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SwEeT LoVeRs

tHiS PaGe Is DeDiCaTeD tO tEe..

Ka aNd tEe....

tO bE WItH yOu
I dO BeLieVe In gOd aBoVe
He CreAtEd yOu fOr me ToO LoVe
He pIcKEd YoU oUt FrOM aLL tHe rEsT
caUse He kNeW i'D LoVe yOU bEsT

i HaD a heArT aNd It waS trUe
NoW Its gOne frOm mE tO yOU
sO cArE fOr It aS i HaD dOnE
fOr yOu haVe tWO aNd I haVe NoNe

If I gEt o HeAvEn aNd YoUr nOt theRe
I'LL waIt fOr YoU by The gOldEn staIrS
If yoUr Not theRe by JuDgEmEnT Day
I'LL kNow yOu wEnT tHe OtHEr wAy

i'LL gIvE thE aNgELs baCk thEir wInGs
tHeIr gOLdEn haRps aNd OtHEr tHiNGs
aNd jUst tO pRoVe My LoVe Is TrUe
i'LL gO tO heLL jUsT to Be wItH YoU...

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