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Established: June 26, 1999

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What an Explosive TNT! New members of the Heenan Family? What happened to Ric Flair's House? Edge the apprentice of Bret Hart? Who was The Macho Man's Protege? Who is the Television Champion after a Triple Theatre defence of the TV Title! Find out with TNT!

Check Out Tuesday Night Takedown!

Quote of the Week

Flair: I heard them talking and I don't like it! I'm out of my prime!!! (starts getting angry and slows down his tempo, face starts to turn red) I'm ... out ... of .. my ... prime!!! Benoit!!! I've ... been ... up ...and .. down .. and ... around ... this ... world ... more ... in ... my ... career ... then ... you ... ever ... will!!! You.. wake.. up.. one.. morning.. and.. you.. suddenly.. think... your... bad!!! Lemme.. tell.. you... something!!! I've.. carried.. a.. company.. on .. my.. back.. for... 20 years!!! Can you say you've done that?!? NO!!! Will you do that?!? .. I'm.. out.. of.. my.. prime?!? Does this look I'm outta my prime?!?

(Flair whips a shoe off and whips it into the crowd, then hits the ropes and does a couple of stomps and delivers an elbow to... well nothing. He springs back up and goes back to the microphone)

- Ric Flair commenting on Chris Benoit

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