Bobby Dall

Bobby Dall: Bass guitars, piano, backing vocals Born: November 2, 1963 in Miami, Florida. Real name: Harry Kuykendall. Albums: All Poison albums. Bobby Dall joined Poison when they were still called Paris, in Pennsylvania. He's been on every single Poison album, playing bass and sometimes piano. Of Native American - German descent, Bobby is the youngest of 3 kids. He has a brother named Butch (in the construction biz) and a sister named Patty (a nurse). His mother, Lynda, who herself was a nurse in a Loony Bin, moved to Pennsylvania when Bobby was just a baby. A self-proclaimed "pretty bad kid", Bobby found it hard showing up at school and was always a rocker at heart as well as image, a fact pretty much evident from his earrings and long hair since the "tender-age" of 11 years. His early influences (which have stayed with him till today) were The Stones, Kiss, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper and AC/DC.

In his early teens, Bobby decided that music was what he wanted to excel at, and learned guitar. He switched to bass, when he was 15, because he "felt more comfortable, more at home with it". His first band was Oblivion in grade school. He went to his first concert at the Florida World Music Festival, in Orlando, Florida, which was Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Frank Mirano and Mahogany Rush, and says Bobby. "It blew my mind and that's what I always wanted to be (ever since)". A Stephen King fan, Bobby never went to college but he was planning to. "I was supposed to be a lawyer," , says Bobby. "It was law or Rock n' roll. It would've been fun too, but I am glad I went this way." Taking up odd jobs like those of a clam digger, a cook (which has always been a passion; he loves to cook and says, if he weren't in Poison, he would open a restaurant; and a carpenter. Bobby met his future band-mates at a place called Tastee Freeze when a mutual friend gave his number to Rikki and Bret, who were looking for a guitarist/bassist pair.In each other, the three found exactly what each of them had been looking for: Instant rapport, awesome camaraderie, same way of thinking and a lotta mutually felt excitement. Top that with loads of talent and it doesn't seem like such a coincidence anymore. Bobby, of course, has a very romantic side too. That can be proven by the fact that he is very happily married to his wife of nine years, Michelle, fondly called Mishy, whom he met sometime in '87/'88 backstage at one of their shows. She was a Poison fan since high-school. They got married in October, 1989, in Dallas, Texas (she's from Odessa), and have two kids, one son named Zachary Brandon, born on December 16, 1990, and a daughter named Zoe Brianne, born on January 9, 1997. A pretty little blond (sometimes she does change her hair color) Bobby is the tallest member of Poison at 6 feet. He also likes to play golf, loves the water, owned a boat named Escape II which he recently sold, and lives in Indiatlantic, Florida (near Melbourne Beach) with the family. He handled the business side of the band in the early days and still looks after it. "You can't hand your life over to somebody." says Mr. Dall.