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Maggie's Page

HI! Welcome to my daughter's page! You can watch her growing up, virtually speaking! So as not to leave my son Michael out, some of Maggie's pictures include her favorite (and only) big brother! Ok just some details to give you. Maggie was born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She was delivered by our family doctor, Jad Roeske. She is gaining about a pound a week and its utterly freaky how much her and her brother look alike! Let me know if you want me to give her a kiss from you by signing my guestbook located on my main page!
See You Soon, Mona

Maggie is born!

This picture was taken in the hospital when Maggs was about 12 hours old. What a cutey! But then again I am biased!

Daddy's Little Girl

Although Rob doesn't get home but two days a week, these two are inseperable during that time! I can tell already that this little girl has her daddy wrapped firmly around her very tiny little finger.

Two of a Kind

Michael calls her his,"Little Miss Maggs". Maggie is very lucky. She has a very wonderful big brother who loves her very much! Michael had been wanting a little sister for two and a half years before Maggie came along. The amazing part is he is STILL happy to have her around!!