Port Washington

Here are a bunch of pictures from my town. -

This is a view of our scenic downtown :). I'm not sure if you can see anything in particular, but...well, as you can see, the city is pretty small.

This is a picture of my house. Andy's house is right next to it, on the right (you can't see it though), and this little kid I like to call, "Red", lives on the other side of me. I hate that little munchkin. He's gotten better recently but when he first moved in he used to always ring our doorbell. Anyways, here's our next picture.

This is a picture of our church. If you ever see a picture of my town, this is what your going to see, except probably from a different angle.

This is a picture of the harbor. It's sort of winter right now, and there are no boats, but it's still kind of cool. If you think about it, this picture sort of fits together with the next one.

This is our power plant. It gives us power 'round the clock. It's of the coal variety if you couldn't tell :). Jimmy had the following to add :) - we get our power from sheboygan and not from our plant. that energy goes to new york.

Here's a crazy Karmann Ghia that Scott wanted to take a picture of. I'm not sure where the picture was taken, just downtown somewhere :)

Here's another crazy picture Scott wanted to take. It's...well, it's crazy

Finally, here's a picture of my school. It's a decent size, having about 1000 people.

Well, that's my town. I hope you liked it. For more town-related pics, visit the spooky graveyard page! :)