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Christian Top Sites

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My name is "Jim Kelly", I lived 5 blocks from the Packer Stadium in Green Bay, then I was located 75 miles north of the Green Bay Packers ... and that will answer your question, "is he the retired quarterback for the Buffalo Bills? Obviously not, but like many NFL players, including the late Reggie White, I 'retired' and then "un-retired!" because God called me back to preach and teach His Word and Truth.

If you will click on each photo, you will "go to" more information on each subject.

Personal information about this former "telephone man" with a new "connection"!

FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER the church God called me out of retirement to pastor! [Park Falls, WI]


Photos of "to scale" furniture I made for the Tabernacle of Moses in the wilderness. There are 66 chapters in the Bible devoted to these items. Click here to find out why they are so important to us! Garments of the High Priest are also shown, plus the Veil. YOU WILL SEE HOW GOD IS USING THIS FORMER TELEPHONE MAN TO MAKE THINGS OF WOOD FOR HIM AND FOR YOUR BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF HIM!

Click on the "Ark" AT THE LEFT [if you do not see a picture, click in the area where it should be!] to see all the made-to-scale furniture, overview model, High Priest Garments and other items I SOLD.

Are you a Christian AND a sports fan? Then click here for a "JESUS" sign with your favorite TEAM colors! These make excellent gifts for that favorite sportsman in your life!

Please click on the picture to enter into the "Tabernacle of Moses" STORE, GIFT SHOP, CRAFTS, BOOKS and GOSPEL CHALK ART. You may order from this webpage.

BIBLE STUDIES, [click on the cross]Teachers and Student workbooks available on a variety of subjects. SOME include: Tabernacle of Moses; Garments of the High Priest; Book of James; Genesis; Whole Armour of God, TEN COMMANDMENTS, Prayer Counseling, PSALM 119, etc --

CLICK ON PICTURE to see close-up of the Precious Moments "God Bless America" afghan! Order yours today! YES shipping is included!

I welcome hearing from you: PLEASE "SNAIL-MAIL" me at the following address with your order:

Pastor Jim Kelly
809 Central St.
Knapp, WI 54749

Enclose personal or certified check for items ordered.

Interested in my wife's INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCES, Bible Studies and TEACHING book for women? Click here!

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Gospel Chalk Art Revived--
Father/Son Team! Joshua, now 21, [seen here at age 14 with his Father, and also age 19] has taken his Gospel Chalk Art to the Phillipines besides doing the Gospel Chalk art around the USA. If you click here you will see a list of SOME of the subjects available and more Gospel Chalk Art. Joshua is located in WI, just off Interstate Hwy 94, 45 minutes from the Wis/MN border ... so if you are located over in that area, check out his WebPage listed above for more information! Joshua received his licensing credentials with the Assemblies of God in the Spring of 2005.

Picture of Joshua and his father taken at IBLP in Indiana, April, 2002:


Power Point Hymns and Songs

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