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Game Shark/ Game genie Cheats

Game Shark/ Game genie Cheats
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Game Shark/ Game genie Cheats

Game shark/ Game Genie Codes

Game Shark/Game Genie Codes

It's very difficult to type all the codes I recieve because of the volume. Before sending a code please make sure it's not already here! Please do write me, however, if I make a typo with the code, or if I repeat the same code. Your help is greatly appreaciated. you can reach me by clicking here 

To find a certain code hit Ctrl + F

Game Shark Codes

Start With Any Pokémon 01??1ED1 From Justin
Get Mew In Red Version 15191a7fc From Aaron
Get Mew In Blue Version 15193af7a From Aaron
To start off with mew 01151ED1 or 0115d8cf From Cronamew
To fight Mew in every battle 0115D8CF From Cronamew
Infinite Energy 01FF16D0 From Cronamew
Rare Candy 01287fcf From Harry
Infinite Safariballs in Safari zone 016647DA From S.M.T
Infinite time in Safari zone 01FOOED7 From S.M.T.
Free Porygon 011AA1ED1 From S.M.T
Free Porygon 01AA1ED1 From ???
Infinite Money 019947D3 019948D3 019949D3 From Cronamew
Infinite First Item 01631fd3 From josh v m
Make any Pokémon your first Pokémon 01??64D1 From Cronamew
Set level of first Pokémon to 100 (note: if you know anything about hexadecimal, you can change the "64" to any number from 00 to FF, or levels 0 to 255) 01648CD1 From Cronamew
Set max hps of first pokemon to 999 01038DD1 and 01E78ED1 From Cronamew
Set attack of first pokemon to 999 01038FD1 and 01E790D1 From Cronamew
Set defense of first pokemon to 999 010391D1 and 01E792D1 From Cronamew
Set speed of first pokemon to 999 010393D1 and 01E794D1 From Cronamew
Set special of first pokemon to 999 010395D1 and 01E796D1 From Cronamew
Fight Any Pokémon 01??D8CF From Cronamew
Get Mew Anywhere 0115d8cf -- then go into any tall grass and the pokemon will be all scrambled up don't worry catch it... after when you fight and look at stats it looks normal and it doesn't mess your game up From Ormon
No Random Battles 01033cd1 From Gavin Lee
Buy Master Balls In Any Pokémart For Free 01017CCF From ???
Fight Trainers -- This Game Shark code allows you to battle people instead of Pokemon and you get money if you beat them. Their Pokemon will be messed up and will always be at level 30. Each will have 6 unknown pokemon. Just type in the code (replacing the **), then choose a patch of grass and soon you'll run into a trainer. 10**d8cf From ???
Get Any Item 01xx7ccf From ???

Fill in ?? with the numbers/letters in this table:

Pokémon Chart by Jayce
00 ????
01 Rhydon
02 Kangaskhan
03 Nidoran Male
04 Clefairy
05 Spearow
06 Voltorb
07 Nidoking
08 Slowbro
09 Ivysaur
0A Exeggcutor
0B Lickitung
0C Exeggcute
0D Grimer
0E Gengar
0F Nidoran Female
10 Nidoqueen
11 Cubone
12 Rhyhorn
13 Lapras
14 Arcanine
15 Mew
16 Gyarados
17 Shellder
18 Tentacool
19 Gastly
1A Scyther
1B Staryu
1C Blastoise
1D Pinsar
1E Tangela
1F No Pokemon Labeled As Missingno
20 Missingno
21 Growlithe
22 Onix
23 Fearow
24 Pidgey
25 Slowpoke
26 Kadabra
27 Graveler
28 Chansey
29 Machoke
2A Mr. Mime
2B Hitmonlee
2C Hitmonchan
2D Arbok
2E Parasect
2F Psyduck
30 Drowzee
31 Golem
32 Missingno
33 Magmar
34 Missingno
35 Electabuzz
36 Magneton
37 Koffing
38 Missingno
39 Mankey
3A Seel
3B Diglett
3C Tauros
3D Missingno
3E Missingno
3F Missingno
40 Farfetch'd
41 Venonat
42 Dragonite
43 Missingno
44 Missingno
45 Missingno
46 Dodou
47 Poliwag
48 Jynx
49 Moltres
4A Articuno
4B Zapdos
4C Ditto
4D Meowth
4E Krabby
4F Missingno
50 Missingno
51 Missingno
52 Vulpix
53 Ninetales
54 Pikachu
55 Raichu
56 Missingno
57 Missingno
58 Dratini
59 Dragonair
5A Kabuto
5B Kabutops
5C Horsea
5D Seadra
5E Missingno
5F Missingno
60 Sandshrew
61 Sandslash
62 Omanyte
63 Omastar
64 Jigglypuff
65 Wigglytuff
66 Eevee
67 Flareon
68 Jolteon
69 Vaporeon
6A Machop
6B Zubat
6C Ekans
6D Paras
6E Poliwhirl
6F Poliwrath
70 Weedle
71 Kakuna
72 Beedrill
73 Missingno
74 Dodrio
75 Primeape
76 Dugtrio
77 Venomoth
78 Dewdong
79 Missingno
7A Missingno
7B Caterpie
7C Metapod
7D Butterfree
7E Machamp
7F Missingno
80 Golduck
81 Hypno
82 Golbat
83 Mewtwo
84 Snorlax
85 Magikarp
86 Missingno
87 Missingno
88 Muk
89 Missingno
8A Kingler
8B Cloyster
8C Missingno
8D Electrode
8E Clefable
8F Weezing
90 Persian
91 Marowak
92 Missingno
93 Haunter
94 Abra
95 Alakazam
96 Pidgeotto
97 Pidgeot
98 Starmie
99 Bulbasaur
9A Venusaur
9B Tentacruel
9C Missingno
9D Goldeen
9E Seaking
9F Missingno
A0 Missingno
A1 Missingno
A2 Missingno
A3 Ponyta
A4 Rapidash
A5 Rattata
A6 Raticate
A7 Nidorino
A8 Nidorina
A9 Geodude
AA Porygon
AB Aerodactyl
AC Missingno
AD Magnemite
AE Missingno
AF Missingno
B0 Charmander
B1 Squirtle
B2 Charmeleon
B3 Wartortle
B4 Charizard
B5 Missingno
B6 Missingno
B7 Missingno
B8 Missingno
B9 Odish
BA Gloom
BB Vileplume
BC Bellsprout
BD Weepinbell
BE Victreebel
BF The rest are glitches

Fill in xx with the numbers/letters in this table:

Item Chart by ???
01 Master Ball
02 Ultra Ball
03 Great Ball
04 Pokéball
05 Town map
06 Bike
07 Surf without Pokémon
08 Safari Ball
09 Pokedex
0A Moon Stone
0B Antidote
0C Burn Heal
0D Ice Heal
0F Parlyz Heal
10 Full Restore
11 Max Potion
12 Hyper Potion
13 Super Potion
14 Potion
15 Boulder Badge
16 Cascade Badge
17 Thunder Badge
18 Rainbow Badge
19 Soul Badge
1A Marsh Badge
1B Volcano Badge
1C Earth Badge
1D Escape Rope
1E Repel
1F Old Amber
20 Fire Stone
21 Thunder Stone
22 Water Stone
23 HP UP
24 Protein
25 Iron
26 Carbos
27 Calcium
28 Rare Candy
29 Dome Fossil
2A Helix Fossil
2B Secret Key
2D Bike Voucher
2E X Accuracy
2F Leaf Stone
30 Card Key
31 Nugget
32 PP Up
33 Pokédoll
34 Full Heal
35 Revive
36 Max Revive
37 Guard Spec
38 Super Repel
39 Max Repel
3A Dire Hit
3B Coin
3C Fresh Water
3D Soda Pop
3E Lemonade
3F S.S. Ticket
40 Gold Teeth
41 X Attack
42 X Defend
43 X Speed
44 X Special
45 Coin Case
46 Oak's Parcel
47 Item Finder
48 Silph Scope
49 Poké Flute
4A Lift Key
4B Exp. All
4C Old Rod
4D Good Rod
4E Super Rod
4F PP Up (for free)
50 Ether
51 Max Ether
52 Elixer
53 Max Elixir
C4 HM 01
C5 HM 02
C6 HM 03
C7 HM 04
C8 HM 05
C9 TM 01
CA TM 02
CB TM 03
CD TM 04
CE TM 05
CF TM 06
D0 TM 07
D1 TM 08
D2 TM 09
D3 TM 010
D4 TM 011
D5 TM 012
D6 TM 013
D7 TM 014
D8 TM 015
D9 TM 016
DA TM 17
DB TM 18
DC TM 19
DE TM 20
DF TM 21
E0 TM 22
E1 TM 23
E2 TM 24
E3 TM 25
E4 TM 26
E5 TM 27
E6 TM 28
E7 TM 29
E8 TM 30
E9 TM 31
EA TM 32
EB TM 33
EC TM 34
ED TM 35
EE TM 36
EF TM 37
F0 TM 38
F1 TM 39
F2 TM 40
F3 TM 41
F4 TM 42
F5 TM 43
F6 TM 44
F7 TM 45
F8 TM 46
F9 TM 47
FA TM 48
FB TM 49
FC TM 50

Fill in ** with the numbers/letters in this table:

Trainer Chart by ???
C9 Youngster
CA Bugcatcher
CB Lass
CC Sailor
CD Jr. trainer (boy)
CE Jr. trainer (girl)
D0 Supernerd
D1 Hiker
D2 Biker
D4 Engineer
D6 Fisherman
D6 Burglur
D7 Swimmer
D8 Cueball
D9 Gambler
DA Beauty
DB Phychic
DC Rocker
DD Juggler
DE Tamer
DF Bird keeper
E0 Blackbelt
E1 Gary
E2 Professer Oak
E3 Chief
E4 Scientist
E5 Giovanni
E6 Rocket
E7 Cool trainer (boy)
E8 Cool trainer (Girl)
E9 Bruno
EA Brock
EB Misty
EC Lt. Surge
ED Erica
EE Koga
EF Blaine
F0 Sabrina
F1 Gentleman
F2 Gary
F3 Gary
F4 Lorilei
F5 Channeler
F6 Agatha
F7 Lance

Game Genie Codes

Make people dissapear 00c-54b-107 From Matt
Any level bbb-bbb From Matt
Buy coins for 10$ 3b4-44d-f7a From Matt
Sell pokeballs for 410095$ 996-11b-e6a From Matt

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In the newspaper that i had receved on the 28th december there were a few good cheats in there for pokemon red, blue and yellow the cheats are
To get mew without cheating you need to have surf and one traded pokemon that has STRENGHT you also need to be sure that the ship in vermilion city has not left yet so what you do is this. Go to the dock just before you board the ship go left and use surf. keep on surfing until you come across this bit of land there should be a truck on it use strengh and move the truck. Mew should be under there. If you have pokemon yellow if you hang around for a while Togepi will appear.
Here are some more.
Missingno- the 152 pokemon exists.
To find extra water pokemon get your best rod and go to the water gyms and go fishing facing the statues.
To get NIDOGOD you must enter the safari zone with five level 100 Nidokings all of them gorwn from experince points. Each Nidoking must have strength as there 4th move. Go to the secret house in the safari zone and use strenght once from each Nidoking. The NIDOGOD will appear.