About Me

First of all, this is what I look like -

My name is Nick Didier and I live in Port Washington. I am currently 16 years old. All of my favorite hobbies and stuff you can see by going to the different links on the site. However, I'm probably forgetting some stuff that I like to do. If you have any good ideas for a link, just e-mail me.

Here's a nice picture of my ass :) -

Pretty nice, huh? :) Also, I have some more pics for your viewing pleasure. These two are places in my house, where I pretty much spend most of my free time.

That one was my basement. That's where I play all my video games. Well, I do play Super Nintendo up in my room sometimes, but I have a picture of that in the Books section. Hehe, if any of you can guess what game I'm playing I will give you a cookie :). Thisnext picture is of me and my computer. Obviously I use that a lot, or this page wouldn't be here :).

Anyways, I just want to thank you again for coming. Please enjoy the rest of the site :)

Email: mrfrisbee@softhome.net