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This is a site which will honor the many different
places you can see, hear and feel the song "Hey Mon,"
also known around the internet as "reggae.mid"
There isn't much here yet.
So for now, check out:mp3notcom for the mp3,
and freespeech.orgfor the midi.
Need lyrics to HeyMon/reggae.mid?
Thank you for enjoying this song.
marco "capelli" frucht.

Some places to find Hey Mon as a midi or an mp3.

By the way, this page is titled "frucht.html" in honor of Murray Arnold Frucht, aka Marc Arnold who was the Round Man Of Sound In Town in NY and western Conn., in the 1950's. Now I'm a bit biased, being his son and all; but I think the man had more positive influence on Rock & Roll music than Wolfman Jack, Murray the K, and Payola Al combined. If anyone remembers WLAD radio station when it was R&R back in the day, could you please get ahold of me? Thnx.

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What people are saying about " Hey Mon! "
YOU wrote that song?!?!?!?! It is so awesome. I got it (dunno how) with Windows or some other software package. Funny, actually, I found it one day when I was doing a search on my harddrive, and I was doing a report that day on a book that took place in Mexico on the beach. I had to record a synopsis of the book, and I included your song and Beetoven's 5th (which I promptly downloaded and now I have on my sounds page), and it's been on my mammals page ever since I knew how to embed MIDIs in. In fact, I have that project right here (just found it the other day). Hard to believe it was just 2 years ago.... You want the tape? It's really good, IMHO. "Reggae.mid" is what got me into MIDIs. It so awesome. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to visit your site and give you a link on my sounds page! I really do need to do a massive upgrade on my webpages, but the problem is that I have no time! Arg, I hate highschool! Send me the lyrics, though, so I have them in my E-Mail box.....Meerkat M.
Scuba Diving with Alan & Jeanne Muse NOW PLAYING: "Hey Mon" by Marco Capelli [EMBED] Right click for properties
"wasn't there a reggae.mid came along with Windoze 3.11? anyway, it sucked !!" --Esben I.
Reggae.mid is a midifile that has been around for quite a while. I dunno who created it but it came with my first midi software, some years before I went online. You can listen to it here: /!reggae/Unsorted/reggae.mid --Messian Dread
If you are speaking about reggae.mid that also used to come with Voyetra's Sequencer plus for Dos (Yes, the ancient times) I did not like it.
Yes true it is terrible, Ace of Bass got more groove. It was kind of a challenge as well to try to say why it is terrible. That's what I tried to do as well. But it is a midifile that comes with software. So the guy who made it got paid for it. I wonder why people of companies like Voyetra choose music like that for reggae. Maybe the guy who told me once to send my music to these companies was right.

[I oughta plug my newest song down here somewhere, huh?] Get it here for free!

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