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Coming soon...
The Rebel Himself, the James Dean Exhibit.

Not an obsessive follower as some can be, I have found a new education for the rebel himself. After watching the TNT® movie, played by James Franco, might I add is an almost exact replica of the rebel himself in the movie and quite hot, I seem to notice that I have taken a quite interest in this rebel. I have a friend that lives only 20-30 minutes from Fairmount, IN, where the “little bastard” is from and where the big festival is held every year, which is now a plan for me to go and see. Why is there a sudden interest you ask? That's a good question, and since I really don't know, except to say that his life seems very interesting to me. Maybe because of his isolation and loneliness, which makes me feel automatically bad for the man at heart. Maybe because his short life was mysterious and even the movie states that parts of it is just guessing to what happened; no one really knows about him or who he was, not even himself. So, even though I have started to read up on him and find many sites about him, this could have been 70-year-old today, will be a new edition to the kkimskaDESIGNS, which is being renovated and will have a whole new look. It has come clear to me why my friend, Sarah, is in love with this guy, not just because of his looks (which of course, doesn't hurt), but also because of his individualism and uniqueness.
Thank you for listening to me babble on about this wonderful, but mysterious and strange individual.

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