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This next one now resides in the chopper section as well as the streetfighter section.
Though it has rear suspension, this bike's purpose is to function as a drag bike that can handle the street. For all practical purposes it functions as a chopper. Whether or not you feel it actually is a chopper, I think it should also be of interest to those who avoid the streetfighter section.

'78 KZ1000 motor, GPZ cradle, GSXR suspension front and rear,
dual belt-driven magneto ignition, nitrous, and set up for a supercharger (not installed).
This was built by Motorcycle Performance

Girder's very clean ironhead chopper
in a hardtailed K model frame.

Too Tall's Hondamatic chopper

Click on the picture to see a before pic of this bike and a rundown of what was done to it.