Swallow This Live

Intro: (1:18) (To the music of Strange Days of Uncle Jack) Southern California, are you ready? From the gutters of Hollywood, California Will you welcome The glam slam kings of noise.... POISON!!!!

Drum Solo (6:31) Rikki Rockett solo; no lyrics

Something To Believe In (5:52) alt lyrics: God it feels so cold here And so lonely in his place

Guitar Solo (9:30) CC DeVille solo, no lyrics

So Tell Me Why (3:21) I'd like to put to rest the rumours I'd like to put to bed the lies I'd like to throw away the past And show you how I feel inside I'll be your taxi and your driver I'll be your road if you need I'd like to push and push and push Just to make you pleased But your river of emotion for me flows like a dried up stream Chorus: So tell me why Your satisfaction's like a heart of stone So tell me why Your love reaction chills me to the bone You make my blood boil hot And my heart beat like a drum I'd like to do to you girl Things that ain't never been done From the rain I'll be your shelter From the cold I'll be your heat I'll push and push and push just to make you pleased Chorus So tell me your reason for tearing me up inside Girl you gotta tell me why Solo But your river of emotion for me flows like a dried up stream Chorus
Souls on Fire (3:18) It takes two to tango In the heat of the night You're gonna give it in No matter how you fight Hot nights, pretty women and a bottle of gin Fine floozy sitting pretty in the city of sin I'm knocking on your back door baby let me in Chorus: I'll take you down light your fuse baby Set your soul on fire Make your body sweat soaking wet In the midnight hour Step closer my seniorita It's so nice to meet ya I see your eyes say no but your flesh is weak Well sweet salt shaker and rattle my bones One more inch I'm gonna drive it home Hate to see a pretty little woman all alone Chorus She said are you gonna nibble baby Or are you gonna take yourself a bite You invite me closer honey And I just might I don't want money or a big black car I just wanna know how I'm doing so far So far I'm gonna do you just right Chorus

Only Time Will Tell (3:57) I just needed someone to hold When the bottle was empty and the nights grew cold In my hour of darkness In my time of need You were my angel of mercy And helped me to believe You touched my soul When I was lonely You held me up when I couldn't fly There's no words could explain How I feel inside And this I tell you In a world full of anger and times gone strange You held me close You held me close to you Lay my head on your shoulder I finally let it all out It felt good for a moment Not living in a shadow of doubt But everybody needs a little something Tu pull them through I gave one for the other And God know that the other was you Chorus: Now only time will tell Only time will tell If our love is scratched in sand Or if it's etched in stone Only time will tell Only time will tell If our love will stand Or walk the road along My angel of mercy Pulled me through somehow I just hope you know I need you now Solo You're the one That touched my very soul The one who held on tight God knows you never let go Angel of mercy It's time we closed the door Put out the lights And burn the fire Burn the fire inside Angel of mercy You pulled me through And this I tell to you God know I'd tell it to you

No More Lookin' Back (Poison Jazz) (3:17) My friend called just the other day Packed it up he won't be back this way It's not your heart but the spirit they break There's only so much a small town boy can take See the eyes of the countless masses Drinking life from the empty glasses Chorus: No more victims No more lies Ne sheer heart attacks No more empty promises No more lookin' back I came here loaded searching for the dream But nothing is ever easy as it seems I thought I got closer to it every day But every day it just got so far away See all the faces paled Shot to hell when the system failed Chorus I thought I could take all the shit in grind And stand much more pain But see all those dead end wishes Eats away at the brain Solo, chorus