I like swimming. A lot. I can't wait for the season to start. November 15th or so. Yay :). Anyways, I think i'll put some of my best times up here, so all of you can make fun of them. :) Ecspecially my non-free non-breast times (for the strokes I have swam). I can't really think of any links to put up here. Well, i can think of one, but I don't remember the address. It's that madison site that lists the state times from last year, and the current year's competitors and stuff. Oh well, e-mail me if you know it. Or any other good swimming links for the matter. maybe I'll put Tyr and Speedo up if I can find any good pics. And maybe some nice bikini pics. Hey - they look like they're going to swim, don't they? :)

50 Free- :24.2

100 Free- :57

100 Breast- 1:08

Yeah, I didn't label my units, be quiet. Those were my best times for the events I swam last year, I was in some pretty good relays too, can't remember the times though. As I swim stuff this year, I'll put up times for other events and update these times as well.

All right, here's a quick update, about the times I've achieved so far this year, although most of you don't care :)

50 Free- :25.0

100 Free- :59.something

100 Breast- 1:12.something

and that's about all I've swam this year. Pretty sad huh? Well, hopefully I'll do some other stuff as the season progresses. Hmm...I do have a swimming image. I think I'll spare all of you from having to view it though. If you really want to see it, click on the link.


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