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Tribal Health Services


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Health Services will be limited to Counseling, Health Education, and Health Evaluations. The use of Homeopathic Remedies in conjunction with current accepted usages in Herbal Medicines, along with Tribal Medicines and Healing Practices.

To reduce the costs in Health Care, the OBICWI will utilize its Colony Sites to grow medicine herbs. While the Herbal products are available on the Colony Sites, there will be only a minimal charge for the replacement of the medicine plants utilized. Homeopathic Remedies will be at the expense of the patient until such time as the Colony can develop resources or a member trained in Homeopathic Pharmocology can provide such service as needed.

Health Care Education will be available at this Internet site to assist Colony members in preventative health care.

Services in Hand, Foot, and Body Reflexology, shall be available with minimum costs to the patient, and based on ability to pay, or barter.

Health Evaluations will be scheduled on a quarterly basis for all members. Preliminary health surveys will be available on this internet site for ongoing health problems.

The costs for Health Services will be kept to a minimum as Health Service personnel provide their service on a voluntary basis. The only costs incurred will be for costs of supplies, remedies, transportation and replacement of medicine plants. Every attempt will be made to keep health care costs at the lowest possible level. Remember, we dont receive federal or state support for our Health Programs at this time.