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This is my first web page. I hope everything works out as planned. Hopefully there are some things here that are of some use to you. Please do me a favor and fill out the questionaire below and push send. The questionaire is just to give me an idea of what kind of people are out there today! Thank you. As for myself, I am a 18 yo male. I live in the sucky state of Wisconsin, and will be a senior at Marshfield Sr. High next year. I am about 6'7", weigh 180 or so, have brownish blonde hair with blue eyes, and am currently single. I'm on all the time, so feel free to talk to me on icq. You can reach me at 28034028. I'd like to say hi to my best buds: Katie Landwehr (who's my best female bud), John Cokl, Gunta, Mark Kleba, James Cokl, Justin Schmoll, Dan Sweeney, Scott Fischer, Jap, Jesse Wittman, Jill Brock, Katie Sheean, Michelle Wright, Casey (?), My sis, Susan, Jesse Hash, Mike Kmiec, and also a new exchange student that I met from Thailand, Pui. I would also like to reach out to the people that I look forward to talking to on icq everytime I log on. My most favorite person to talk to is "Liz". I met her and saw something cool. That would be everything a guy wants in a girl. You just can't do better than that. I don't know what I would do without her...seriously. Other people I like talking to are Adidas chic, ash, Amanda, c-dogg, Ali, Liz, Mikie's Angel, and bob. Bob is the bomb. I think that's about it. . If anyone has further questions about me or my page, or if you just feel like dropping me a line because you want to, mail me here Other than that, I hope you enjoy the page. I really look forward to getting the emails so I know how to improve this site. Keep them coming!!

Also! You should check out my sis's site. She just made it, but will be working on it when she can. If you would be so kind as to check it out for me, click here. Thanks guys!

Please fill out this form and send it to me! Thanx 8^)

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This is the last one. What do you think of my pic??

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Thanks a bunch for filling this out! Push the send button and then enjoy the rest of the page. Stunning, fast, FREE!
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