My Rules for Ultimate Frisbee


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a game called frisbee was invented. And everything was good. Then, a dark force known only as the Disk Lords descended upon the galaxy, and savagery abounded. Only through the constant struggle of the Bee-di was Frisbee able to stay pure. Now, once again, the Disk Lords have returned...


The object of Ultimate Frisbee is to score a goal in the endzone opposite your team. This is accomplished by tossing the bee downfield from person to person. Occaisonally a wily member from the other team will snag your Bee and work his way downfield in the opposite direction you're going. Hopefully your team also has wily members. This process of working the Bee down-field continues until a goal is succesfully scored.


Points are scored by having one person throw the Bee to another person in the end zone. Sometimes a point is made by a foul tactic known as, "cherry-picking". This is when a long pass is made to someone in the endzone, and no one is covering that person. If someone is found to be doing this, it is legal to jeer, "cherry-picker" very loudly at the offender. After a succesful point has been made, the teams switch sides and play is resumed with a kick-off.


This is where the Port version of Ultimate differs from the "true" version of Ultimate - the rules.

*Dead players are only allowed to play if they were living at the start of the game.


Savagery is no. Never savage. Old-school frisbee never had savagery. What savagery is, is full contact when trying to catch a bee. More specifically, it's submission moves or other semi-lethal attacks on another Bee player who is trying to catch the Bee. A little contact is always necessary when catching, but a push to the back isn't. Just don't savage.


There are a few things you should remember when playing Ultimate Frisbee. Remember, it is customary to play without your shoes on. However, this often results in stinky black feet(SBF), and is only marginally followed. Another common custom is that one team deemed is "shirts" and one team is deemed "skins". The team that is skins must always remember to keep their back away from the ground. If a unprotected back comes in contact with grass, Itchy Back Syndrome(IBS) will often occur. Another common Bee malignancy is swamp crack.