I think if I had to say honestly what my favorite thing to do would be, it would be to read. Although it's my favorite in a different way than swimming or frisbee. I think I could read forever. Eventually, I'd get tired of swimming or frisbee. Granted, I could get tired of reading too, but not as quickly. On this page I think I'm going to list pretty much all of the books I've ever read (since about 4 years ago, and only the books I've liked), they'll be listed from most favorite to least favorite, so try to check out the ones on the top first. Also, you'll notice that there are two lists, the one on the top is favorite authors and their books, and the second list is good books that don't have famous authors.

Favorite Authors

Also, I'd like to give the Dilbert books an honorable mention. They don't get a place above because they are humorous, but I still like them a lot. Granted, some people don't like Dilbert, but they aren't nerds, like me. :) Anyways, here's a good quote from one of the books, "Fugitive From the Cubicle Police". "I was doing some thinking today. But I didn't enjoy it very much, so I decided to write this introduction instead. It seems as though every time I turn around, well, I get dizzy. So I stopped doing that. Now I only walk straight forward and backward and it has made my life much simpler. Granted sometimes I have to tunnel through sheetrock, which is hard on my teeth. And my annoying neighbors are starting to whine about the holes in their houses. And it can take a VERY long time to get where I'm going, given the circumference of the earth and the hassle with immigration." I love that quote. If you want the rest of it you can read the book. Anyways, as time goes by, hopefully I'll get more and more reviews for the above books, or if someone wants to be helpful, and has read one of the books, send me an e-mail. It would be appreciated.