Welcome to the MUDing page. I bet all of you are asking, "What the hell is MUDing?!?!". Well to put it simply, it's a bunch of text on the screen that you watch and it tells you stuff. It's much cooler than that though (I think) :). This "text" on the screen isn't just any ordinary text, it's sort of describes a fantasy world which your character is in. You can interact with the fantasy world by typing in certain things, like, "look" to look around the room, or, "inv" to check out what you have in your inventory. Also, it's sort of like a chat program. Other people will be on the MUD you're playing(there are thousands of different MUDs) and you can talk and interact with them. For instance, you can type, "say (message)" and it will say you said that message. This only works if you're in the same room with a person. A tell command will work if they aren't in the same room. And then there's another channel that can be used to talk to the entire MUD. Now, I think I've diverged from the main point of MUDing - you want to kill all the baddies creeping around. You do this in many different ways depending on the MUD you choose. One of the reasons I like MUDing so much is because it never ends. Granted, it's nice sometimes to win a game, but if I'm ever bored I just load up a MUD and it's different every time I play. Anyways, I really think you should try it out, it's pretty cool. However, to experience it fully you will probably have to download a MUD client. This is just a program that lets you interact more fully, it's not necessary. If you just want to try the mud out without downloaded, follow the links below. They use the Telnet program which should already be on your computer to access the muds. I'm not sure, since I haven't used Telnet in a while, but I think it doesn't let you see what you're typing. Don't worry, you are indeed typing. Oh yeah, the usual thing for MUDs to do when you first connect is to ask for your character or something, and you go through a login process. Please try to pick a fantasy-related name, not just like Bob or something. Use a little imagination :). Even after reading this and logging on and stuff you'll probably still be confused so just e-mail me and I'll try and help you get started. Have Fun!

Isengard MUD

World of Pain MUD

Atrocity MUD

Those are all pretty good muds. Use the first one though if it's your first time, I play that one fairly often. Actually, I haven't even ever played the third one, it's just my favorite type of MUD. Oh yeah, there are different types of MUDs. The three above are all different types. Actually there are only 4 or 5 real types, but there's little rebel muds that are pretty close in type but aren't actually the real deal. Anyways, next come some links to MUD clients. I would recommoned Zmud, it's the one I use, but you can try out Gmud too, if I ever find a link.