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Arnie's Knitting and Art Domain

Arnie's Knitting and Art Domain

Master Hand Knitting, Clip Art, and Animations Home Page


Publications for Intermediate to Advanced Hand Knitters, Clip Art, Photos, Animations, and Other Pleasures


button KNITTED ELEGANCE-Techniques For Perfect Finishing (booklet: step-by-step techniques that eliminate the "home made" look). 13 pages. $6.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.
button KNITTING BEAUTIFUL SCANDINAVIANS (booklet: tips and tricks on stranded traditional sweaters). 6 pages. $6.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.
button CONQUERING THE ELUSIVE BUTTON BAND (pamphlet: making and attaching professional quality bands--newly revised non-supplemental stand-alone version). $2.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.
button ARGYLE SOCK PATTERN--a required element of TKGA Master Hand Knitting Level II. $2.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.
button JONNIE'S GUERNSEY VEST PATTERN, children's chest measurement 30 inches only--a required element of TKGA Master Hand Knitting Level II. $2.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.


Since joining The Knitting Guild of America in January of 1998, I have now passed two of the three required levels of the Master Hand Knitting Program, as of 15 September 1998. Excerpts from the notification letter state: "Congratulations, you have successfully passed Level II in the Master Hand Knitting Program. I will notify TKGA of your success, and your name will be listed in CAST ON (magazine) sometime next year. You are now eligible to contact TKGA for Level III materials. We look forward to seeing more of your work and hope you plan to complete the final level of the program. Again, congratulations on a job well done."--Margaret Fisher, Co-chair. I tell you this not so much to brag as to assure you that my publications and patterns are well written and contain very useful methods for improving your finished garments. My achievement announcements appeared in the Summer and Winter 1998 issues of Cast On magazine, page 47 in each case. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

Personal and Ordering Information

Me (I was kind to myself!) I took up knitting 17 years ago because I wanted things that I could not afford so thought I'd try making them. I surprised myself with the discovery that I have a knack for this, much to my delight! Because we don't have a lot of money, I determined that I would not make this an expensive hobby but rather an inexpensive way to provide clothing for my household, so I have not taken expensive classes nor purchased many books. In fact, I own but 2 reference books on knitting and only recently joined The Knitting Guild (Jan. 98). I have honed my craft through personal effort and discover and am passing such to other knitters at very affordable prices.

My personal knitting preferences fall into the traditional realm: Fair Isle, Norwegian, Aran, Guernsey, Argyle, Shetland. Have knitted sweaters, shawls, socks, hats, mittens, doilies, lace things, cable things, multicolored things. In so doing, I have discovered, invented and researched all sorts of techniques for producing professional quality goods.

I am an artist and, since there doesn't seem to be much knitting clip art out there in cyber space, I have added some to my site. It is free for the taking (non-commercial use only), provided you can get it off! Am also adding photos of some of my finished projects as well as projects done by my students.

I love to knit, draw, sew, make music, even home school my kids (sometimes), but there is something much more precious than all of these--the Lord Jesus. Without Him, I can do nothing at all. Even in my knitting endeavors, many times when I have faced a challenge that seemed to be out of my reach, I have prayed and Jesus has actually given me the solution. He is faithful in every area of my life--even in insignificant things like knitting!

For ordering publications, please e-mail me expressing your publication choice. Then send check to my mailing address (please request via email) (Wisconsin residents, please add 5% sales tax). When I have received check, I will mail book(s). If you wish to receive a sample page of any publication, I will send it via an e-mail file for you to try.

Email: (or click link below to make your Email program bring up pre-addressed "stationery!")


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