Fred Saberhagen

Fred Saberhagen wrote the Sword's books. They're really cool. My favorite books, they are. Anyways, they're mostly about this one guy, Prince Mark, who ventures across the land doing deeds with one of the Twelve Magic swords. I think I'll list them because they are really cool. :) Also, I put either a (Good) or a (Evil) next to them, which is my interpretation of whether they were good or evil. However, seeing as they are only Swords, they are actually only that depending on how they are used. Therefore, the comment only depicts for which side they were generally used.

Wounderhealer- (Good) It can heal any wound when cut by it.

WayFinder- (Evil)You just hold this sword up, think about what you what to find, and it will point in that direction. It sort of sucks though, because it often will lead you down the most dangerous path, so you have to be careful with your wording.

ShieldBreaker- (Neutral) I like this Sword. When wielding this Sword, you can not be harmed by any other weapon. If another weapon is brought against you while wielding this, it blocks the attack and kills the wielder of the other weapon. The bad thing about this weapon is that if someone comes against you unarmed, you are unable to throw down ShieldBreaker, and the unarmed person can kill you. Oh well. :)

DoomGiver- (Good, I guess) Not much was said about this sword, it was destroyed by ShieldBreaker in the first book. I guess it's special ability was to do whatever the person who was fighting you was going to do to you. For example, let's say someone thought he was going to cut off your head, but you had DoomGiver wielded. They might end up cutting off they're own head. I guess the writer thought this Sword was too good, so he destroyed early on.

FarSlayer- (Evil) This ones pretty cool. You just think of who you want to kill and throw it. The Sword will seek them out and pierce them through the heart. It will always kill them unless they are wielding ShieldBreaker.

TownSaver- (Good, I guess) Like DoomGiver, this Sword was destroyed in the first book. It sort of sucked, as far as I can tell. If you were defending something, and were wielding it, you would be able to kill everything that was attacking you. However, you would not be impervious to damage, so after the battle you would pretty much be dead. *sigh*

CoinSpiner- (Neutral) I'd have to say this is my favorite Sword. If you had it in your possession you became incredibly lucky. For instance, if you were playing a game of dice you would always win. Or let's say you're in combat. You're foe will luckily slip and you can kill him. Or maybe you want to sneak into a palace unnoticed. Luckily, there will have been a mix-up and no guards will be on duty. Pretty cool, huh? The only problem is that CoinSpinner will leave you at random, so you can generally only possess this Sword for a short time.

StoneCutter- (Good) It can cut stone. Wow.

DragonSlicer- (Good) It can kill dragons. Yay!

The MindSword- (Evil) This is the offical bad-guy Sword. If you wield it in the presense of other people, they became your mindless slaves. Because this ability can't be used for good, the evil-doers always possessed this Sword.

SoulCutter- (It was mostly used by the Good, although as far as I see it, it's greatest potential would be for evil) Everyone within a fairly large radius from this Sword, including the wielder, loses the desire to do anything at all, besides sit there. Sounds pretty crummy, but it does have it's uses. SightBlinder- (Good) When wielding this sword, whoever sees you thinks it's either someone they either love greatly or fear greatly. It's very helpful when you don't want anyone to know where you are. It also enhances sight and judgment.

And there you have it. I highly suggest that you read the books. You're probably not going to find them anywhere, but I have the entire series if you want to read it. Scott has my copy of the first three books, and I think he lost it, but I have the other eight. Just tell me if you want to read it. :)