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Our On Stage History

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The JACKSON COUNTY YOUTH THEATER COMPANY presents its first holiday production of THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER. The show is scheduled for two performances on a Saturday. 400 people brave an early season snowstorm to watch the show. One of the highlights is a sonation of music by the Mannheim Steamroller. The show is an overall success, and another holida show is planned for 2001



Beth Bradley--Kirsten Bjerke

Charlie Bradley--Kelsey Olson

Mrs. Bradley--Pam Radcliffe

Mr. Bradley--Gene Radcliffe

Ralph Herdman--Dan Malmo

Imogene Herdman--Michaela Rockney

LeRoy Herdman--Michael Radcliffe

Claudia Herdman--Michelle Lindberg

Ellie Herdman--Megan Borreson

Gladys Herdman--Emily Jordan

Alice Wendleken--Kristen Nordahl

Mrs. Armstrong--Cathy Converse

Mrs. Slocum--Myriah Osley

Mrs. Clausing--Letece Borreson

Mrs. McCarthy--Selina Heller

Maxine--Allison Rush

Elmer Hopkins--Paul Drace

Holly--Samantha Wavrunek