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Christian Metal Band links

Note: I have divided these bands into broad genre categories for ease in finding your favorite general types of tuneage. However, all of the bands don't necesssarily fit neatly into one particular genre.

Classic Metal

Barren Cross Forerunner of Christian Metal right out there with Stryper.
Bloodgood Powerful, theatrical, evangelistic metal.
The Brave Commercial metal.
Bride After 17 years, these Christian Metal pioneers are still going strong!
Holy Soldier Glam metal at its finest.
Joshua Awesome shreding melodic metal, now called M Pire.
Mastedon Awesome, catchy, memorable songs of praise.
Messiah Prophet One of the first Christian Metal bands.
New Jerusalem Classic hard rock/metal in the vein of Zepplin.
Rage of Angels An excellent, but short-lived commercial heavy metal band.
Recon Heavy metal with crunch.
Sacred Warrior Outstanding progressive heavy metal.
Shout Blazing leads and harmonies. (article)
Stryken More Christian Metal pioneers.
Stryper Yellow and Black Attack! THE forefathers of Christian Metal!
Whitecross The first Christian Metal band that I ever heard--classic!

Death Metal

Oblation One of the best technical death metal bands...ever.
Mortification The forefathers of Christian Grindcore!
Paramaecium Epic death/doom masterpieces.
Soul Embraced Furious yet melodic death metal from members of Living Sacrifice.


Disciple Evangelical Metal.
Living Sacrifice The ultimate in metalcore.
Six Feet Deep My favorite Christian Hardcore band--a pioneer of the genre.
Zao Intense METALcore insanity.

Progressive/Technical Metal

Antithesis Thrash-influenced progressive metal.
Balance of Power Awesome modern progressive metal.
Galactic Cowboys The epitome of harmony and crunch. Crunchy Monty Colvin's new band (GC bass player).
King's X One of the most unique and talented bands of the eighties and nineties. Platypus (w/Ty Tabor of King's X)
Precious Death Original metal with very original and distinctive vocals.
Sea of Dreams Soaring progressive metal from Norway.
Shadow Gallery One of the best bands out there.
Teramaze Australia's top progressive metal export.
Trytan Rush-esque progressive metal from Canada.
Veni Domine Progressive metal from Sweden.

Scandinavian Extreme Metal

Anaemia "Draw their influences from past metal legends and incorporating into it the sad sounds of nordic folksongs and the dark voices of death metal."
Extol Blazing technical extreme metal from Norway.
Immortal Souls Beautiful melodic extreme winter metal from Finland.
Lengsel My favorite new band of 2000--extreme, melodic brutality from Norway!
Schaliach Ole Borud's outstanding emotive melodic death/doom project.
Vardøger A great new Scandinavian band on Endtime's "In the Shadow of Death" compilation.


Believer The premier technical thrash band.
Betrayal was one of the reigning thrash bands, but now have a more industrial/goth sound. (unofficial)
The Crucified The forefathers of Christian Thrash.
Deliverance The premier speed metal band. "Faster for the Master!"
Detritus British thrash masters.
Haven A progressive speed/thrash band.
Sacrament Heavy thrash!
Seventh Angel The kings of British thrash. (article)
Tourniquet Technical progressive speed metal at its finest.
Vengeance Rising The pioneer thrash band.


Saviour Machine An experience in goth/metal/rock opera--unique and awesome!
Jeff Scheetz Shredding instramental metal masterpieces.
XL&DBD Rap + Metal=XL&DBD.

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