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Our Adventure 

by  John-Brian Paprock
Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved
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After researching over 800 potential sites, it became clear that  we would need to try to visit as many as we could in order  to clarify the site's importance, establish clear directions and, in some cases, actual location.  So the next task was mapping out the locations of the sites.  On this map, the regions are clearly outlined in yellow marker.  Each of the pins indicates at least one site near the pin's placement. Red pins indicated Native American, Natural Resource or other site of antiquity.  Blue pins indicated a church or other Christian site.  White pins (don't show up well in this photo) marked other types of sites.  Many more pins were added after this picture was taken.

MOSTLY, Teresa and I traveled without Christopher, our son.  He nevertheless was our companion on many day trips.  Since I carried the cameras most of the time, there are few pictures of  Teresa and I together.  Even less of just me, but plenty of my traveling companions.  Here are a few of those pictures taken last year.


Teresa and John-Brian at the top of Grand Dad Bluff in La Crosse 

Teresa on top of the Solar Temple Mound at Aztalan and in front of Tripoli Shrine Mosque in Milwaukee.




Teresa and Christopher at Durwood's Glen (a statue is in the upper left)

  Christopher and Teresa at the Dickeyville Grotto

Christopher found adventure with the cows at the base of St. Anne's Hill in Plain, with dandelions at Man Mound Park (rural Fairfield) and on the swing at the historic Hauge Log Church (outside of the Town of  Perry). 

On a four day jaunt through the Northwest, Teresa took this while I was setting our itinerary  for the next day. 


Well, that's a peek into our adventure traveling the beautiful and awe-inspiring State of Wisconsin.  

John-Brian Paprock 01/26/01 

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