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It's Buck Season

    You know what that means. Yes another season of the bucks drinking game. Here are the rules and of course with all good drinking games their is room to add your own or delete outdated rules.

  1. This is the easiest rule, but it will make finishing the game tough. Pick your favorite Buck. Everytime an announcer says his name for any reason Drink.

  2. Drink everytime an announcer mentions a former Buck.

  3. Drink two for every Bucks dunk.

  4. Drink once for every free throw the bucks give up.

  5. Everytime Glenn Robinson turns the ball over Drink. Yes I know Glenn is getting better, but a good dribble off the knee still deserves a drink.

  6. Everytime McGlocklin says check them here and get it back on the other end Drink. ..or for radio listeners if Ted says dribble drive Drink.

  7. Everytime Cassell bitches about an obvious call Drink.

  8. Drink half a beer if Dog, Ray, or Sam aren't the leading scorer at the half.

  9. Here's a fun one. It is like the fourth quarter shoot out with one twist, do it for every quarter. For those of you who are Bucks challenged all you have to do is pick the Buck you think will score first before each quarter. If you are wrong drink two. If you are right pass out two drinks.

  10. Everytime Pryzbilla or Redd stepp on the floor drink.

  11. Every quarter the bucks give up over thirty points drink half a beer. If its the fourth quarter and you can still add give yourself a pat on the back.

  12. Everytime Ham misses a jump shot drink two.

    Note! We'll be drinking a case of beer when the Bucks bring home the championship this year.