Andy's Page

This is Andy's Page. Sorry, I don't have any funny simian pictures for this page. I do have a real one though :) -

You like? Hehe, anyways, Andy is my best friend. He's lived next door for...christ...8 years I think now...and that's most of my life. Everything before that is just foggy memories :P. We were some of the first people on the block. It was cool. We'd jack all the extra wood from the new houses being built around and we'd build little forts. They were pretty shafty. My mom would get pissed off because they'd turn the grass yellow. That's when we would have to throw them out. I wonder if the construction workers ever were irate with us. Oh yeah, Andy just reminded me we used to play in those big dirt piles that are made when a new house is built. I think right around then is when those gray bottoms on socks came out. They were said to like protect against filth or something. Trust me, they don't. Well, maybe they didn't just come out, but I remember getting my first pair of those socks, and then going out to play, thinking, "Hey, these socks aren't going to get dirty!" Well, after walking around in the dirt for a while, I looked at my socks and my only thought was, "What's up?!?!". Anyways, that's Andy. Well, actually it's nothing about Andy, just a stupid story. I hope you liked it anyway. Maybe I'll add a stupid story section later...:P

Andy says: Hi everyone. I just had an uncontrollable urge to inform you about my swimming season. Since Didier rarely updates his pages, I figure I should add something new. So, at the end of this year, these are my best times.

100 Fly - 1:00.49

100 Back - 1:06.81

50 Free (200 Free Relay) - :23.86

100 Free (400 Free Relay) - :54.2

My 400 Free Relay time is getting better. I don't often swim backstroke anymore. I'm hoping to blow through a minute in the Fly nest year. I also want to go to state again.

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