I'll admit it, I think Nate is awesome too. How can you resist him?

Facts About Nathan Robert Albert:

1. He has an older brother named Martin.
2. His nickname is Natedog or Baby
3. He drives a red '75 Eldorado.
4. His favorite color is blue.
5. He has a girlfriend and it's NOT MTV's Serena A. (they're just friends)
6. He wore the black glasses for the style. They were not prescription.
7. He went to high school with Joe Gittleman and left the band for a
while to finish high school.
8. He is currently attending Brown University in Providence, RI, studying History.
9. He said to be now back to his old look, with no more glasses and no more bleach, just his natural brown hair. I guess he is growing it out too.
10. Nate and Ben are the closest. Nate was Ben's best man in his wedding.
11. Nate has pictures of girls on his guitar strap, including Kate Moss.

Thanks to Jen A. for the info on Nate's Car.

Thanks to Alison for the LFI promo and black and white smiling picture.
These Throwdown pictures are provided by Rayna's Page

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