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Our On-Stage History

MAY, 2004
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Sam is a storyteller with no stories to tell. As is his luck he runs into storybook characters who have no one to tell their story. However this is not a marriage made in heaven. Characters can't remember lines, change the plots and otherwise fracture these familiar tales. May 1, 2004 at the Lunda Theater, JCYTC get's it's full group together to tell the tales of Sam, the 3 pigs, the Gingerbread Man and The Miller, the Son and the Donkey. A crowd of about 75 attends the one-night performance. It is the final full company production for the company.


Sam- Oliver Mahan

Cookie-Amelia Hoffman

Ham- Emily Lahmeyer

Pork Chop- Hayley Lane

Pigtail-Samantha Windsor

Old Woman- Danica Rockney

Old Man- Taylor Thomley

Cow/ Farmer- Adam Nichols

Mr. Cool, a fox- Zach Hoffman

Mama Pig- Amber Sonsalla

Big Bad Wolf- Rachel Colloton

Miller- Deni Robnolt

Son- Cory Roseth

Student Director- Letece Borreson