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Our On Stage History

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Time To Hit the Road...

The JACKSON COUNTY YOUTH THEATER COMPANY had a very successful run of their first travelling show ONCE UPON A PLAYGROUND. The show is performed for three different schools in the area and draws raves from students and teachers alike. A public performance at the Evangelical Lutheran Church draws over 50 on a Friday night. The story is that of a girl with a funny nose who wanders onto the playground and is immediately teased by the girls who hang out there. But each of the girls has their own hidden fears of why they too may be teased.


Girl With The Funny Nose-- Suzie Arndt

Wanda Bun-- Jessica Brower

Dixie Wicks-- Megan Borreson

Didi Fee-- Sarah Franks

Forda Moore-- Kayelinn Glasspoole

Phoebe Dive-- Kelsey Olson

Tootie Shoe-- Danica Rockney

Flirt Stevens-- Hannah Larkin

Georgie-- Andrea Gaul

Boy With The Funny Nose-- Bronson Stein