep the house, everyday, and help with my Brothers. My Adopted parent is Ron Wantuch. He Lives in Wisconsin, a State, in the upper Mid-Western United States. My adopted parent found me, & my family through "Children International", a charitable organization, devoted to helping needy children around the world. If you would like more information on how to sponsor a child of your own, then click on the link below...Thank you!
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Latest Photo Of My Son

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