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Page O' Links

Page O' Links

A VERY smurfy site to download all sorts of fun programs.  They don't pay me to advertise, but check em' out!

Fun Stuff

Torture the Fish!
Dancing Hamsters!
Dancing Cows!
Dancing Fish!
Dancing Monkeys!
Funky Dancing Monkeys!
More Dancing Monkeys!
Dancing Penguins!
Mountain Dew Anonymous
The Empty Website. No Joke.
The Wicked Witch Project

Circle of Wierdos

Homeboy Teddy's Site
T.J.'s Evil House of Pancakes

Personality Tests
Keirsey Temperament Sorter: One of the most respected Personality Evaluators. Now in conveniant internet form.
A short but startlingly accurate personality test using picures
An Interesting personality test on what Medieval Trade you might be suited to. I'm skeptical about the results I've seen so far.

(Relevant) Educational Stuff
The Franciscan University of Steubenville---Where I live right now
Ah! Linfield High School, my Alma Mater.

Internet Radio Stations
Good ol' Rap from Wisconsin
Around the Clock Swing Radio

Other Things I'm Part of.

The F.U.S. Film Club--- Brand new club I'm webmastering for

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