FreeStyle Tricks

Here are some images on our basic frisbee catches. Any catch where it goes under your leg is called a tony, and if you add anything other than just catching it under your leg, we add a cool adjective, like inverse, or backwards. We call them, "tonys" because a couple years back, when me and scotty first started playing frisbee, there was a frosted flakes commercial where they played frisbee, and the Tony caught it under his leg. I thought it was really cool, so I went out and tried it, and called it a tony. It caught on for lack of a better name. :) Many times during a freestyle circle you'll hear, "Tony it!!". That sounds much cooler than, "Catch it under your leg". If you can come up with a better name, well, keep it to yourself, or I'll beat you up. :) Anyways, here are the catches.