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I added a Frolf section to the Frisbee page.

3:36 AM
Wow, it's late. I'm going to New York in an hour. I'm pretty excited. Only 21 more hours until I get to sleep. I'm pretty excited about that too. I have a good amount of caffeine in me though, I should be ok.

Lushy and I played a good game of Ultimate today. We were casually free-stylin', and then a troop of micro-men boyscouts came by. There were 5 of them at first, so we were like, sure, 5 on 2, that should be fair. Then 3 more of them came. Hehe, we won with a score of somewhere around 15-4. And we gave them 3 of their goals. It was good fun. Lushy said he wasn't throwing at his normal level, but I think that he did pretty good. I believe that only 1 or 2 catchable catches were dropped. All in all, a good game.

I added a new friend, Bethany. :)

I updated the Books page. I actually put in a book review. Check it out! :)

Hmm...I broke up with Crystal. I'm sort of sad and sort of not. It's a weird feeling...

Hello everyone, welcome to my webpage. It doesn't really have much of interest on it, unless perhaps you share similiar interests :). If nothing else, just check out the "About Me" page. It has cool stuff about me :). So, how does everyone like my new colors. Just ignore the pages with ugly colors for now, I'll fix those sometime soon. Andy says the stuff on the left looks like bathroom tile. I sort of have to agree. I like it though. Please remember to sign the guestbook if you haven't before. It makes me happy to see that people have come to the site. Don't forget to leave an e-mail address. :) Hopefully I'll be updating more in the future. I'll try and think of something to add. Maybe some more pictures, or perhaps some more friends in the friends page. Actually, if you particularily want a page in the friends section, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to try and make one up. I have trouble finding pictures for female friends. Like funny pictures. I mean, i can just do like a model, that's kind of funny but a little un-original. I'll think of something :). Anyways, enjoy the website.
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