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Oklevueha Band Indian Schools & College

Educational Divisions & Services

According to the previous Principal Chief of the Oklevueha Band of Seminole, there has always been a system of education which imparted not only the history and culture of the tribe, but also elements of reading, writing, and math to provide an opportunity to function in both worlds. In 1979 a formal system of Home Schooling was established for Oklevueha Children. In the 1980's a residential school was established on the Old Florida Reservation, and was registered with the Florida Educational Department as the Coe Harjo Christian Seminole Indian School. The Home Schools were formally recognized by a number of jurisdictions throughout the United States, and was listed in the National Directory for Alternative Community Schools. The name of the Home School Division was changed to the Oklevueha Band Indian Schools & College, and the services provided are recognized by the State of Wisconsin Education Approval Board as exempt from their jurisdiction.