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CC BACK IN POISON!!! Friday, February 18, 2000: Poison's Greatest Hits Platinum! Source: Billboard.com Poison's Greatest Hits album, released on November 26, 1996, has gone platinum. According to the Billboard charts, the Greatest Hits album surpassed one million sales in the United States to reach this milestone. Thursday, February 17, 2000: Groundbreaking Poison News! Source: Poisonweb.com Go to www.poisonweb.com for a groundbreaking Poison newsflash!CC BACK IN POISON Thursday, February 17, 2000: Bret Michaels Country Songs Given Date Souce: Club Rockett On the merchandise front are Bret's country demos. These were highly bootlegged a while back! There are some really great songs on this disc. Bret wants to offer it to you all. It will be available for ONLY $7.99 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. For more details, visit Bret's site. Wednesday, February 16, 2000: Crack a Smile Press Release Source: Zalinda Edwards of Capitol Records Woodland Hills, CA --- February 4, 2000 --- Poison's 1994 album Crack A Smile will be released for the first time on March 14 by Capitol Records. Along with the 12 songs on Crack A Smile in full 24-bit remastered sound in their original running order, the 20 track recording will also include b-sides, rarities and outtakes, plus four bonus tracks from MTV "Unplugged." Poison's 1990 performance on the show included some of their biggest hits, "Your Mama Don't Dance," "Talk Dirty To Me," and the gold singles "Unskinny Bop" and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." The last song was recently inducted into BMI's prestigious Millionaires Club, signifying more than one million U.S. radio spins. The release of Crack A Smile coincides with new activity for Poison. VH1's recent "Behind the Music" attracted millions of viewers when it premiered and it will re-air in heavy rotation in March. The show was filmed on Poison's 1999 Greatest Hits Tour, which featured all the original members. That tour will be followed by another one in summer 2000 and possibly a new album. Also in the works is a pay-per-view TV special from the summer 2000 tour. According to Capitol Records, the release of Crack A Smile was also triggered by the overwhelming number of e-mails from fans through the Capitol Records website hollywoodandvine.com. Poison's seventh album, Crack A Smile became known to millions of their devoted fans as a "lost" album. After a string of gold and platinum albums and nine Top 10 singles, times had changed and so had the band's label and the band itself. Joining original members Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett and Bobby Dall was guitar hero Blues Saraceno replacing C.C. DeVille. Numerous bootlegs began to surface, the new Capitol Records regime received unprecedented requests for its official release, and web sites and chat rooms spread tales of "their best album yet" which might never be heard by most fans. Crack A Smile includes such glam punk sounds (which have become current again) of Poison's bar band roots as "Doin' As I Seen On My TV," some of their trademark raunch in "Shut Up, Make Love" (the album's first single being released to rock radio), "Sexual Thing," "Mr. Smiley" and "That's The Way I Like It," a taste of their acoustic skills on "Best Thing You Ever Had," and a cover of Dr. Hook's "Cover of the Rolling Stone" featuring a drunken Michaels and Rockett struggling to complete it. Also included are "One More For The Bone" and "Set You Free," both intended b-sides, and an untitled outtake, all from the Crack A Smile sessions, and "Face The Hangman," from sessions for Open Up And Say . . .Ahh! Previously, it was available only as a European b-side. Formed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the early '80s, Poison made their Capitol Records debut in 1986 at the peak of the pop metal era with Look What the Cat Dragged In, a triple platinum seller that went top five on the strength of three hits "Talk Dirty To Me," "I Want Action" and "I Won't Forget You." It was followed two years later by Open Up and Say . . . Ahh! With its three top 10 hits, "Nothin' But A Good Time," "Your Mama Don't Dance," and the #1 "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," it rose to No. 2 and went five times platinum. The controversial "Unskinny Bop" launched Flesh and Blood in 1990, one of two top five hits from the album along with "Something To Believe In." Poison went on to release two more gold albums, Swallow This Live and Native Tongue before beginning the sessions for Crack A Smile. Track Listing 1.Best Thing You Ever Had Shut Up, Make Love Baby Gets Around A Bit Cover Of The Rolling Stone Be The One Mr. Smiley Sexual Thing Lay Your Body Down No Ring, No Gets That's The Way I Like It Tragically Unhip Doin' As I Seen On My TV One More For The Bone (intended b-side) Set You Free (intended b-side) Untitled (outtake from the CRACK A SMILE sessions) Face the Hangman (outtake from OPEN UP AND SAY...AHH) Your Mama Don't Dance (from MTV Unplugged, 1990) Every Rose Has Its Thorn (from MTV Unplugged, 1990) Unskinny Bop (from MTV Unplugged, 1990) Talk Dirty To Me (from MTV Unplugged, 1990) *Tracks 1-15 feature Blues Saraceno on guitar and tracks 16-20 feature C.C. DeVille. Poison - Crack A Smile Street Date: March 14, 2000 Label: Capitol Order Date: February 18, 2000 Format: CD/CS Genre: Rock UPC Codes: 72435-24781- 2/5; 4/7 Review Copies: Avail. upon fax or e-mail request Wednesday, February 16, 2000: Poison Negociating Pay-Per-View Event Source: Poisonweb.com An end of the summer Pay-Per-View Event is taking shape for a live Poison show with songs and antics that will be exclusive to this Pay-Per-View event. Saturday, February 12, 2000: CC Back in Poison....? Source: The Tour Bus In a weekend interview with The Tour Bus, guitarist CC DeVille said that he had made ammends with the members of Poison and was again slated to join them on a summer tour in support of their new album, Live + Five. Fill-in Tracii Guns (of LA Guns) had been writing with the band for their new album, but had stated in an earlier interview that he would step down if CC returned. Thursday, February 10, 2000: CC Making Ammends? Source: Metal Edge Magazine "The POISON soap opera continued over NAMM weekend, with C.C. DeVILLE expressing remorse over his handling of the situation, namely telling the band he wouldn't tour or record if his band SAMANTHA 7 wasn't given the opening slot on the tour. DeVille chalked it up to frustration over people not taking him seriously but realized "it's not their fault. I know I handled it wrong. But I didn't know who to get mad at." DeVille extended an olive branch of sorts when he stood on line with fans to see RIKKI ROCKETT at the Johnny Rabb drumsticks booth, and the two had a friendly conversation. But afterward, Rockett said that the guitarist needed to apologize to BRET MICHAELS, to whom most of his venom had been directed, if he really meant to make amends. What does TRACII GUNS, DeVille's designated replacement, think of this possible change of heart? "If they work things out, I wonít be in the band," he stated the obvious, but he has been enjoying what he's done in the studio so far and is looking forward to the summer tour, even though his schedule is tight these days between Poison and L.A. GUNS commitments (there's a three week tour booked in March). Either way Iím happy. Itís a good band and itís a good band with me in it," he said. "Hopefully everything will work out for everybody." BLUES SARACENO, the guitarist on Poison's Crack a Smile album, is glad that the album is finally going to see the light of day on March 14. "I'm real proud of my work on the record and I'm excited to see what the Poison fans thing of it. I think that the playing and songwriting is great," said Blues, who is back in action after a two year hiatus from the music business. "I started my own band," he says of the outfit currently called GORGEOUS GEORGE, though that may change. "Labels wanted to change it, so I made it myself with my own money, in my studio. Beyond Records took it as is." Saraceno sings and plays guitar in the band, which features JASON FREES on keyboards, ERIK TOPOLSKI on bass, and JAMES E. KEEGAN on drums. "It's a cross between STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and FRANK ZAPPA," described Saraceno, who invites fans to visit his Web site, bluessaraceno.com." Thursday, February 10, 2000: CC to be Interviewed on Tour Bus Source: thetourbus.com Look for an interview with CC DeVille on thetourbus.com this Saturday, February 12, 2000 at 8:30pm eastern time. Saturday, February 5, 2000: More on Poison's Breakup Source: KNAC The latest news from the Poison camp has people wondering what's up with C.C. DeVille? The tightrope that DeVille has been walking between Poison and his solo band, Samantha 7, has finally broken. According to singer Bret Michaels and drummer Rikki Rockett's e-mail newsletters, C.C. is officially not a part of Poison. Michaels and Rockett allegedly accused DeVille of "lying to everyone," and using Poison to get "cheap publicity" for Samantha 7 while never intending to record or tour with Poison." The e-mail stated, "Michaels said DeVille never showed up for scheduled recording sessions and told Portrait Records' John Kalodner that he would not work with Poison again, which left them no option but to find another guitar player." Bret's response to all of the rumors about C.C. at this point is that it is nothing more then a publicity stunt on C.C.'s part. The gravity of the situation became apparent when bassist Bobby Dall, who is known for not speaking publicly, got into the act with a post on the Samantha 7 message board: "I am the only one in the band that had any conversations about this upcoming record and tour with CC. He simply refuses to talk to the other guys period." He further stated that, "The band has not fired CC again, as he is trying to claim, we are just moving forward with other options because of his inability to work in a respectful manner with the other members of Poison. C.C. was here in studio last Friday (Feb. 4) and admitted that perhaps he was a little hasty in his demands to the band. He contritely explained that, by wanting Samantha 7 on the bill, he was trying to show people that he is serious about his current solo project. DeVille said that he would still like to be a part of the tour, but that he didn't blame Poison if they decided to move ahead with the replacement. Find out Lonn Friend's take on the interview below. Currently L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns is working with the band on the Live + Five record (concert tracks from last summer's tour plus five new songs) that will be released in time for the start of the tour in mid-June. Guns is said to be working with the band around his L.A. Guns schedule and will be aboard for the tour, which will also feature Cinderella, Dokken and Slaughter. Friday, February 4, 2000: CC Having Second Thoughts? Source: KNAC CC Came. CC Saw. CC Spoke. Did CC Conquer? Well, after an hour onair with yours truly and the great and loud Mendoza, I 'll say this: CC DeVille remains the immortally wounded and wonderful rock n' roll character. He admitted his "demands" on Poison to let his solo act, Samantha 7 open the proposed Poison tour this summer (which resulted in CC's being outsted from the tour), were wrong. He did a humble backpeddle, sincerely admitting he loved the last Poison tour and wants to do it again, if he and the band can work things out. Of course, there is the issue of Samantha 7 (Mendoza spun four very cool tracks at the urging of our inimitable guest), where CC is realizing a dream by flexing his pipes for the first time. "I wanna be a singer," he cried. "I've always wanted to sing. These songs are very personal." I see things this way: Poison should go out as Poison and let CC sing a couple of his songs during the set. It's the biggest audience for his new tunes and lays a solid promotional foundation for Samantha 7. Everyone benefits, especially the Poison fans, who deserve the original lineup, the original chemistry, the KFC original recipe. CC promised me when he left the building he would call Bobby. Hey, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. And if not, well, I know it's only rock n' roll, but I like it. I've been in the middle of band frays countless times over the course of my career. Why? Because I usually make friends with the artists to the point where I can act as sort of a third party peacemaker, without any kind of political agenda. It's been difficult at times knowing what I know but choosing not to air the laundry in the various media outlets I've been part of. To me, dishing the dirt for ratings or circulation has never superceded the relationship with the artist or their hardworking keepers. That being said, I find myself in the midst of a firestorm with a band whom I've known for at least 10 years and all of whose members I've long been fond of. The band is Poison, and what's going on with them right now is fucked up. Last summer, the original four members -- Bret, CC, Bobby and Rikki -- got together and hit the road for what was by all accounts, the best touring experience of their career. They made big money, played the hits, satisfied tons of fans, and put all the VH1 Behind the Music tabloid bullsh!t behind them. Or did they? Recent events would dictate otherwise, because here we go again: the age old Poison controversy of CC saying and doing this and Bret saying that and what was supposed to be a new original lineup Poison tour with production beginning on a new LP has deteriorated into two camps and if you ask me, it sucks, because it's once again about ego and narcissistic horsesh!t. According to Bret, he and CC embraced at the end of that successful summer '99 tour in mutual agreement that it was "the best tour we ever did. "But," says Bret, "I haven't heard from CC since the day I dropped him off when the tour was over. And the day he was supposed to come down to the studio and demo with us and producer Bob Ezrin, he never showed up." So, CC moves on and cuts a deal for his new band, Samantha 7, while keeping Poison hanging as far as his participation in the next Poison tour, going so far as to demand that Samantha 7 open for Poison or he wouldn't do the tour. To me, that was a ludicrous request to begin with, diluting the Poison headlining experience. "I've got a solo deal, too" adds Bret, "does that mean the I should play after CC and before Poison?" Of course not. Now, for some balance. CC DeVille as always considered himself "America's Sweetheart," the endearing, at times, tragic comedian of the band. He came as close to death's door from cocaine addiction as anyone could without actually booking passage on Steamboat St. Peter. Yet today, he is five years sober, happy to be alive and musically vital, so much so, he's talking up Samantha 7 like they're the second coming of pop metal. All fine and dandy, by the way, if CC separates the two experiences and doesn't leverage Poison with his new band. Unfortunately, that's what he did when he gave Bobby Dall an ultimatum last weekend that Samatha 7 opens the tour or he don't play with Poison. "I'm a singer now, not a guitar player," said CC to Bobby. "We don't need a singer, CC" responded Bobby. "We need a guitar player." Words of anger followed and, poof, there goes CC...again. Now, what followed this was CC telling our own (and Metal Edge icon) Gerri Miller that he was "kicked out of the band." Perspective in this life is everything. What do you think? Last Saturday night, I brought CC down to Los Angeles radio station, KLSX, to do the farewell show of C Notes, a music industry talkfest hosted by my longtime pals, Dave Adelson and Roy Trakin. His performance on air was hilarious, vintage CC, but he was also vintage CC the salesman ("hawkin'' is the yiddish vernacular), peddling Samantha 7 at every opportunity. Now, I will say this with all my heart: I love CC DeVille. He is to me one of the classic characters of this business and I thank God he survived his addictions to rock again. CC also has a problem with self-esteem, hence his constant need to self promote, even at the cost of damaging relationships. My take is this: Samantha 7 should release their record with all due glitz and glamour. No one in Poison denies CC this. But to pull this leverage play and forsake his career bread and butter -- and worse, to spin the results of this stupid action into "I'm CC the victim again!" That's weak. CC needs to wake up or he is forever doomed to commit the same life faux pauxs over and over again. Acting as third party mediator, I'm putting this to the members of Poison: Make Peace! Do it for your fans! CC is an important part of Poison's songwriting and performance gestalt. Bret, Bobby, Rikki -- you know he's a couple cans short of a sixpack. Forgive (again) and get this show back on the road. As for you, CC, my adorable psychotic misshuggah pal -- count your blessings you here and breathing and that you've got three guys who are as much as family to you as anyone has ever been in your life. Have fun with your solo project. Do dates here and there if you can. But give respect to the band that put you on the map. Dig deep for some new Poison music (I know it's there because "Framed" from Samantha 7 is an awesome track) and take the show on the road one more time. Personality and ego lay waste to rock bands. It's about the music and the fans. Hold that thought. Hold it tight. Love to all. Friday, February 4, 2000: CC Out; Read the Accounts! Sources: Metal Edge Magazine, MTV, VH-1, BMIFC As printed on Metal Edge online http://www.mtledge.com : The departure of C.C. DeVILLE from POISON, reported here Monday, has been confirmed by BRET MICHAELS and RIKKI ROCKETT, who accuse DeVille of "lying to everyone," and using Poison to get "cheap publicity" for his band SAMANTHA 7 while never intending to record or tour with POISON. Michaels says that DeVille never showed up for scheduled recording sessions and told Portrait Recordsí JOHN KALODNER that he would not work with Poison again, which left them no option but to find another guitar player. TRACII GUNS is working with the band on the Live + Five record (concert tracks from last summerís tour plus five new songs) that will be released, quite possibly by Portrait, in time for the start of the tour in mid-June, just a few weeks after the birth of Michaelsí and girlfriend KRISTIís daughter RAINE ELIZABETH. Guns, still with L.A. GUNS ("Weíre working around his schedule," says Michaels) will be aboard for the tour, which will also feature CINDERELLA, DOKKEN and SLAUGHTER. Until then, the singer will keep busy directing and acting in The Famous Final Scene, which films in late March through late April and features MARK DACASCOS, JOHN STAMOS and PAULY SHORE, and producing a Poison tribute album for Deadline/Cleopatra, which includes a rap version of "Unskinny Bop" by Shore. Rockett is designing Web sites, building a recording studio (nephew Markís punk band will be one of his first studio projects), and prepping his Glitter For Your Soul album for recording in April with contributions from BLUES SARACENO, CHUCK GARRIC and ROLAND BOLAN, the son of MARC BOLAN, who will cover one of his late fatherís T-REX songs. The long-delayed Crack a Smile album will be released March 14 with 20 tracks, comprised of the original album, four MTV Unplugged tracks ("Your Mama Donít Dance," "Every Rose...," "Unskinny Bop," "Talk Dirty to Me") songs intended as Crack b-sides ("One More For the Bone," "Set You Free"), and outtakes, including "Face the Hangman," from the Open Up and Say...Ahh sessions. While Michaels wishes the album didnít sit on the shelf so long, "Iím just as proud of it now," he says. From MTV.com: It looks as though the reunion between Poison and once-estranged guitarist C.C. DeVille is off yet again, and L.A. Guns' Tracii Guns has been confirmed as DeVille's replacement. The split this time around, according to DeVille, was caused by frontman Bret Michaels' refusal to allow DeVille's other band, Samantha 7 (formerly known as The Stepmothers), to open the pending Poison tour this summer. "Poison does not want C.C. on the summer tour, or Samantha 7 for that matter," Samantha 7's Krys Baratto told MTV News. "That was their decision, not C.C.'s or ours." According to Baratto, the news came as a shock to DeVille and crew, as Michaels had previously okayed the plan, which would have seen Samantha 7 promoting its debut album on the tour. The group is signed to Portrait/Columbia records, and its first record is set for release in March 2000. Baratto says the group will still tour this summer and is currently eyeing a bill with Lit. Poison frontman Michaels, however, accuses DeVille of trying to start a press war in order to generate publicity for his own band. Michaels puts the blame for the split squarely back on the guitarist, contending that he himself was the one taken by surprise, not DeVille. "We had a great tour last summer," Michaels told MTV News. "I drove home with C.C., we laughed and hugged, and said, 'See you in a couple of weeks.' Nothing was wrong. He hasn't called me once since then, and I've left six or seven messages. Then he tells the label that he doesn't want to write and work with Poison. "C.C. would only play a the material he originally worked on," he continued. "He just wanted to rehash the old Poison stuff and work on his new band. I really wanted to work on new material. I don't want to be rehashing the old catalogue for the rest of my life. I'm too young for that. "We scheduled rehearsals and writing sessions with Bob Ezrin in December," Michaels explained. "C.C. called Bobby, promised he'd there. Then he didn't show up. So we phoned Tracii and said, 'Why don't you come write with us,' just to see how it worked. And it worked great." Michaels did admit that he didn't want Samantha 7 on the bill. "I feel when we go out in the summer as Poison, it should be Poison. I've got one solo album and another on the way, but I don't call Poison and threaten that if they don't let me open, I don't do the tour. "I'm not a publicist for C.C. DeVille," he added. The Poison-DeVille reunion was far from short-lived (after splitting in 1991, the two parties made up in December 1996), but it was also far from productive. The reunited group hadn't done much more than start work on a few new songs and tour last summer. The latest plan for Poison has been to release a live album recorded during the last tour packaged with five new studio songs, and that will continue with Guns on the five new tracks instead of DeVille. The group will also continue booking another summer tour, which this time will also feature Cinderella, Dokken, and Slaughter. Meanwhile, the perennially pending "Crack A Smile," an album recorded five years ago without DeVille and initially shelved by Capitol, is currently on that label's release sheets for March 14, 2000. Michaels has also been wearing his filmmaker's hat of late, with a new movie in production called "The Last Breath." -- Sorelle Saidman, mtv.com From VH-1 News: OPEN UP AND SAY...SHOVE IT C. C. DeVille is perhaps the greatest subject Behind the Music ever trained its beady lens on. And the wild guitarist of poodle rockers, Poison, has added yet another chapter to his saga of whores and Weight Watchers. He's left Poison - again. The split was over singer Bret Michaels' refusal to allow DeVille's other band, Samantha 7, support Poison on tour. Samantha 7 were originally known as the Stepmothers, and DeVille has been nurturing the band in-between Poison reunion tours. DeVille sent a message to Metal Edge magazine saying, "C.C. has been thrown off the tour and Samantha 7 will no longer be opening the summer tour, and C.C. will not be touring with them." Krys Baratto of Samantha 7 elaborated on their Web site. He posted a message reading, "I can't say too much on it cuz I don't know all of the details. I do know this, this decision was one sided and had nothing to do with CC. It all came as quite a shock to him and to us. He said before that if he goes out on the tour this summer that he wants us to open, not too much to ask for since we will be out in support of an album. Everything is really up in the air right now with all of that. Everything is great on the S7 end and we will be out this summer. If any of you are frustrated about this, feel free to vent here or on the Poison site." Krys Baratto told MTV News, "Poison does not want C. C. on the summer tour, or Samantha 7 for that matter. That was their decision, not C. C.'s or ours." According to MTV News, Michaels initially agreed to the plan, but then reneged. Samantha 7 is now left with a debut album on the way but no way to promote it on the Poison tour this summer. The album is due to be released in March and is produced by Night Ranger's Jack Blades. Last October, Rikki Rocket posted a message on the Metal Edge Web site, saying that Poison were planning on touring together, but only after Michaels and DeVille "mend a few minor, but possible major, details on how to work together." At least DeVille has kept his dignity. Poison first fired him in 1993. By then, DeVille's addictions had gotten so out of control he was actually thrown off the Poison tour bus into a swamp by the band. DeVille returned to Poison in 1996 after the waning band tried to replace him with two other guitarists. While the fate of Poison as a band is unknown, DeVille is now free to pursue his planned "supergroup," as reported by MTV News in October. The band is due to feature Ratt's drummer Bobby Blotzer and Great White wailer Jack Russell. Friday, February 4, 2000: Bobby Dall Comments Source: TheStepmothers.com This quoted from the message board of CC DeVille's web site, TheStepmothers.com: Lets get to it and set the record straight. I am the only one in the band that had any conversations about this upcoming record and tour with CC. He simply refuses to talk to the other guys period. First of all, he has been refusing to record with Poison because of some long standing resentments that he holds against Bret. Then after 3 months of holding out on recording he tells me that he will tour with the band only if Samantha 7 gets to open but he still won't record with us. I told him in simple terms " No f*cking Way!!!" Then he goes to the press and tells all the fans that we said he could open and we changed are mind because of Bret, which is horsesh!t. I am the one who is refusing to let him blackmail the band especially in light of the fact that he refuses to record with the band. The band has not fired CC again, as he is trying to claim, we are just moving forward with other options because of his inability to work in a respectful manner with the other members of Poison. Our intentions when we booked the tour last summer, which by the way I had to talk him into kicking and screaming all the way, was for a Poison reunited with CC. As he told me himself the other day he is a singer now. Poison needs a guitar player!!! Being as he does not want to be ours, we wish him the best of luck and a healthy life. I love him like a brother and so does Rikki and Bret. Hopefully he will treat us with the same respect we have tried to show him!!! Sincerly, Bobby Dall Friday, February 4, 2000: CC Out, Tracii In Source: Poisonweb.com This reprinted from the "Newz" section of Poisonweb.com: If you haven't heard by now, the rumours are true, C.C. split from Poison again. Is anyone really all that surprized? What isn't true, however, is that Bret Michaels is not to blame. Firstly, Poison decisions are made by all members collectively. Secondly, Bret and all of Poison were looking foward to new Poison tracks on the new upcoming live record for a great tour this year. C.C. was the unco-operative one who refused to show for anything related to any of this. The door was open as late as last Tuesday (1/25/00) for DeVille. By Wednesday, a decision to move forward had to be made. To say that C.C.'s demands to open the bill on the upcoming Poison tour was the reason, is like saying that WW-2 was because of Hitler's moustache! Rockett said. C.C. wouldn't write or play anything other than the old tunes with Poison ever again. That just is simply not a healthy band relationship. C.C. thinks he was the John Lennon of Poison when what he really is more like is John Wayne Gayce, a clown with some real evil lurking under that smile. Who's the new guy? The Satanic Mechanic, Tracii Guns! Poison has been through thick and thin and back again. This summer will be no exception to the latter. Rumours are abound that C.C. DeVille has been dismissed from Poison. The truth of the matter is, he never officially rejoined. C.C. agreed to tour last year with Poison and we all hoped everything would be great and it was. Towards the end of the tour, we began to puruse the idea of recording some live tracks from the road and add a few new ones as well. C.C. seemed interested, but remained uncommital saying he was also interested in doing a solo record. All Poison members supported his decision to do a solo record and Poison waited patiently for C.C. to decide if he would commit to a few new songs so Poison could offer something new to tour with come summer 2000 and still allow time for C.C. to accomplish his solo effort. We allowed C.C. plenty of time to think about the Poison decision and do a solo effort even offering help in any way. When the time came to record the new tracks with producer Bob Ezrin at the helm, C.C. refused to show up and began circulating nasty inferences about certain Poison members. Finally, C.C. calls management (he won't call a Poison member directly), and said he'd do a couple of songs and tour, but A. His band had to open all the dates and B. He would refuse to play anything that he was not a part of. Meaning any material off of Native Tongue or the upcoming Crack A Smile records. So, basically he was saying, if you want to keep Poison intact, don't do anything. I'll do anything I want and kiss my ass if my band can't open for Poison ta boot! So, what's a band to do? There is only one choice, move on. Tracii Guns will be filling the slot not only for the upcoming summer 2000 tour, but will also play on all five new Poison tracks slated to be called "LIVE+5" to be relased before the tour ensues. Poison refuses to get into a pissing match over this. Our first wish was for C.C. to be alive and healthy and second to rejoin Poison. He is healthy, let's just leave it at that. Tuesday, February 1, 2000: More CC Updates, Crack a Smile, etc... Source: BMIFC, Club Rockett Bret's response to all of the rumors about C.C. at this point is that it is nothing more then a publicity stunt on C.C.'s part. The band will make a formal statement soon. Bret will be having a baby girl by girlfriend, Kristine, in June. Her name will be Raine. Bret continues to work on the tribute album. Look for members of "Kiss", "Great White", "Ratt", "Union", "L.A.Guns", "Total Chaos", "Earth Wind & Fire" & even street raps hottest new artist, "The Hines Brothers" to appear. Word has it that even Pauly Shore will make an appearance on this disk. Poison has been rehearsing in preperation for the tour in support of their new album, Live Plus Five. The tour will begin in late June or early July, and no supporting acts have been officially signed yet. Bret is also working on re-mastering the CD soundtrack from A Letter from Death Row. He is going to add 2 or 3 new previously unreleased tracks and add some new artwork to it. It will be available through bretmichaels.com shortly. The price will be $9.95 plus $4.00 (additional $7.00 for international orders) for shipping and handling. Crack A Smile is being release on E.M.I./Capital records on March 14th. It looks like Set You Free is going to be the first single off this album. The track listing is also available on the new Crack a Smile page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January, 2000 Monday, January 31, 2000 CC Out of Poison? Source: Metal Edge Magazine No details yet, but we received this brief message from C.C. DeVILLE and KRYS BARRATO of SAMANTHA 7 stating that "C.C. has been thrown off the [POISON] tour and Samantha 7 will no longer be opening the summer tour, and CC will not be touring with them." More details as soon as we can get them. Samantha7 Band member Krys Baratto posted the following on the Samantha7 web site: I can't say too much on it cuz I don't know all of the details. I do know this, this decision was one sided and had nothing to do with CC. It all came as quite a shock to him and to us. He said before that if he goes out on the tour this summer that he wants us to open, not too much to ask for since we will be out in support of an album. Everything is really up in the air right now with all of that. Everything is great on the S7 end and we will be out this summer. If any of you are frustrated about this, feel free to vent here or on the Poison site. I'll keep ya posted as details come in....Krys Wednesday, January 19, 2000: Crack a Smile Delayed Source: Rockett Newsletter Capitol Records has moved back the release date for Crack A Smile and More to March 14th, 2000. There will be a couple of additions that were not included on the bootleg version. Tuesday, January 11, 2000: Poison Chat Room Fixed Source: Scott, webmaster After months of inactivity, the Poison chat room has been purged and fixed. Now, if someone enters the room and forgets to log out upon leaving, they will be logged out automatically after one hour of inactivity. So you won't be chatting with people who aren't there! There is still a maximum of 30 people allowed in the chat room at any one given time, so you still may experience a "busy signal" but now your chances are much better of getting in! Friday, January 7, 2000: Bret Solo Album Delayed Source: BMIFC Bret Michaels' new solo album, Ballads, Blues, & Stories, has been delayed. Originally slated to come out in November of 1999, it has now been postponed until after the summer of 2000. Why? because of the February release of Crack a Smile, as well as the upcoming summer Poison tour. To all those who ordered the CD months ago, do nothing; your order will be held over until the release date. Wednesday, January 5, 2000: Poison In Metal Edge Source: Metal Edge Magazine. Poison will be featured in the March, 2000 issue of Metal Edge Magazine, due out January 11. Rikki will answer a question on Rockin' Roundup ("What was the first record you ever owned?") and there will be a feature article on page 44. Saturday, January 1, 2000: Update on Rockett's Glitter For Your Soul Source: Rockett Newsletter Rikki Rockett's new project, Glitter For Your Soul, is previewed on his new web site, http://www.glitterpunkdrumminvegan.cx. The project consists of an album of tunes covering 70's glam rock. Look for more infomation in the months to come!