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If YoU nEeDa PoEmZ...yOu caMe tO da RiGht pLacE...

tO bE WItH yOu
I dO BeLieVe In gOd aBoVe
He CreAtEd yOu fOr me ToO LoVe
He pIcKEd YoU oUt FrOM aLL tHe rEsT
caUse He kNeW i'D LoVe yOU bEsT

i HaD a heArT aNd It waS trUe
NoW Its gOne frOm mE tO yOU
sO cArE fOr It aS i HaD dOnE
fOr yOu haVe tWO aNd I haVe NoNe

If I gEt o HeAvEn aNd YoUr nOt theRe
I'LL waIt fOr YoU by The gOldEn staIrS
If yoUr Not theRe by JuDgEmEnT Day
I'LL kNow yOu wEnT tHe OtHEr wAy

i'LL gIvE thE aNgELs baCk thEir wInGs
tHeIr gOLdEn haRps aNd OtHEr tHiNGs
aNd jUst tO pRoVe My LoVe Is TrUe
i'LL gO tO heLL jUsT to Be wItH YoU...

On a big bright star I wished for you
The day I met you, my wish came true
You were sent from the heavens above
My angel, my one true love
To be with you, I'd give the world
I'm so glad that I'm your girl
I found my way to your heart
And I hope that we will never part
To lose you, I'd rather die
For the sun has left my sky
In a heartbeat, I'll die for you
Just to prove my love is true
I'd give my last breath to see you smile
For you I'd walk that extra mile
To love and hold you
Is what I would do
Till death do us part
I'll love you deep within my heart
Forever and a day
I promise to be true
Forever and always I'll be loving you

-kA vAnG-

When I first saw you
I was scared to talk to you
Now that I'm talking to you
I'm scared to get close to you
Now that I'm close to you
I'm scared to love you
Now that I love you to you
I'm scared to lose you


aLL i cAnT saY...
tHeRes So mUcH i caNt sAY
wHen i LoOk iNtO uR eYeZ

Im woRRiEd YoU'LL reJecT mE
aNd hUrT mY fOoLisH pRiDe

EaCh dAy tHiS LoVe gRoWs sTrOngEr
BuT i cOuLd nEveR LeTchU kNoW

tHerEs sO mUcH bEhInD mY sMiLe
tHaT i CouLd NevEr shOw..

Id HoLd YoU fOR a LifeTiME
iF yOu wOuld Let me iN

Id LoVe yOU LiKe nO oTHeR
buT yOU duNt uNdeRsTaNd..

eVerYtIme i See YoU..
yOUr hOLdIng On tO heR

tHe pAiN Is LiKe a KnIfE
cUttIn dEep IntO mY souL

sO i'LL dReaM oF Us tOgeTheR
jUsT hOw It CouLd bE

aNd aLL tHaT yOU aRe
wILL reMaIn a SiLeNt pArT oF me....

-JeNNy MoUa-

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